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Sparty's UI Compilation

Version: 1.2
by: Sparty [More]

Hello Jackalope,

This is Sparty's Holy Paladin UI.

This UI is tailored to a holy paladin but anyone can use it. This UI is tailored to a holy paladin but anyone can use it. As of updating this addon, you need to download Elvui yourself for the settings to work. Evlui is very customizable and can be used for any class.

How to install this ui:

Step 1 : BACKUP both your INTERFACE and WTF Folders.
Step 2 : Copy overboth the INTERFACE and WTF Folders into your World of Warcraft Directory, overwriting what you currently have.
Step 3 : In the WTF-> Account directory, change the directory name to your account name.
Step 4 : After you have changed your account name, double click. Change SERVERNAMEHERE to the name of your server.
Step 5 : Double click your server directory and enter your name instead of RENAMECHARACTERHERE.

***** Step 6 : Download Elvui from http://tukui.org/dl.php and install it. *****

Step 7 : Should be working, email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Addons in this pack:
Addons in this pack:
Addon Control Panel - Turn off addons without having to log to character select.
Big Brother - Raiding Consumable Checklist
DBM - Raiding Boss Mod
Hermes - Raid Cooldown Tracker
Ora2 - Raiding mod for cooldowns/tracking raid.
Raid Checklist - Checklist mod to see who has what abilities in a raid
RatingBuster - Comparison between items with stats ratings.
RSA - Cooldown communication mod.
RaidSlackCheck - See who is not potting or pre-potting during a raid.
Skada - Multi Purpose Damage/Healing/Threat Meter
Timetodie - Estimes in real time how long something has until it dies - Great for Heroism calls or burns.
Vuhdo - Raid Frames that you see in the middle of the screen.
Weak Aura- Tool designed to creating auras when you need to see an ability or proc.

Sparty Smallwood

Updated May 26th with most recent addons.

Re-updated without Elvui at moderator request.
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