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Return to Karazhan (7.1.5)
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We Don't Wipe  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 5.10
by: Taraezor [More]

A fully featured and configurable DPS maximiser. Displays a sequence of icons, representing the order in which you should use your abilities so that maximum DPS may be achieved.

By itself, We Don't Wipe does nothing. You must separately download the modules.

Works great in 7.1 Return to Karahzan!

Supported Class/Specialisations
* Windwalker Monks Updated for Legion!
* Arcane Mages Planned for Legion!
* Fire Mages Updated for Legion!
* Frost Mages Updated for Legion!
* Havoc Demon Hunters New for Legion!
* Enhancement Shaman Updated for Legion!
* Elemental Shaman Planned for Legion!
* Hunter Planned for Legion!

(Perhaps others for Legion)

How to Instal
Download the latest We Don't Wipe. Instal like any other AddOn. Download one or more modules. Instal like any other AddOn. Some modules required the Hard Yards AddOn.

How to Configure
When first launched, and providing you are not in combat, you will see a set of overlapping tiles at one side of your screen. This is the template to create your queue pattern. Slide these tiles around. The tiles tend to snap together. It is very intuitive. When you are done, enter the following in chat to toggle off the template display: /wdw ooc

To see a full list of configuration commands, enter "/wdw" in chat. Appending a " ?" to the end of any command will bring up more helpful information about the command.

My Hand Held Setup FAQ page might also be of help.

Priority Queues (aka Rotations)
Each module is built upon popular and authoritative sequences sourced form places such as Icy Veins. I then add in support for any other talents / abilities which significantly affect single target DPS.

Abilities with longer cool downs, say about 120s, will usually have a parameter to enable/disable from the rotation. To see a module's list of parameters enter "/wdw listp" in chat. To adjust enter "/wdw setr parm1=xxx,parm2=zzz,parm3=...".

If You Like We Don't Wipe
While adventuring, map your way with X and Y and keep track of Sunrise & Sunset, pickup a great raptor pet with Adorable Hatchling Nests, search for Netherwing Eggs, hunt for achievement critters and NPCs with Rare Love, try Tip to enhance your Tooltips, go the Hard Yards, the most accurate way to measure distance, use This Scampi Happening for fish flavoured Tooltips, or Yarrr for pirate Tooltips, and instal Let Minnow to show off your fishing poles! You Cod Do Batter for fishing achievements and you'll need Dark Soil for The Tillers friendships and a Loose Pebble for your Dog! When you turn geek, turn to Fibonacci! Who wipes? We Don't Wipe, an excellent DPS maximiser!

Cookies, Beer & Donations
It is all about the Cookies & Beer although, and don't let Gallywix know about this, a "thank you" in the comments section fuels my programming appetite and is very much appreciated. And then, you could cut straight to Click here to lend your support! because as Gallywix would say... "time is money, friend".

== v5.10 - 31st October 2016
* Follow up from 5.09. More bugs introduced/found. Now completely bypasses the Spec change event and uses a spell ID instead = reliable. Caninterchange between supported/unsupported specs and have a queue appear/not appear as is appropriate

== v5.09 - 28th October 2016
* Fix to spam rotation selected message. Due to an event firing unexpectedly

== v5.08 - 25th October 2016
* Lots of unnecessary messages removed
* More work on translations/localisations
* Version update to support Patch 7.1 "Return to Karahzan"
* Changes to menus to not overflow the default Patch 7.1 chat window
* Bug in the "/wdw sel" command fixed. Code in that block tidied

== v5.07 - 19th October 2016
* Now also collecting target debuffs (required by Frost Mage module)

== v5.06 - 5th October 2016
* Removed unused wdw_playerLevel global
* Fix to display/non-display of IC icons after a "/wdw len n", +ve or -ve

== v5.05 - 25th September 2016
* Shows the menu the first time you log in
* Remove forced IC icon display when entering an Instance (doesn't make sense for DH module)

== v5.04 - 14th September 2016
* Tests for modules needing Hard Yards AddOn
* Fix: Die in Dungeon then reenter: rotation did not appear
* Red warning message if you have an out of date module/WDW

== v5.03 - 7th September 2016
* Ghost bling on empty tiles when out of combat

== v5.02 - 4th September 2016
* Work around Show/Hide protection error when surprise attacked by a mob
* Fix ghost bling on buttons which subsequently moved within the rotation

== v5.01 - 30th August 2016
* Small change to class lookup table to facilitate differentiating between Frost DK and Mage modules
* Better handling when WDW is active but your module is not found
* Altered in combat / out of combat tests
* Specifically test for Training Dummies
* Localised a few phrases
* Fix for bug preventing module parameters from being changed
* Version and module version messages
* (passively Requires template v1.05 for all modules)

== v5.00 - 13th August 2016
* Rewrite for Legion

== v4.11 - 10th November 2015
* Audible greeting toggle now shows current status (On/Off)
* Incanter's Flow CD had erroneously copy/pasted code from my CoolAid AddOn

== v4.10 - 8th August 2015
* Mage Fire Blast and Inferno Blast CDs now checked by player level
* Incanter's Flow charge/cooldown timers added
* "Excluded Cooldowns" -> "Excluded from Queue/Rotation" on Cooldowns Panel

== v4.09 - 5th August 2015
* Mage Rune of Power Expiry timer added
* Mage Incanter's Flow spellbook entry needed to be specially cached as a passive spell

== v4.08 - 30th July 2015
* warning/error message for reaching or trying to exceed the max number of excluded CDs able to be displayed now tests against correct maximum. Doh!
* Message for no module for a specialisation changed to no module for a class.

== v4.07 - 23rd July 2015
* TOC update to Patch 6.2
* Suppress WDW showing when in Garrisons
* Ability to suppress the audible chirpy racial greeting
* Fire Mage ignite value now always passed to module (previously only when charges to be shown)

== v4.06 - 18th March 2015
* Remove 1 or 2 left over debugging messages. Doh!

== v4.05 - 11th March 2015
* Power Strikes broken in Patch 6.1, fixed and in fact enhanced yet again for accuracy
* Avoid "Delete" button not showing in the '/wdw coo' Panel
* Hidden "sb" debug option to dump the player's Spellbook to saved variables. Added v4.00+ but not documented
* '/wdw sb' dumps the Spellbook to the chat channel
* '/wdw bp' dumps Buffs (Player) to the chat channel
* '/wdw bt' dumps Buffs (Target) to the chat channel
* '/wdw dp' dumps Debuffs (Player) to the chat channel
* '/wdw dt' dumps Debuff (Target) to the chat channel

== v4.04 - 7th March 2015
* Blizzard Cooldown changes forced code to be altered to stop flickering/stuck icons
* Cooldown code slightly more efficient (less cpu)
* Better module presence/version/format checking and feedback
* Less repeated setup iterations due to multiple Events firing. Much less message repetition
* Removed unused frame overlay code

== v4.03 - 27th February 2015
* If 'Show Charges' deselected then queue might have been non-optimal as charges not getting calculated.

== v4.02 - 25th February 2015
* Sweeping 'Second Hand' GCD/cooldown timer wasn't visible (alpha problem)
* Chi Brew special recharge 'Cooldown' works as intended now
* Roll / Chi Torpedo potentially bugged for 'recharges'. Fixed.
* Renewing Mist / RSK added (both recharges for Mistweavers) to keep code in sync with Cool Aid AddOn

== v4.01 - 24th February 2015
* No crash when player uses WDW on unsupported classes
* Removed the Slash file. The single line of code placed into Core.lua
* Overhauled the help panels
* If Spellbook has > 70 icons then reduce the size incrementally in the '/wdw coo' panel.
* Error message if showing the WoW Interface AND WDW cooldown countdown text overlays.
* Updated TOC file for Patch 6.1

== v4.00 - 20th February 2015
* Modules now all properly load alone and not inside a WDW Modules folder.

== v3.13 - 17th February 2015
* Mages again blowing out the limit of 70 spells in the prebuilt spellbook. Portals and Teleports are now excluded (as they used to be)

== v3.12 - 17th February 2015
* Monk Power Strikes further accuracy: First PS up to 400ms out, remainder at 100%
* Power Strikes calculation was also trashed if the player zoned / reload UI

== v3.11 - 14th February 2015
* Chi Torpedo Spell ID added for Roll recharge
* Chat command '/wdw gcd' now also returns remaining time of GCD
* Monk Power Strikes (hidden (re)activation timer) now supported

== v3.10 - 5th February 2015
* Arcane Mage Arcane Charge amount is wrong if a Fire Mage is in the party.

== v3.09 - 3rd February 2015
* Fix for buffs of type ""
* Protection Paladin Bastion of Glory stacking buff added
* Windwalker Monk Tigereye Brew stacking buff added
* Enhancement Shaman Maelstrom Weapon stacking buff added
* Arcane Mage Arcane Charges stacking debuff added

== v3.08 - 24th January 2015
* /wdw now works the same as /wdw help or /wdw ?
* Fixed porting bug (from Cool Aid) when selecting a Spell ID manually in /wdw coo
* Fix for remaining GCD calculation
* New global wdw_specialModuleNew to allow players to adjust module constants/parameters directly
* Code for above in Core.lua. NOT executed on regular polling but only on a talent/environment change
* Edited Template.rtf to reflect the above and upped version to v1.01
* pairs/ipairs localised
* cooldown timer alpha fix for spells no longer being "shown"

== v3.07 - 12th January 2015
* Special "recharge" abilities totally rewritten and expanded
* Target & Range text positions optimised for all screen resolutions
* Target & Range text repositioned if main queue is not shown
* Handling of Check boxes identical to my Cool Aid AddOn. i.e. works the new Blizzard way
* Lots more localisation in the Core file
* Removed taint sources from Core and Interface files and rewrote lots of code
* Due to anti taint measures, Tooltips removed for icons BUT now properly click through
* Alter sliders so that whole units for icons but detailed for update frequency
* Changed minimum requestable update frequency to "0" (i.e. as often as possible)
* Remove Glyph of Icy Veins test as that pre-WoD glyph was removed from the game
* Removed options to NOT show icons if out of range or insufficient power as never actually implemented AND in WoD Blizzard removed power costs as an *easily* obtainable quantity

== v3.06
* Very slightly moved target text (above the first icon) upwards
* Further removal and refinement of pre WoD Mage Polymorph code as redundant
* Bug in code testing for earliest possible cool down in mini-icons

== v3.05 - 10th November 2014
* When target is player the target text has the class specific appropriate colour.
* Fix for global typos due to cut and paste from another of my AddOns (sigh)

== v3.04
* Totally new routine for distance *estimation* copied over from my Hard Yards AddOn
* More localisation of things. Localisation is generally better than bloating the global pool.
* Fishing Poles list updated. New WoD poles plus added some other old or obsolete ones.
* Added silent chat command /wdw gcd to show the current GCD for current toon
* Corrected code for the (fun) hourly easter egg salute
* The obtaining of a character's specialisation (if it has one) is now sadly hardcoded as I am tired of the bad API return results which occur from time to time with patches/expansions.
* Several API calls have had parameters and return values altered, some with big changes
* Updated author & copyright notices to reflect my current personal, game & AddOn status
* Removed the Mage Polymorph code as no longer relevant. R.I.P. the lovely poly glyphs

== v3.03 - 16th October 2014
* Just a small Interface update so AddOn will load!

== v3.02 - 15th September 2013
* Saved Spellbook "active" spell limit exceeded by a player. Extended from 56 to 70
* Added ability to specify Cooldown or Item by ID number!

== v3.01 - 10th September 2013
* Trivial change to TOC file so will launch/run under patch 5.4.
* Special test for Glyph of Icy Veins to reveal Blizzard's hidden cooldown spell ID
* Shaman Glyph of Shamanistic Rage Cleanse of Magic debuffs now supported
* Can now exclude interrupt, mob buff dispel, friendly debuff dispels (mini icons 1 to 3) & items
* Suppress buffs reminders when special action bars on show
* All my current and 'maybe' modules included in the TOC file to ease installation

== v3.00 - 25th August 2013
* Added specific DK code for Glyph of Icy Touch giving a purge to DKs
* Auto Attack now included in buffered Spellbook as rotations may wish to use it to signify "up to you" actions. Previously it was a specific exclusion
* Number sizes for cooldowns (both main and CD rows) improved for really small tile sizes
* Sweet spot for icon moving scales now at small tile sizes
* Had to add specific Enh. Shaman code due to Blizzard smoke and mirrors with Stormblast

== v3.00b - 22nd July 2013
Big Changes
* Designed to support classes/specs from level 1 to 90 (1-9 has no specialisation)
* Bag items, equipment, buffs and spells may be freely used for rotations and cooldowns
* Supports user supplied modules. WDW functions mostly as a generic engine now. Template & instructions provided
* Interface panels greatly expanded
* Added Windwalker Monks
* Management of specified shown or excluded cooldowns reworked / improved
* Spell IDs used throughout, no more spell names. To use an itemID simply make it negative
* Distance to target now much enhanced and supports all target types (as best as is allowed by Blizzard)
* Charge display enhanced and standardised across the classes/specs
* Almost all the globals removed and replaced with a much smaller set. Globals file & descriptions provided
* Debug mode. Ability to also limit debug messages to a predefined subset of messages

* Frost DK check for T15 2P bonus in Soul Reaper trigger in rotations
* A spilling erors and a gramar eror fixed cuz im not 2 clevr
* Position sometimes not saved fixed
* Creeping memory use

Smaller Enhancements
* Rotation selection no longer by mouse wheel. Lots of keybindings possible now
* Two new config options for managing Global Cooldowns
* Test for 'interruptible' now specially checks for channelled spells bypassed by Blizzard's regular API call
* Removed buff check exclusion for non-DKs when mounted. Response to user feedback
* Option added to show everything when not in combat/aggro/instance (works in sync with 'Missing Buffs' option)
* Added the "minus" UnitClassification for NPC minions. ("Minions" shown in WDW rather than "minus")
* If target is a player then the usual target information text replaced with some basic player relevant stuff
* Interface options panel better organised, some rewordings
* Friendly audible login welcome sound, tailored for races
* New error, warning, debug messages. Colour coded. And the old standard 'print' message too
* All Mage modules now intelligently handle none, one or two Rune of Powers

== v2.03 - 31st May 2013
* Rotations changed for Patch 5.2 "Throne of Thunder" (Actions, Glyphs, Rotations, Core)
* Better display of Mage Polymorph icons, including fixes for Blizzard's own bugs (Glyphs, Interface, Core, Spells)
* More robust to handle players with no specialisation (Core, Interface)
* Tier 15 Enhancement Shaman 2P +2 Maelstrom bonus (Spells, Rotation, Actions)
* Updated version greeting to keep it fresh (Core)

== v2.02 - 4th March 2013
* Blood DK getting spammed with "Sorry," message fixed (Core)
* Blood DK crashes fixed (Core)
* Following Icon Sizes option changed to fraction from dodgy percentage (Interface)
* Apparently 'stuck' or nonresponsive or duplicate icons fixed (Core)

== v2.01 - 10th February 2013
* Remove annoying Shaman weapon buff reminder if have a fishing pole equipped (Core)
* Valentines Easter egg date error. Doh! (Core)

== v2.00 - 9th February 2013
* Saved data system now on a character name / realm basis as per Blizzard standards (Core)
* Added in-game instructions (Core + Interface)
* Able to edit cooldown / mini icon list from in game (Core + Interface)
* Interface options panel cleaned up but still has that cozy "Ace" feel (Core + Interface)
* Removed "Ace" as a dependancy. WDW now its own boss (Core + Interface + TOC)
* Calculation of number of each type of DK rune is now accurate and not a (pretty good) estimate (Core)
* Helpful message and sound for when seeking to reposition the icons (Core)
* Allow for more CD icons (Core)
* Allow for more than two DK Death runes (Actions)
* Mini icon glow effect added & tested. Unused at present (Core)
* Out of combat test now also tests for non-targeted aggro/attacks via an API call (Core)
* Pillar of Frost added to default set of Frost DK CDs (Cooldowns)
* Shaman must be >= L87 for Ascendance (Actions)
* Shaman must be >= L81 for Unleashed Elements (Actions)
* DK must be >= L87 for Soul Reaper (Actions)
* DK must be >= 81 for Outbreak (Actions)
* The various multiple polymorphs of a Mage are now properly known and managed (Core)
* Improve logic for mini icon #3: ensure deal only with Curse/Disease/Magic/Poison if supported by Class/Race (IntDispel+Core)
* Exclude Auto Attack from pre-scanned Spellbook (Core)
* Invisible first/main icon could previously be moved (if you were clever). Now not possible (Core)
* Notify other users of your WDW version and prompt player if player has an out of date WDW version (Core)
* Spellbook scanning now correctly knows about and allows multiple spells with the same name. Relevant to Mage Polymorph (Core)
* Removed the 'Up to You' icon. It was a dumb idea but fun at the time to see Hula Dolls and icecream cones on the screen (Core)
* Now works properly for Mana Gems. What a hack job that was (Core)
* Changed Welcome message and added a non-intrusive welcome sound (Core)
* Fun stuff (Core + Interface)

== v1.05 - 7th January 2013
* Fix bug when switching from Frost to Arcane, with no zone change and then generating 1 Arcane Charge

== v1.04 - 6th January 2013
* Frost Death Knights added
* Massive performance boost. No longer throttles cpu (lesson: don't blindly trust what you read on the net. Test for yourself!)
* Tooltips for all icons
* Keybindings revamped, including the bug in v1.03. Now bi-directional for both rotation & cooldown
* Mouse wheel support as an alternative to keybindings
* Frost Mages no longer prompted for Water Elemental when mounted
* Slight range text placement adjustment to allow for null queues (unlikely as it is)
* The forced English language for a player's "specialisation" removed. Thus more non-English friendly
* Shaman Reincarnation correctly shows when dead and not on CD
* Mage Tier 2 talent no longer assumed to be Ice Barrier (unlikely as that would be in PvE)

== v1.03 - 30th December 2012

== v1.02 - 26th December 2012

== v1.01 - 24th November 2012

== v1.00 - 18th November 2012
* Initial release
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Unread 03-08-18, 08:54 AM  
Premium Member
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Love for this?

While my monk and frost mage seem to work fine, my havoc demon hunter has serious issues with his rotation. However, I've noticed that not only has this not gotten any updates, you've taken it out of your signature where you mention all your addons. I can appreciate being too busy, or it being too difficult, but please answer if you're going to keep this addon going? It's helped me immensely, and thus I acknowledge that I apparently need something to tell me what to do. If I need to find another, I'd like to know so I can do it now (when things are relatively mature for the expac, and thus easy to evaluate across different addons.)

Thank you for all your work, regardless!
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Unread 11-04-16, 07:24 PM  
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Re: Vacation

Originally Posted by Taraezor
From Saturday the 5th through to Sunday the 13th I am on holiday (first in about two years). Updates to AddOns impossible. Mostly no internet.

Please continue to report bugs / oversights / improvements on the relevant pages.
Dear lord, go! GO GO ! Out into that REALLY BIG ROOM with the REALLY TALL BLUE CEILING!!!!!

Have as MUCH FUN as possible!
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Unread 10-31-16, 07:04 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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How close is the Arcane Mage to being released ? No rush really , just wondering
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Unread 08-05-15, 01:14 PM  
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Yay! Update!

Thank you for this in particular, as Incanter's Flow is what I have chosen on that line.

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Unread 07-30-15, 04:08 PM  
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Re: Re: Talent Icons in cooldown options pane

Ok, I'm very confused. I went onto both mage and monk a few times yesterday, with other logins in between, and saw the icons for (respectively) Alter Time and Power Strikes in the cooldowns, and on the cooldown option pane for wdw (I haven't dl'ed cool aid yet, as I'm still trying to figure out one thing at a time.) Today, neither of them are there, and I have not yet installed the update. I'm not asking for them to be there - I didn't understand why they were there when I didn't have them. 'Sample' explains it all, thank you.

Off to try to figure more things out.... My apologies if I'm being overly confused/confusing.

Originally Posted by Taraezor
Originally Posted by Barleduq
I was not clear.

The Icon for Power Strikes ONLY appears in the 'cooldowns to be shown' section. It does NOT appear in the 'contained' section, under any of the dropdown options. If I click it in the Shown section, and pick 'delete' it goes away completely - it's not anywhere on the screen. While I don't want it right now, I would like to possibly be able to pick it up at some later point if I change my talents.

The same is true of Alter Time on the mage cooldowns.
Edit: Works for Alter Time. WDW is definitely refreshing its "cached" list of known spells when you alter your talents.

WDW does NOT include Power strikes as WDW ignores *all* passive abilities. It would have to be included in WDW as a special exception I guess. I could do that in a future update.

Edit: Added even more text to the Cool Aid description, about looking up (with Wowhead) things like Power Strikes. Players are directed to Cool Aid for more detailed information.
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Unread 07-29-15, 07:43 AM  
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Talent Icons in cooldown options pane

I was not clear.

The Icon for Power Strikes ONLY appears in the 'cooldowns to be shown' section. It does NOT appear in the 'contained' section, under any of the dropdown options. If I click it in the Shown section, and pick 'delete' it goes away completely - it's not anywhere on the screen. While I don't want it right now, I would like to possibly be able to pick it up at some later point if I change my talents.

The same is true of Alter Time on the mage cooldowns.
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Unread 07-28-15, 10:30 AM  
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Re: Re: My mage is both arcane and frost

Originally Posted by Taraezor
Edit: In replying to Barleduq I should have said this before: The module which has the heaviest logic is by far the Windwalker module. So if your computer gives that "time out" error from Blizzard's servers on a Mage module then I would think your WW module is doomed. You don't need to be a programmer, just take one look at the code and you will see there is some heavy optimising and managing of Chi and power happening. Word of warning!
I assume that if I've set it off (/wdw off) that it's not activating/using up cycles. How about if I have it hidden? (/wdw hid)

I expect I'm doing something wrong, but I'm having problems in the cooldown options. I can't figure out how to move an icon from being shown to being excluded. An example is Power Strikes. In the cooldown pane, it's in the 'shown cooldowns' section. If I click the icon, I get buttons in the Shown section, but not in the Exclude section. If I click on an icon in the 'contains' section, I get buttons in both. Ok, the dropdown has 'spellbook' and Power Strikes is a talent that I did not choose. There is no 'talent' option in the drop down bar. At this point I'm guessing that I need to go to WoWhead and find the spell id number to put that in the box when 'spell id' is chosen in the dropdown. Is this correct?

I have a similar problem with Alter Time for my mage.
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Unread 07-27-15, 10:16 AM  
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My mage is both arcane and frost

I run mostly frost, but arcane is my offspec. I'm assuming that installing both will have the correct one work depending on my spec? Or is there something else I need to do?

I've downloaded the module for windwalker monk also, and was planning on having the mage module(s) 'unchecked' in the addons pane. That wouldn't work when it's one character with two modules.
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Unread 07-27-15, 09:36 AM  
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Originally Posted by Taraezor
Firstly, many AddOns broke with WoD when Blizzard more strictly applied its "protected action" checking. WDW was one of those AddOns.

Rather than rewrite all of it, I fixed it "enough". The error messages will still occur in chat but the AddOn just keeps on working. For WDW, you simply ignore the "action blocked" message. It is that easy.

This will mean turning off any fancy bug capturing AddOns too. They simply aren't necessary from my point of view.
I get all that, really. And I'm happily ignoring it. But I'm not going to turn off the bug catcher addon, because otherwise things that are problems for me won't get reported at all. And some things *are* just problems for me, but some are not.


Originally Posted by Taraezor
"Reloading". All that means is simply "/reload ui". Or "/wdw rel" - the same thing.

I do NOT mean REINSTAL all AddOns. When you do a "reload" it is simply a quick and dirty way to restart your "user interface" - everything you see on the screen, WITHOUT exiting the game.
Right. I get that. Unfortunately for me, typing /reload usually - as in, 90% of the time - results in me being disconnected from the server. Yes, my machine is that old. I cope. I realize that it's the accepted fix for this addon. I realize that I'm an outlier. I also know that this addon is doing things that none of my other addons do, which probably explains why a reload after /wdw off is needed to turn it back on, whereas it isn't needed for my other addons that can be turned on/off, hidden/showed.


Originally Posted by Taraezor
I think you haven't seen the WDW Options panel yet.
I did see the options panel. Since this is new to me, I don't know what much of it means, and so I left it as-was. As I learn how it works, I expect I'll be adjusting it.

Originally Posted by Taraezor
Mysterious icons / grey frames and other problems...

The only time that has ever happened to me was when the computer was out of available memory. WDW doesn't have memory leaks / use a lot of memory.
My game client usually crashes completely when it has that level of memory issue. I had no problem continuing to run. I also have a small monitor that displays my cpu/memory/swap usage, which I check whenever the machine seems to be having problems, and it wasn't pegging anything. *shrug* if it happens again, I'll see if there's something else going on.


Originally Posted by Taraezor
Script too long error.

Hmm.... possible on a really really slow machine.
Bingo! In the early 2000s it was a high end business-aimed machine by IBM. Thinkcentre is the model. Now, it's a machine my husband salvaged from work when they were being replaced, with maxed memory (4g!), a new(er) video card, and a 2 TB drive. It's what I have, and thus it's what I use. Which is why, after the first 'script too long' errors were explained (and a couple of addon authors changed things so that even I had very few of them anymore, I thank them very much), I stopped mentioning those errors in particular, because they are obviously *my* problem. I will sometimes mention them in passing to an author whose work I'm just starting to use, in case it *isn't* just me, which is why I mentioned them in this case.

Thanks for answering in detail. I have an actual question unrelated to this that I've put in another post.

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Unread 07-24-15, 09:14 AM  
Premium Member
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More confusion (I specialize in it)

I'm having problems that I can't reproduce, so it's difficult to figure them out.

/wdw off at first did nothing - it didn't turn anything off, it did not even move the cursor line, it was like I hadn't hit return, with the 'type here' window still open with /wdw off displaying.

I tried hitting return again, and got Swatter displaying "Global" and when I looked there it was a 'script ran too long' error, which is probably just the fact that my machine is slow, except that I only usually get these when in combat.

Date: 2015-07-24 10:45:54
ID: 1
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ..\AddOns\WeDontWipe\Core.lua line 822:
   script ran too long
spellItemID = 153595
i = 3
spellItemIDstr = "153595"
texture = "Interface\Icons\spell_mage_cometstorm"
spellCD = 0.3
start = 13245.173
duration = 1.377
passRangeCheck = true
iconSize = 59.2
(*temporary) = <function> defined =[C]:-1
(*temporary) = WeDontWipeButton3 {
 0 = <userdata>
 cooldownText = <unnamed> {
 shown = 1
 spellTexture = <unnamed> {
 cooldown = <unnamed> {
(*temporary) = 59.2
(*temporary) = "ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED"
(*temporary) = "WeDontWipe"
(*temporary) = "WeDontWipeButton3:SetHeight()"
(*temporary) = "ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED"
(*temporary) = "script ran too long"
tostring = <function> defined =[C]:-1
GetSpellTexture = <function> defined =[C]:-1
GetSpellInfo = <function> defined =[C]:-1
GetItemIcon = <function> defined =[C]:-1
wdw_queueFrames = <table> {
 1 = WeDontWipeButton1 {
 2 = WeDontWipeButton2 {
 3 = WeDontWipeButton3 {
 4 = WeDontWipeButton4 {
 5 = WeDontWipeButton5 {
 6 = WeDontWipeButton6 {
 7 = WeDontWipeButton7 {
 8 = WeDontWipeButton8 {
 9 = WeDontWipeButton9 {
 10 = WeDontWipeButton10 {
floor = <function> defined =[C]:-1
IsItemInRange = <function> defined =[C]:-1
wdw_mainFrame = WeDontWipeMain {
 0 = <userdata>
 targetText = <unnamed> {
 rangeText = <unnamed> {
 chargeText = <unnamed> {



  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v6.2.0.60200 <none>
I tried, a third time, and this time the main row of icons disappeared, but the two rows of 7 mini icons remained on my screen. I tried /wdw on, which told me I'd have to reload all my addons - which, frankly, is *awful* tho I realize it might be mandated by something blizz does, tho my few other addons that have an on/off switch don't need reloading. For me, I frequently disconnect when reloading, so having to do that is bad.

I did, however, type /wdw rel and to my great surprise did *not* get disconnected. However, /wdw hid does nothing that I can see. For now, I've got it moved to the side, and will move it more central when I need to use it. I know you said it's having issues with WoD, so I'm not mentioning the bazillion 'attempted to do something during combat' errors I'm finding.

I did realize that I was *still* in combat, through the reload and being away from the combat dummy in my garrison. I ran a bit farther toward the center of the garrison, and suddenly had a rectangular translucent grey frame with nothing in it, covered by a slightly wider, full-height-of-my-client translucent grey frame with a green bar across the top, which, when hovered over, gave a tip "skill in archaeology". THese two were covered by swatter actually popping up an error window that had complaints about WDW again, and about Archy trying to use a library included in Postal. Confusingly enough, I have archy turned off on this alt.

I could dismiss the swatter box, and I could move the tall frame a little and found an X to close it, but the small rectangular frame is still on my screen, with no way to close it. Hitting escape does nothing to it. Screenshot of the final box here: http://imgur.com/Dsv8VK0

I am, however, finally out of combat.

Hope this is helpful, rather than confusing...
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Unread 07-24-15, 08:07 AM  
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A very important question...

Never mind. When I went back in, it dragged quite politely. No clue why it didn't work the first time.


<s>I installed this (and now need to turn it off on everything but my mage ) and I have one important question.

I keep getting lines in my chat that say, paraphrased, "you can now move We Don't Wipe!"


how? There are no placement options (that i can find) in the interface > addons > we don't wipe panes. Right or left clicking on the icons doesn't grab them to move them. Nor does doing that with any of control, shift, or alt. When I tried using combos of those three meta keys, I somehow managed to lose my screen and had to kill wow from the task manager to get it back. (I assume that was something with the OS, possibly moving it to a different workspace, but I couldn't find any other workspaces....)

Clue, please?
desperate for some clue as to how to play a mage.
Especially as it was the "Free L90 Toon" from WoD...</s>
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Unread 07-21-15, 08:33 AM  
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Re: Re: I'm not sure where to look...

Originally Posted by Taraezor
The big big big disappointment for me with WoD was that WDW was pretty much totally broken.


WDW *still* causes a protection error BUT provided you ignore the error message at the start of combat, WDW will then function flawlessly BUT it is still distracting to players as they assume the AddOn is totally broken.


I can relate to using an old computer. I have old and new at home. WoW looks glorious the first time you see it on ultra settings (sorry lol). My 2009 iMac runs WoW just fine. Guess we're kinda brothers as at the heart of my Mac systems at home is unix after all!
Wow. How suckful. Commisserations all around. Let me know if you ever do start working on those, and I'll be happy to be a tester.

And you'd be surprised how many people don't know that OSX is unix - I saw on a website the other day, "Making it work for Windows was enough. Mac and Linux? Making it work for 3 operating systems was more than we want to take on." Glad to find someone with a clue!
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Unread 07-18-15, 09:59 AM  
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I'm not sure where to look...

are you working on other classes? I'd love to see hunter (bm, mainly), warrior (fury), and rogue (sub and assassination, I think are what I use there). If you have them, please point me to them?

I'm happy to find something that's focussed on minimizing impact onto the system. With a 9yo computer, running Linux, I need all the help I can get!
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Unread 03-10-15, 10:08 AM  
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Re: v4.00

Originally Posted by Taraezor
The removal of the stupid file juggling.

Assuming that an automatic consequence is Minion and Curse installer compatibility.

Version "4" to signify a break with the old way

Whatever you do, do NOT install minion... If you do, do it on a computer you are ready to throw away.
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Unread 02-17-15, 10:28 AM  
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Re: Next Update

Originally Posted by Taraezor
I am going to have another go at making WDW compatible with the Curse and wow interface auto installers. I know the file juggling up to now is painful - I hate it too! Don't know how I will do it. Gave up last time.

I will NOT use libraries like "Ace" as some players need to keep their AddOns very lean and efficient.

I am one such player, struggling along on 5 to 7 fps if full screen mode on lowest possible graphic settings.
Not having been a published addon author, I can't say for sure, but if you included the Core addon into each module installer, would that work without overwriting other modules also installed ... or just include every module you've got. I'm sure we can handle an extra 27k per spec!
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