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Version: r04
by: Nathanyel [More]

If you send mail between your own characters often (bank alts, farm chars) then this addon helps you select them as recipients via the autocomplete feature.
Just start typing the name and it will suggest matching characters.

Now, you may have already put your other characters on the friend list to make them come up in the autocomplete suggestions, but these results are mixed with guild members, sorted alphabetically. This addon places your own characters first. Not to mention your characters are registered automatically.

You can even select your characters on other realms to mail heirlooms!

Note: you need to have logged into a character once with this addon active to have it registered and show up in the suggestions.

- Adding characters manually in the option menu (from another WoW account in the same Battle.net account, other players that you interact with frequently)
- disabling individual characters (e.g. that alt with a name similar to your main's)
- a sort other than alphabetical.

Bonus feature: removes the "-YourOwnRealm" suffix from autocomplete suggestions that were introduced in 5.4.2, who needs hat?

* when and if I get around to it

r04: 6.2 toc bump
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