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Congratulations my fellow player

Version: 1.1
by: Shinri [More]

Having people getting achivements all the time and want to be the nice guy and give them a pat in the back?

Well then, this is the addon for you!

It will congratulate people in the guildchat for recieving achievements. If there are muliple people getting achievements at the same time it will go for a achievement that congratulates a group of people.
The single messages can be edited easily in the UI.

But wait, there is more! If people get fedup with your addon, just ask them to write !blacklist in guildchat this will make sure they are not the target of your verbal abuse.
But wait, there is even more! If they are blacklisted and want to feel the love again, they can type !whitelist to get them back in the business!

Type /cmfp to open the UI.
To create a custom message, press "Add Message". If you want the message to be dynamic with playername and guildname you could use the words <PLAYERNAME> and <GUILDNAME>

This was created because me and another person were racing to who could be the first to congratulate someone after them getting an achievement. This is also the first addon that I made that uses a UI, don't judge me :P

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07-29-13 03:49 PM

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Thanks for poiting this out!

English isn't my first language and some of the messages I have does not come directly with the addons default messages. But I'll look into it for the sanity of my poor guildmembers!

Edit: Some of the messages you pointed out were in the default messages! Thank you again!
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Looks nice!
Haven't downloaded it yet, but from the screenshots I can see a couple nit-picky things.
"Believes" is a conjugated verb. The plural form of the noun is "beliefs", and if it's just the one belief people collectively have, it wouldn't need to be pluralized.
Also, grateful only has one "l".
I'll download to see if I've misread anything (since your screenshot shows a cutoff of the sentences), but I can't right now.
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