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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
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BloodyScreen WoD 6.0.2 FANUPDATE

Version: 1.0
by: hunter121 [More]

Hey guys,

I like the art...and in the past I've used BloodyScreen all the time.

I've made a little fanupdate for BloodyScreen to work with the 6.0.2 WoD prepatch.

All the credits are going to the original authors of this - thank you

Oh, and just a little bit of informations here:

Some functions are bugged right now. That is not the fault of my changes though so please dont ask me to fix this.

Bugged functions:

-saving some options made in the /bs dialog --> Position of the frame, size of the frame and counter settings are working as far as I have tested them

-the range check for deathknight (used for only show blood on melee hits)

I have disabled (not deleted, just commented it out) most of the functions that were either faulty or not used by me or important for me.

Functions disabled:
-range check (to only show blood with melee)
-Blood scaling with crit damage
-Combopoint display with bloodsplatters
-Select if blood should display on white crits (autoattacks)

Function change:
-not really the saving of custom options but I have locked the addon in one mode for displaying the blood no matter what type of display you choose in the options menu

After my changes to the functionality the addon does just this:

Display bloody splatters on every crit you do - doesn't matter if it's melee, spell, autoattack.

I think the options "Max number of splatters" and "Fade after X seconds" are still working without problems.
I had no problems with them.

Be sure to check "load outdated addons" in character select.

My advice is to not tinker with the options too much.
Feel free to change the position of the displayframe, the size of it or the fade-out timer.
But don't make changes to the other options where you can tick / untick something.

Im not sure if I have removed all the code for the "saved variables".
If you use this "as it is" it should work for you.


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