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Version: 1.0.0
by: Medusa [More]


WARNING --> UFStuff is discontinued.

This is a simple collection of few scripts to improve a little bit some default unit frames.

-- Enable class color health bars (excluded NPCs and mobs)
-- Enable player class icon portrait
-- Enable pet class icon portrait
-- Enable focus and target class icons portraits (excluded NPCs and mobs)
-- Disable combat text over player portrait
-- Disable combat text over pet portrait
-- Disable group number frame
-- Enable a flashy spellsteal border for non-mages characters and/or for enrage effects
-- Hide player PvP faction icon
-- Hide target PvP faction icon
-- Hide focus PvP faction icon

There's not an options menu in game: you can enable or disable the various options opening the Config.lua file (located inside the UFstuff folder) with a plain text editor (like Notepad++), make your choices, save and then reload your UI (you can type "/rl" to do it). Remember to backup this file before updating or you'll lose your changes.

For any question, suggestion and for bugs reporting, please use my Author Portal (otherwise write a post here or leave a comment on GitHub).

Credits go out to Thaya (thank you!).

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