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Minor patch (6.2.3)
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Version: 1.0.0
by: Overklok [More]

This is intended for 1920x1080 resolutions
Please avoid updating cargBags as I have fiddled with the LUA code to increase the size of the font as well as the font itself.
If you are NOT a monk, I obviously recommend deleting the "MonkTimers" addon as well as "SimpleChi"
I do use clean icons thin but did not include it in this compilation, mainly due to the size.

Addons Included

  • !InspectFix - Fixes inspect frame from bugging out
  • Aurora and Aurora Missing Textures - Texture overhaul
  • Bartender - Customizable action bars
  • cargBags_Nivaya - Bag management
  • Kui_Nameplates - Customizable nameplates
  • MonkTimers - Consolidated monk addon for tracking cooldowns and brews
  • MoveAnything - Moves all the things
  • nibChatTabs - Clean alternative to the default Blizzard chat tabs
  • OmniCC - Makes cooldown timers easier to see
  • Postal - Mail management
  • Prat - Customizable chat
  • Quartz - Cast bars
  • Raven - Customizable buffs
  • SexyMap - Customizable map
  • Shadowed Unit Frames - Unit frame replacement
  • SimpleChi - Default Chi replacement
  • Skada - Damage/healing/everything meter
  • TipTac - Default Blizzard tooltip replacement
  • SharedMedia - textures, fonts, etc.
  • ExtraCD - Tracks your trinkets/rings/enchant procs
  • KibsItemLevel - Character panel enhancements

How To Install
  • Back up your interface, WTF and Fonts folders
  • Drag the folders in the ChiUI folder into your WoW folder
  • Go into the new WTF folder and go to "account"
  • Where it says "ACCOUNTNAMEHERE" enter your account name in all capital letters. The easiest way to do this is to go into your old WTF folder and just copy and paste the name
  • Go into your new account name folder and change "SERVERNAME" to your server's name as it appears ie. Akama would be Akama. Again, going into your old WTF to find this is the easiest if you are unsure
  • Clicking on the new server folder, change "CHARACTERNAME" to your character's name as it appears ie Chisucks would be Chisucks. Again, the old WTF folder is a savior here if you have alt characters in your name
  • Log in and enjoy
  • If some things are not loading properly, you may have to go into the addons themselves and switch the profile to "Chisucks"

Special thanks to all the addon authors of this compilation!

Feb 25 - Uploaded
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