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Version: 2.0
by: Doondoon [More]

Pink Lightning 1980x1024

A minimalistic look with a hint of graphics

This is the first time attempting my own UI since vanilla so if i have done anything incorrectly please dont be afraid to speak up.

Installation instructions

When installing the new version i recommend installing from scratch as few few saved variables have changed also the new reflux is - /Reflux Switch PinkLightning2

I know alot of people wont need instruction but some will, for the people that don't the reflux command is /reflux switch PinkLightning1 although you may need info on how to load gnosis, if so refer to step 5.

Step1: Make sure to backup both WTF and Interface folders (just rename to 'WTFOLD' and 'InterfaceOLD' or something alike).

Step2: Extract the 'WTF' and Interface folders from the .zip into the main Warcraft directory.

Step3: Go into the 'WTF' folder > open 'Account' in here you will see you need to change your account name, once you have done this open this folder, you will then see where you need to change this folder name to the server you are currently playing on, then last but not least, open this 1 and change your char name in the next folder.

Step4: once in the game you will probably be faced with 2 windows you can load threat plates but ignore gnosis for now if it gets displayed. Now in your chat box type /reflux switch PinkLightning1 this should load all my profiles to your screen.

Step5: Now the last thing, set up gnosis, type /gnosis and create the options press the + in the main addons box to extend the options for gnosis and you should see 'Configurations' click this and on the right you should see 1 profile 'healing' click all 4 buttons that say to load bars. DO NOT click update config or Remove config, just the 4 top buttons

This should now be setup and ready to use.

Addons used:

Ara guild friends - Nice looking guild and friend broker
Ara Money - Money broker 
Ara Specswitcher - Displays current spec + on click change (broker)
Aurora - Changes the look of most windows including logon and alike screens
Aurora missing textures
Bagnon - All in One bag mod
Bartender4 - All your spell bar needs are in this addon
BigWigs - lovely customizable boss indication bars
Broker-Garbage - Nice broker display telling you if you have any garbage in your bag how much it sells for and a nice shift click to just delete the item completely
Capping - Simple battleground timers
ColorPickerPlus - Enhances the colour wheel to allow you to enter RBG codes and alike
Ferous Media - nice looking extra bar textures
Ghost Pulse nice display of when things come off cooldown
GnomishVenderShrinker - Puts venders into a nice scorllable list rather than the huge squares
Gnosis - the most amazing cast bars available so much customization and freedom to display who you want
Healers-Have-To-Die - puts a red + above nameplates to indicate healers
Juked - shows what silence/stuns have been used by nearby players
KGPanels - Used to make panels also used to display my pink graphics around the edge
Leatrix_plus - lots of helpful tools, i would check the options and change to what suits you /ltp for options
LinkHover - simply shows you chat tooltips when you hover them rather than clicking them to bring up a tooltip window
LittleWigs - boss mods for 5man
LoseControl - displays how long you will be CC for
MaggzMarker - simple raid marker addon (only displays when you can use them)
Masque - changes icons/borders alot of bars
Masque: Stylo - nice looking skin for masque
MikScrollingBattleText - very customizable scrolling combat text
MiniLoot - displays loot in chat window in a simplistic form
oGlow - makes everything all pretty and glowey ooooo
OverAchiever - extra achievement options vital for an achievement whore like me
Pitbull4 - all my health bars
Prat - chat customization mod
RatingBuster - tells you what 1000 intelect and alike actually means to you, also give you a nice display of what you will gain/lose from replace an item
Raven - all the buffs and the cooldown line
RavenFilter Leila - adds spells to raven for easy picking
Reflux - used to load a full set of profiles
SexyMap - a sexy minimap
SimplePowerBar - displays a simple bar for power gains from bosses and alike
Skada - damage meter
SLDataText - broker type addon
stAddonManager - allows the tuning on and off of addons ingame
StatBlock - broker display
TidyPlates - nameplae mod
ThreatPlates - addon for tidyplates which adds threat
TipTac - nice customisable tooltip
TiL - displays ilvl of other people in their tooltip
xanErrorDevourer - gets rid of those annoying spell not ready yet and alike error messages
Xloot - nice looking loot frame + compact loot roll window
Seems quite alot looking at this list but trust me most of it hidden/under the hood stuff that does really cool stuff i promise!

This was mainly for a few guildies that said they liked it, hopefully some others may find enjoyment out of it also

Please note, None of these mods are my own work i have just changed the settings and in some cases textures to suit my UI

I'll upload some better pics of the raid layouts as i can.


2.0 changes - Now with more pink!



Frames to left and right action bars.
Changed the colour picker to a new picker.
Few extra test fonts.
Setup for my shaman (resto) weakauras (addon not included)
Gnosis Mirror bar with an attempt at my own bar graphic (needs tidying a little).
Pitbull layout has changed a little, got rid of some useless info you don't need to know and also added party and raid targets.


Raven buff and Debuff positions.
Colours on tidy plates enemy plates now pink.
Colours of Gnosis some more pink, with green for interupted and yellow for complete.

Probably few other minor tweeks i cant think of right now
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Unread 12-03-12, 10:47 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Is there any way to remove the spell timer which runs sort of behind your bartender?

Great UI by the way!
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Unread 10-25-12, 07:49 AM  
A Murloc Raider
kaltoran's Avatar

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<3 great UI

For your first UI, its amazing... maybe one day ill upload my own to wowinterface, but im not here to steal your thunder lol Very Very well done Keep up the great work... As a side note, really thinking of downloading uor ui and running it on my test install <3
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Unread 10-24-12, 04:33 PM  
A Theradrim Guardian
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It's pink, I'll give you that
-- Be3f.
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Unread 10-24-12, 01:16 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Just noticed i forgot to disable the KG panels broker, you can do this yourself by typing /sbc and disabling the KGpanels broker.

Also if you have any suggestions on anything else i can include or change let me know

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