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Melagnoma's Announcer

Version: 0.0.0001
by: Yusdan [More]

Melagnoma's Announcer
-- Announce useful cooldown abilities to your raid or party. Intended for tanks.
-- Automatically filters auras to announce.

Announce From Others - Announces buffs placed on you by others. There for possible future expansion of scope.
Send to Chat - Select the chat type to send announcement messages to.

  • Instance - Sends to the instance chat.
  • Party - Sends to the party chat.
  • Raid - Sends to the raid chat.
  • Raid Warning - Sends to the raid warning chat.
  • Say - Send to the say chat.
  • Smart Chat - Sends to a chat appropriate for your current group and situation.
  • Yell - Send to the yell chat.

This is currently a use at your own risk type of addon. Only death knights are reasonably tested. If you notice it not announcing a particular cooldown, please provide the following:
  • Buff/Aura Name
  • Spell ID of the Aura

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