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Rated M - 1920x1080.
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Rated M - 1280x720

Version: 5.2.5
by: Opladin [More]

Rated M Interface Setup:

( Created for Rated M of Winterhoof )
( Rated M of Winterhoof Message Board: RatedM.Gamerz.co )


This addon pack was created for the Alliance guild Rated M of the Winterhoof server. We accept both casual gamers and raiders alike, so if you're looking for a great guild come join us on Winterhoof. If you're interested in joining please contact one of the members in game and they can direct you to a member of the leadership or an officer to answer any questions you have have. If you have questions about the addon or requests for additional components please feel free to message me or post in the comments section.



1. Download the .zip file and extract Interface and WTF to your World of Warcraft directory.

2. Change the Account, Server, and Character name to match your information.

3. Load World of Warcraft and login to the character with the name you used above.

4. Select "Yes" when prompted by Tidy Plates: Threat Plates

5. Type this exactly as it is case sensitive: /reflux switch RatedM

6. Your UI should now be loaded.

Check your graphic and sound settings as they may need to be changed.

Addon's Used:

Addon Control Panel: This addon allows you to turn most addons on and off in game with a simple reload.

Auctionator: A simple, but versatile auction addon that gives you better control over the auction house.

Aura Frames: A very useful buff monitoring addon. It allows you to move, re-size, and can also have a spell and ability cooldown monitoring panel.

Auto Repair: Every time you visit a vendor who can repair it takes care of it for you.

Bagnon: Turns all your individual bags into one giant bag. It's a cleaner interface and makes it a little easier to use the one bag button in bartender4.

Bartender4: Simply the best action bar addon out there in my opinion. It allows complete customization of your action bars as well as many other elements of the UI.

Basic Chat Mods: A simple chat addon that allows increased function.

Basic Mini Map: Allows you to configure the mini map in different ways.

BigWigs It helps you stay alive in raid boss fights. Gives instructions based upon the encounter to assist in survivability.

Bitten's Spell Flash: A series of addons that works together with the Spell Flash addon to assist you in locating the correct priority/rotation for your class as well as reminding you to buff and use cooldowns.

ErrorHandler: Hate that red text you get when you're button mashing? ErrorFilter makes that go away!

Healbot: Party frames, raid frames, click heals, decursing.. it does it all.

KgPanels: This is an addon used to create frames. In our UI it is used to create the gray frames at the bottom of the screen that the other elements are placed inside of.

Macro Toolkit: This is an amazing addon. It not only helps you figure out if your macro is going to work, but helps you design the macro using statements that can be inserted using the addon. Also it gives the capability of extending macros beyond the 255 character limit.

Omen: Simply put this helps keep you alive. It displays your threat on your current target.

Postal: Handles your mail in a much more efficient manner.

PutGuildBack: This brings your social windows back to the party. With this addon loaded you can click your guild selection on your micro bar and it will give you more options. It brings back some things lost in an update quite some time ago.

Quartz: Casting bars that also show ticks for channeled spells and latency to help you move after casting.

Damage meters. It's nice to know how you're stacking up against the other damage classes.

Reflux: Profile switching addon that makes it easy to load compilations like Rated M.

SellJunk: This sells the gray items out of your bag when you visit a vendor.

Shadowed Unit Frames: Unit frames to replace many of the default frames. The Rated M Interface uses this addon to replace the player, target, target of target, focus, and pet frames.

SpellFlash: This is the core addon that assists Bitten's Spell Flash in displaying the proper priority/rotation for your spells and abilities.

TidyPlates (with Threat Plates): Replaces the default nameplates. You can customize the colors and it includes color changes based on your threat on the target. Very nice to have for AoE dps or if you're tanking.

TipTac: Enhanced tooltips that can be moved around the screen.

The addons used to create this compilation are some of the best addons available. Creating these addons takes hard work and quite a bit of time, so I would like to thank the creators of all these wonderful addons. Without your hard work compilations like this would not be possible.

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