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Chega's DPS/Heal/Tank UI - 1680x1050 MoP Updated

Version: 1.1
by: Chega [More]

Hello everyone this is Chega

My UI is a mix of 29 addons, the credit of this UI goes out to Inarei who made a beautiful looking UI that I liked and wanted to re-make because it was not available for download and outdated as well. You can find the original UI here: http://www.wowuigallery.com/topic/inareis-healing-ui

Weak Auras as of this moment only comes with the Monk (Brewmaster) ones, my main is a Balance Druid and I have Weak Auras for him as well but haven't gotten to it yet to upload those.


Step 1: Backup your current WTF/Interface folders. This is needed if you want to go back to your original UI incase you hate mine.

Step 2: After you have done a backup of your UI go ahead and delete the WTF/Interface folder, we need those in the trash.

Step 3: Unpack my UI and grab my WTF/Interface/Fonts folders and copy/paste them into your World of Warcraft folder.

Step 4: Go inside the WTF folder then Account -> Change "YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME_NOT_EMAIL" to your Account Name -> Change "YOUR_REALM" to your realm -> Change "YOUR_CHARACTER" to your Character

Installation once you are In-Game

- Before you enter the game, make sure you check Load out of date Addons
- Once you are in-game, go /Reflux Chega and everything should load for you
- You might have to reposition chatter, eavesdrop and change the preset on sexymap to Burning Sun if you want to have it as I have.

If you have any questions or such, feel free to drop a comment and I'll try to answer it, I usually check in here once a day

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