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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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Version: v2.02
by: Taraezor [More]

Displays asset IDs at the foot of Tooltips. E.g. Spell IDs, Item IDs, various Pet IDs, various Appearance IDs, etc.

Perfect for researching at Wowhead, macro authors trying to squeeze within character limits, and AddOn authors needing to identify game assets.

How to Use
Instal: Like any other AddOn. Set up: Works 'as is'. For configuration enter '/tip' in chat.

/tip to see a menu of possible commands.

/tip a to toggle 'on' or 'off' inserting a blank line above Tip's ID line(s). Use '/tip a ?' to see the current setting.

/tip u n, where 'n' represents seconds and must be >= 0 and <= 0.5. Default is 0.05. Use '/tip u' or '/tip u ?' to see the current setting. Experiencing screen flicker on a tooltip? Lower this value slightly until satisfied.

This is the update interval between those few tooltips which were unable to be eloquently "hooked" and instead must be updated/added by brute force during regular update cycles. A very low value might impact cpu/fps and a value lower than 1/fps would effectively request updates as often as possible. A value accurate to milliseconds is supported. A high value, even above 0.07 on my old computer, caused screen flicker for artifact tooltips. Blizzard often uses a value of 0.2 for tooltips. A high value would relieve any perceived cpu/fps pressure and would be perfectly okay for the other 95% of Tip!

😃 Tip does NOT flicker (unlike other Tooltip AddOns)
😃 Just about all possible tooltip sources are included. For example: Artifacts, auctions, Battle Pets, Appearance Wardrobe + Illusions, bags, spell book, bank, transmogrification, currency, hyperlinks (chat links), talents, NPCs, friendly players, gear, mounts, toys, buffs & debuffs
😃 No Ace libraries = no bloat
😃 Ultra small cpu/memory footprint

If You Like Tip
Nobody can resist an adorable Raptor Hatchling pet or the magnificent Netherwing Drake and Long-Forgotten Hippogryph mounts. You'll of course need Dark Soil for The Tillers friendships and a Loose Pebble for your Dog! While fishing you'll wonder if This Scampi Happening? Oh, but it is! Why not Let Minnow about your fishing poles and you surely Cod Do Batter with your fishing achievements. While adventuring, map your way with X and Y coordinates and always go the Hard Yards measuring distance. Have some fun with Yarrr for pirate Tooltips or turn geek with Fibonacci. See all the hidden game asset IDs with Tip or Enumerate your frames. Achievement critters and NPCs receive some Rare Love and keep track of Sunrise & Sunset.

Cookies, Beer & Donations
It is all about the cookies and beer although, and don't let Gallywix know about this, a "thank you" in the comments section fuels my programming appetite and is very much appreciated. And then, you could cut straight to Click here to lend your support! because as Gallywix would say... "time is money, friend". 😊

== v2.02 - 3rd September 2017
* TOC version bump for Patch 7.3 Shadows of Argus
* PlaySoundKitID removed as of Patch 7.3.0. Replaced by PlaySound

== v2.01 - 23rd June 2017
* NPC Friendship Status Bars (E.g. The Tillers members): changed "Faction" to "Faction / Friendship"
* Spell rewards from quests added
* localised a variable

== v2.00 - 18th May 2017
* OnUpdate now does much more so throttled somewhat
* Update Interval configuration option added. Allows user to fine tune and balance any cpu impact versus flickering risk
* Appearance Sets added
* Item Upgrades added
* Added Currencies from frames where a currency cost is shown. Both true currencies and "item" currencies
* Null ID check for AddLine routine added: happened to me when Server was slow
* Added class/profession trainer spells
* Talent Frame Specialization Spells added
* Mouse over for the "hidden" selection at the Transmog NPC caused error
* "CreatureID" changed to "NPC ID" (with extra "ID" also removed!)
* OnEvent routine now uses addonName instead of hard coded "Tip"
* Action Buttons has new (i.e. generic) code. Now supports all possible action button types
* Loot frames now fully support currencies
* Added Faction and/or Friendship IDs
* For the record Macro IDs were added in perhaps the previous update
* Quest IDs added on the World Map and the Quest Log
* "Macro Commands" in the command menu, whilst technically correct, has been renamed to the more sensible "Commands"
* Commands can now be enquired upon. "/tip a ?"
* GetSpellInfo removed from localisation as not used

== v1.13 - 23rd April 2017
* A/H now also includes Battle Pets and recipes
* Had to work around changes to Artifacts since implemented v1.09 (Oct' 2016)
* Added PvP Talents
* Added Specialisations as got broken some time ago with changes by Blizzard
* Added Appearances Collections (not sets!)
* Added Illusions ( a sub grouping of Appearances)
* AddLine stops at line 2 now. Previously 3. This is the duplicate prevention. 2 is required for Illusions
* Removed some unused hooks, old glyph and quest code, etc

== v1.12 - 29th March 2017
* Patch 7.2 Update

== v1.11 - 11th January 2017
* New command menu - standardised across my AddOns
* Translated / localised

== v1.10 - 25th October 2016
* Fix to buff/debuff of target
* Artifact Power ID added to Traits
* Traits & Relics now implemented like other things in Tip. i.e. no longer a "hack"
* Currency added
* Nil npcID check for mouse over units. Happens in scripted events
* Version update to support Patch 7.1 "Return to Karahzan"

== v1.09 - 6th October 2016
* All Artifact Traits and Relics now supported
* Toggle to add/remove leading blank line

== v1.08 - 30th July 2016
* Trade Skill replaced by Blizzard's new Recipe interface
* Reference to Glyphs removed

== v1.07 - 23rd July 2016
* Interface Version now 70000

== v1.06 - 5th June 2016
* Handle occasional nil NPC ID for chat linked Battle Pets

== v1.05 - 11th May 2016
* Profession Skill List Pane now does not assume "item". Thus Leather Working leg enchants now return a spell tip, for example
* Chat links for ItemRefTooltipSetHyperlink are now generic. i.e. beyond just spells and items

== v1.04 - 3rd May 2016
* Add target buffs
* Add target debuffs
* UnitGUID() may return a nil NPC ID so now checks for that

== v1.03 - 28th April 2016
* Nil check when parsing a tooltip line added

== v1.02 - 27th April 2016
* Added Loot items
* Added Inbox items
* Added Open Mail Attachment items
* Added Send Mail Attachment items
* Added Quest Items Rewards (Prior to accepting the quest) both fixed and choice
* Added Quest Log Items Rewards (After accepting the quest) both fixed and choice
* Merchant buyback items: "Spell" label replaced with "Item". (The item ID was anyhow already correct)

== v1.01 - 20th April 2016
* Socketing of gems now supported
* Enhance TOC file "## Notes"
* Merchant items: "Spell" label replaced with "Item". (The item ID was anyhow already correct)
* Profession items/ingredients: "Spell" label replaced with "Item". (The item ID was anyhow already correct)

== v1.00 - 16th April 2016
* Initial release
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