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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
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UI-tat 1.77

Version: 6.0.2 alpha_2 1.77
by: Uitat [More]

1.77 ratio version of UI-tat
UI-tat Version 6.0.2 WoW Maintenance Update

there may be errors this is preliminary to address many problems

Please Use only the Addons in this comp until you have gone through the entire install method then you can add in your Addons one at a time looking for the Bug Grabber to catch any Errors.

PLEASE NOTE: Yellow text indicates something new, changed or otherwise noteworthy


Pitbull Not Included. Pitbull Saved Variables ARE included in this update.

not changing the list of addons below in the Compilation so i can reference to which i am still missing

Loosely Based off of Arkive UI

Thank you Arkive for all the blood sweat and tears that you put into the Muse of this Addon.
You will not be forgotten on this site.

i cant fix what i dont know is broken

List of Addons Contained in this Compilation

Temporarily Removed because of errors
ZomgBuffs - Still looking for a suitable replacement
Dr.Damage - UPDATED - Added back in - need feedback on any issues
Rating Buster - UPDATED - Added back in - need feedback on any issues
Talented - Looking for a suitable replacement, if even needed anymore.

Auction, Mail, and Inventory:

AckisRecipeList - When this mod is run with a tradeskill window open, it will list all of the recipes for that tradeskill you don't have and how to get them.
Auctionator - Makes creating appropriately priced auctions tons easier.
Auditor - Keeps track of gold on all your toons, sells greys, and auto-repairs.
Archy - Provides a lot of support for the Archaeology profession.
ArkInvintory - All-in-one bag replacement for your bags and bank.
Postal - Allows for quick mailing of items to last recipient (alt-click item in inventory) and bulk open/mail.
EquipCompare - Compare moused-over or linked items to your own.
Examiner - Provides more information when you inspect someone (i.e. total armor, spell dmg, etc).
Ludwig - Allows you to search for gear by name.
Outfitter - Allows you to configure and swap out predefined gear sets (i.e. tank, dps, resistance, etc) and can equip/unequip items on events.
Advanced TradeSkill Window - Replaces the existing tradeskill window with a much more intuitive and filterable one.
StealYourCarbon - Autostocks your reagents (or anything) from vendors/bank.

Combat, Casting, and Buffs:

Autobar - Configurable button bar that allows quick use of all items you're carrying in specified categories (i.e. food/water, mana/health pots, food buffs, etc)
BindPad - Allows you to map spells and macros directly to keystrokes without wasting actionbar space.
Raven - Bars with timers for player buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, Dot's, active effects (such as Winter's Chill), and HoT's.
DrDamage - Shows information on abilities/spells in the tooltip based on talents/gear (estimated dmg, crit chance, etc).
EventAlert - Adds an icon and timer for procs that can/should be used (ie. Sudden Doom, Nightfall, etc).
GrimReaper - Detailed combat info on what happened to someone.
IceHUD - Heads-up-display that shows player health and mana/rage, as well as target health and mana/rage in side-by-side vertical bars with percentages.
Mik's Scrolling Battle Text - Will display damage/heals/effects that you receive and perform around the HUD.
Castbars - Player and enemy castbar (also displays latency on player castbar for use with stopcasting macros).
ZOMGbuffs - Easy assignment and performing of buffs for you/party/raid. Will also buy reagents based on you what specify.

Informational and Misc:

ACP - Adds an option to the in-game menu for loading/unloading addons specific to that character (supports load-on-demad mods) and also adds a reloadui button.
Align - Provides a grid to help align UI elements.
AMP - Answering machine that notifies you of any missed tells or AH updates while you were AFK.
BindingsReminder - Will display a picture of the keyboard when you enter keybinding mode to show all keys that active keybinds (includes display of modifer key binds on mousevoer).
BonusScanner - Broker addon with lots of info about your character (stats, gems, etc).
BugGrabber & BugSack - Grabs any UI errors and tosses them into a sack for review later.
Fontain - Allows global changes to font sizes and typefaces (default is Calibri v1).
FishermansFriend - Makes the life of a fisherman a little easier (double-click casting, autoloot, etc).
Fizzle - Adds colored border for rarity as well as durability information to gear on character tab.
FluidFrames - Allows dynamic resizing and positioning of any frame (currently only used for Combuctor).
Mendeleev - Displays extensive info about the moused over item in the tooltip (i.e. what it's a component in, such as recipes/patterns).
Message Redirect - Redirects error messages (i.e. "Out of Range") to a chat window or combat log (or disable them altogether).
OverAchiever - Achievement windows enchancements as well as comparison of your progress in tooltips of achievements linked by others in chat.
Prat - Offers extensive configration of chat frames.
RatingBuster - Shows what stats on equipment equate to in the tooltips (i.e. how much % hit/crit comes from the stat, how much dodge the agility equals, etc) as well as a summary of the net gains/losses of the item compared to what you have equipped.
SLDataText - Condensed onscreen info containing server time, FPS, latency, and mod memory usage.
GoGoMount - Automatically mount using the best mount (configurable, and keybound to Shift-~ by default).
Talented - A replacement to the default in-game talent window.
TipTac - Improved tooltips.
XPBarNone - Highly customizable XP/rep bar.

PvP mods:

Capping - Timer bars for BG objectives, BG/arena queues, etc.


A top bar (much like Titan) with an extensive collection of drop-in modules. Also included is Fubar2Broker to support the addons that we need that still rely on FuBar.

It displays the following info at a glance:
- Money, durability, number of guildies/friends online, a micro menu (i.e. buttons for character sheet, LFG, Help, etc), number of accepted quests, Free/Total bag slots, and quick talent/gear switching.

It also displays the following detailed info if the icon or above info is moused over:
- Your status with all factions, colored by reputation level
- Experience information (i.e. XP/hour, estimated time to level, etc).
- Amount of money spent/earned that session/day/week as well as money available on other characters within the account.
- Guildies/Friends that are online, their level, notes, and location (guild-only).
- Skills list and level, including weapons, tradeskills, etc.
- Recommended zones/instances for leveling as well as other location information.

Unit Frames and Actionbars:

ButtonFacade - Supports skinning of both Dominos and Autobar (currently using the Caith texture).
Dominos - Actionbar mod with a generic predefined layout and basic keybinds/paging (the mod supports advanced paging based on stance/form, keybinding, and virtually any button layout).
KGPanels - Used to create the backdrops for the chat/button frames.
OmniCC - Shows the cooldown of a spell/ability on the button.

"Stuf" (Stellar Unit Frames) with the following features:
-Player, Player Target, Target of Target (ToT), Pet, Pet Target, Focus, and Focus Target unit frames with castbar, class coloring, name, incoming estimated heal amount, and buffs/debuffs that you can cast/cure.
- Party frames that also show pet, the target player and pet, castbar for each, class coloring, name, incoming estimated heal amount, and buffs/debuffs that you can cast/cure (also colors the unit frame red if it has agro).


Inflight - Flight time to locations displayed in castbar.
Chinchilla - Square, scalable, movable minimap.
Mapster - A map replacement that shows the full content of zones (including unexplored areas). Also allows scaling and alpha settings. Integrates perfectly with the following mods:
- Carbonite - Total Map and quest mod
- HandyNotes - Create customized notes on the world map.
- Gathermate2 - Will overlay the map with known node information (mostly-complete database included) on various gathering professions (by default will only show locations for gathering professions you have).
- Routes - Allows you to define a route based on herb/ore/etc information for a zone that overlays on the minimap for quick and easy gathering.


BigBrother - Fubar plugin that allows you to quickly query the consumable status of everyone in your party/raid.
DeadlyBossMods - Provides boss-related timers and notifications for 5-man instances.
Omen - Displays party/raid member's threat for your currently selected target (will also parse KTM data that it receives).
Recount - Damage meter mod that tracks more information then you can imagine (capable of creating graphs and side-by-side comparisons).

The following raid tools are installed:
- DeadlyBossMods - A boss mod that includes boss-related timers, notifications and a proximity window for certain events (i.e. Gruul's Shatter).
- oRa3 - A lightweight replacement to CTRaid (responds to all CT commands/requests).


Lightheaded - Adds comments for each quest from Wowhead so they're viewable in-game (database downloaded and installed - does not query Wowhead each time).

<=- Change Log -=>

December 25 2013
Version 2.4.0a Maintenance Update for 5.4.2
1. Removed Ace2 - no longer needed.
2. Removed Talented - no longer needed.
3. Added Rating Buster back in - Alpha version r397, dated 6-15-2013.
4. Added DrDamage back in - NOTE: DrDamage is currently being developed for 5.x. In this release, only monks (of any spec) are not supported. All classes which existed prior to MOP are supported.
5. Added PitBull saved variables back in for those who prefer to use PitBull instead of StUF.
6. Modified Fontain to bypass a Blizzard-induced frame issue - The new in-game store added a protected frame for authentication, and any attempts to run code on that generates an error that stops the mod in its tracks.
7. Included currently updated addons, TOCs adjusted for those that weren't updated but are still functioning well to avoid the "Addon Out Of Date" message.


Version 1.0.2 Compatibility 5.4

September 17 2012
UI-tat Stable Release

some minor bugs to be fixed still but very close

December 7
UI-tat Initial 1.0 beta
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