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Timeless Memory Helper

Version: 1.02-50400
by: Dridzt [More]

Timeless Memory Helper... takes a more *playful* approach
to assisting with A Timeless Question daily quest by giving visual hints on the gossip dialog. (*)

Instead of keeping a database of answers and automating the turn-in it will instead:

  1. Start ignorant (like most of us)
  2. Learn from your incorrect answers (and mark them as such for future encounters of the same question)
  3. Remember your correct answers (and share them with your alts)
There are probably other addons that start with a pre-populated answer list
but I opted for a more interactive approach and less 'cheating'.

On the flip-side Timeless Memory Helper should be able to learn and help the player regardless of their client locale.

(*)screenshots should be self-explanatory

- Missed a spot to clear hints.

- Fix an oversight that prevented the addon from working for players that weren't on the quest.
- Since gossip option buttons are re-used by the game make sure we clean up our hints when we're done interacting with the NPC we care about.
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Known issues with v1.0, fixed in 1.01.

Just wanted to drop a note that the first beta I posted doesn't work in all situations. (*)

I have an update to post later/tomorrow that should work much better and take it out of beta at the same time.

(*) Other minor issues aside the main problem is that one of the functions I used to get map data only works if the quest is already in the players log, something which isn't documented in the API.
Since I did most my tests with the quest already in the log I failed to notice that.

Edit:1.01 should have the issue corrected.
I expect to do another minor update shortly to future-proof the addon a little more and lay the groundwork for maybe supporting other similar quests in the future, but 1.01-50400 should be working according to description now.

Apologies to the 60 or so people that got the partially working version.
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Unread 10-04-13, 11:21 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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What a great concept!

I love the idea that this doesn't GIVE you the answer.

Awesome job. Downloading now.
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