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Handy Notes - Netherwing Eggs (Retail)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v1.09 R
by: Taraezor [More]

Places customisable and annotated pins on the World Map and Minimap for every known Netherwing Egg spawn location in Shadowmoon Valley.

Over 100 unique, annotated and double-precision spawn locations
Choice of resizable pin textures

How to Use
Instal like any other AddOn. Requires Handy Notes to work. Configurable. Please download the Retail or BCC version as necessary.

Players are able to collect Netherwing Eggs to gain Netherwing reputation. At exalted you may purchase a set of amazing Netherwing Drake mounts.

The eggs spawn in three areas in Shadowmoon Valley in Outland. All locations have been personally verified by this author.

Fortress: There will never be more than two Fortress eggs at any one time. Assuming you mine both at the same time, you can expect the first to respawn about 1.5 hours later and the second by the 2 hour mark.

Mine: In the Mine there will never be more than six eggs at any one time. Assuming you mine all six at the same time, then expect the first four to spawn from 1 to 1.5 hours, the 5th from 1.5 to 2 hours and the 6th from 2 to 2.5 hours.

Ledge: Out on the Ledge there will never be more than four eggs at any one time. Assuming you mine all four at the same time, then expect the first 2 to spawn from 2 to 3 hours with the 3rd at about 3 hours.

A pin highlighting where to stand to easily complete the The Not-So-Friendly-Skies... daily is included.

(This plugin is the logical successor to my old Netherwing Eggs AddOn, from which I pulled my location data)

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Support TOC 90207

== v1.07 R 8th November 2021
Update the TOC file for the new game version.

v1.06 R
* enGB Support for Oceania players added
* Removed annoying continent display of the pins

v1.05 R
* Correction to a location typo + version update for Patch 9.1.0

v1.04 R
* Last two eggs needing double precision adjustments finally completed and adjusted
* 63958605 -> 63948604
* fix zhTW localisation
* localised printPC
* add ptPT support
* grey icon added to data

v1.03 - 6th June 2021
* Localisation enhancements

v1.02 - 27th May 2021
* Added Localisation, a bit of code titivation, and improved wording for the configuration options

== v1.01 - 26th May 2021
* Restart the version numbering to match over at another website
* This AddOn is no longer stand alone. Rewritten to be a Handy Notes plugin.

== v3.05 - 3rd July 2019
* (65.68,84.19) south-west changed to north-east
* Patch 8.2.0 version number change
* Removed multi patch support as Curse doesn't support it anymore (and WoW Interface never really did)

== v3.04 - 23rd February 2019
* NEW egg at (74.20,82.39)!
* NEW egg at (75.22,82.48)! Thanks to Etherwood for confirming!
* reinstate booleanTrue code
* Adjust a couple of build version checks
* Removed one unused zhTW translation
* Remove duplicated code from AssignWorldMapPins()
* A Resize bug noticed while updated my AHN AddOn. Impact depends on previous DB save states of size parameters I think
* round() removed as not needed

== v3.03 - 13th January 2019
* NEW egg at (72.59,83.73)
* VERIFIED egg at (69.10,88.22) with double precision
* Undocumented from v3.02: build number test is now properly numeric. Once we hit build "10" (currently "8" for BfA) my string equation logic would have failed
* Removed pre-BfA code from ResetPins function (as ResetPins only invoked for 8.0+)
* Fix fatal error if attempt to resize prior to first view of the World Map
* Missing translation "Default" added
* Coordinates now appear uniform and nicer. Trailing decimal zeros are now forced on
* Small change to printPC
* Abandoned trying to be compatible from Classic to retail. Starts from TBC now

== v3.02 - 2nd January 2019
* Egg at (71.45,86.45) VERIFIED!
* Undocumented change from v3.00 and first appeared in v3.01: the Quest/Daily textures are now a separate (smaller) list. This to avoid confusion
* Fix for players who had used a high numbered Special texture prior to v3.01
* Removed the egg marked as "Wowhead data". Obviously it was never correct, given the strange location

== v3.01 - 1st January 2019
* Patch 8.1.0 version number change
* Minor bugs fixed as I normalised the code from my LongForgottenHippogryph AddOn
* Pin Hide/Show logic more efficient
* Translations complete for World Map popup menus. Only tip descriptions remain untranslated
* Removed unnecessary string.upper
* Expansion check now actually can occur if running Vanilla
* 6th Icon (the blue flying boot) replaced with a better "mana orb". Looks much better
* Added 14th "Screw" icon. This to establish a common / useful set across all my AddOns
* Renamed "Dragon's Eye" to just "Eye" for the same reason (as also the default for my Raptor AddOn)
* numTextures renamed to num for same reason
* Small adjustments to perfect size normalisation across all textures

== v3.00 - 20th October 2018
* Tons of changes to enable BfA compatibility. Still backwards compatible to TBC
* Lots of new functionality added. Too much to mention here
* Code cleanup too
* (71.45,86.45) is now verified and with new coordinates
* (72.82,90.32) is now double precision
* Description changes here and there probably

== v2.03 - 19th May 2018
* NEW location at (70.96,89.11)!!!
* Localised tonumber and tostring
* 2.0.1 changed to 2.4.3
* Location at (66.096,83.88) now verified!
* Location at (68.14,94.67) now verified!
* Description at (68.13,81.82) improved.
* Small changes to coordinates, for example (69.62,58.53) to (69.62,58.535)
* Small changes to descriptions

== v2.02 - 14th April 2018
* OMG! New location in the Mine! (73.295,85.73)
* Removed an unverified Ledge location of (73.3,85.7) for obvious reasons
* Solution for a TBC server possibly not able to HookScript the Minimap
* The Mine locations at (70.27,83.92) and (68.31,79.32) are now double precision
* There is now a second daily quest location, for players able to cheese it
* Usual precision adjustments
* Updated the Read Me
* Handle "upvalue" problem for players running Vanilla / Lua 5.0 and whom wish to at least include this AddOn in their collection
* Fix for problem of Instance maps not behaving like normal maps and thus breaking OnUpdate register/deregister event code

== v2.01 - 5th April 2018
* OMG! New location in the Mine! (67.95,82.47)
* Major fix for the calculation of map coordinates, necessary to display Minimap icons
* Several Mine locations have had an accuracy adjustment of about 0.01. I have a new and more accurate way of recording locations
* Bug with author specific code
* Sorted Mine locations by X,Y coordinates. Purely to assist programming and checking
* Removed two events, PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD and ZONE_CHANGED_NEW_AREA as now the AddOn is not so "hacked" it doesn't need them, lol
* Removed a couple of unnecessary or duplicated API calls
* Made a global function call local
* Added the Read Me file
* Added a "Requires TBC or higher" message

== v2.00 - 31st March 2018
* Rewrite. Lots of programming improvements
* This version also attempts to work with any WoW build, focusing on Vanilla/TBC and WoD/Legion for now
* When you alter the icon, the previous icon becomes the "special" icon (for the daily quest)
* I.e.: Can now set the "special" icon. It will be the previous general use icon
* Special icon may now use the "eye" and blink too!
* When indoors, the minimap icons now consistently disappear
* For TBC specific, I had to code around a much more limited and inferior set of icons
* For TBC specific, most icons had to be resized so that their appearance would match
* For TBC specific, I now have to allow for parts of an icon to be displayed
* For Vanilla specific, allow AddOn to get through basic loading, player can see menu and version, and that is it
* Localised the title text in the TOC file
* The easter egg was changed. It is now prepared to thematically match nearby environs

== v1.24 - 3rd September 2017
* TOC version bump for Patch 7.3 Shadows of Argus
* PlaySoundKitID removed as of Patch 7.3.0. Replaced by PlaySound

== v1.23 - 26th August 2017
* Recalibrate scaling factors within the mines. Now uses unique data for each zoom level = less stutter of icons on minimap

== v1.22 - 29th July 2017
* One additional double precision in the mine
* Double precision of hatchling nesting area confirmed (previously based off an old screen cap)
* Slight adjustment to one of the two new locations due to the author encountering first-hand (previously based off Diaxes' screen-cap)
* Corrected/improved two mine descriptions

== v1.21 - 9th July 2017
* TWO new locations - thank you to Curse member Diaxes
* Tooltips now anchor cursor
* Tidy up chat format
* Removed left over / unnecessary x and y attributes for Mini frame
* AdjustCoordinates is no longer defined within another local - less memory used
* Mini[ i ]:ClearAllPoints() now in line with my LFH AddOn. Smoother Minimap icon movement
* A few minor text format tweaks

== v1.20 - 19th June 2017
* 1 x Double precision in the Fortress
* Zeroed alpha immediately Minimap frames are allocated = no more "flashing" or "stuck" icons on login

== v1.19 - 9th May 2017
* 1 x NEW MINE! (An unverified Ledge had similar coordinates so it was deleted)
* 1 x mine and 1 x Fortress now double precision
* Standardised with other of my AddOns: When Control key is down, NO NEED for "show coordinates" option to be on. I.e. link in chat (with coordinates) regardless
* Visibilty check for index [1] before Hide/Show of all icons = aids efficiency / fps
* Menu allows an option to be enquired upon and not just changed
* "Macro Commands" in the command menu, whilst technically correct, has been renamed to the more sensible "Commands"
* Double quotes used by both World Map and Minimap in chat, for consistency

== v1.18 - 29th April 2017
* Now using unregister/register code for GetCurrentMapAreaID as per some other AddOns. This to solve a Reputation mouse over bug in the Character frame!

== v1.17 - 16th April 2017
* Added Ledge 69.67, 84.34
* +1 double precision
* Mine 73.80,85.99 now says south-south-east from south-east

== v1.16 - 28th March 2017
* Patch 7.2 Update

== v1.15 - 21st March 2017
* Lots more Double precision in Fortress / Mine / Ledge. Now over 80% completed as double precision
* 1 x Distance estimation recalibrated
* Moved 3x unverified from mine to Ledge as they seem more likely there
* Deleted one unverified which was quite close to a verified

== v1.14 - 4th March 2017
* New FPS preservation code requires a fudge for when players log into "unusual" zones such as Moonglade
* Adjustments to a few locations from single to double precision. About 75% are double now
* Minor tweaks to locations, +/- 1/00th for example
* The Not-So-Friendly Skies... Tooltip would error from minimap due to bad array index

== v1.13 - 29th January 2017
* Typo in a description
* Coding error causing chat link truncation from the World Map. Doh! (Mini-map no problems)

== v1.12 - 26th January 2017
* Possibly improve impact of this AddOn on higher FPS players who also have lots of Minimap stress
* Remove "world" from the "h" command description
* Tighten the testing to prevent multiple egg links in chat
* Also check for nil return values from GetItemInfo for the eggs. Extremely rare but possible right after a log in

== v1.11 - 13th January 2017
* Prevent player from linking the same location more than once into a chat edit frame, same as I did with my AHN AddOn
* A couple of new locations so now over 100
* More double precision recordings (done with me shrunken with Nogger and standing, centred, on the eggs). Now over 70% completed
* Changed a reference to "metres" to yards.
* Adjusted some distance calculations (using my Hard Yards AddOn)
* A previously Unverified is now verified

== v1.10 - 11th January 2017
* Added ability to send a link to a channel actively being edited
* Map Coordinates can appear in Tooltips. They will always appear in chat
* Usual titivation with coordinates. 58% now double precision
* One less generic Wowhead entry
* Raptor Eye changed to Dragon's eye as it just seems a more appropriate title
* Added L["Show / Hide map coordinates"] command

== v1.09 - 6th January 2017
* New locations added. We have hit 100!
* Existing locations to double precision - now more than 50% complete!
* Localisation for "Please stand here, facing north."
* Localisation for "Dragonmaw Fortress"
* Now shows Tooltips when inside a room in Dragonmaw Fortress

== v1.08 - 4th January 2017
* I found 73.21,84.28 in the mine
* I found 70.71,85.68 in the mine
* Unverified location 68.13,81.81 now verified per reports by Shimatta123 and Chaosrde
* Unverified location 72.27,86.39 now verified per report by Shimatta123
* Double precision in many more locations
* Removed unverified mine at 68,85 - totally lacking in precision and probably impossible location
* LUA function calls localised
* zhTW added!
* Much more language Localisation (all that remains is the text descriptions)
* Overhauling of chat commands
* Use new schema for loading in saved variables (auto delete of redundant saves)
* Standardisation of coding across my AddOns to facilitate updates/maintenance
* Now remembers setting for "hide" and "show"
* Choosing the Raptor Eye now results in the eye "looking" at you and occasionally blinking!

== v1.07 - 25th October 2016
* Version update to support Patch 7.1 "Return to Karahzan"

== v1.06 - 1st October 2016
* New Netherwing Ledge locations / verified location from SuchRenzi: 65.63,87.73 (Mine,new), 71.56,84.11 (Mine,verified), 67.88,85.44 (Mine,New)
* Commenced recording to TWO decimal places

== v1.05 - 15th September 2016
* New Netherwing Ledge location 64.0,86.0 from Dave Walden

== v1.04 - 4th September 2016
* New Netherwing Ledge location 66.1, 83.9 from Dave Walden
* Removed 65,84 and 78,83 as unlikely. Both were "Unverified"

== v1.03 - 23rd July 2016
* New mines location
* Interface Version now 70000

== v1.02 - 14th July 2016
* Localised SetMapToCurrentZone
* Language support commenced. Initially four phrases/words
* Added break to mouseover tooltip test "for" loop
* Few minor text enhancements
* Couple of new locations
* Some unverified/Wowhead now personally verified

== v1.01 - 6th July 2016
* Improved the scaling factors for horizontal and vertical within the mine
* New / verified spawn points. On the Ledge but mostly in the mine
* Minor tweaks to a couple of previously wowhead/unverified locations - 1/10 of a map point

== v1.00 - 29th June 2016
* Initial release
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A Kobold Labourer
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Exclamation Crippling repeating error in v3.01 !!!

197x NetherwingEggs\NetherwingEggs-3.01.lua:1074: bad argument #1 to 'unpack' (table expected, got nil)
[C]: in function `unpack'
NetherwingEggs\NetherwingEggs-3.01.lua:1074: in function <NetherwingEggs\NetherwingEggs.lua:1056>
NetherwingEggs\NetherwingEggs-3.01.lua:1208: in function <NetherwingEggs\NetherwingEggs.lua:1201>
NetherwingEggs\NetherwingEggs-3.01.lua:2017: in function <NetherwingEggs\NetherwingEggs.lua:2006>

(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = "table expected, got nil"

The above error repeats so rapidly it hangs WoW within 30 seconds, on my system. Reverting to v3.00 fixes this.

Let me know if there's any other useful info I can provide :-)
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Unread 07-23-18, 07:16 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I cant get this to work using the codes, you provided to use in chat. Nor is there any 'addon' options. I enabled it before logging in, which say's WoW read it successfully, but still no avail.
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