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Suramar STFU

Version: 0.1
by: Zathan666 [More]

This addon will mute annoying sounds found in Suramar. This addon is not a standard addon, please see installation instructions below.

Please read before updating
When updating, please delete the old version before installing the new one. That means you must completely delete the entire "Sound" folder located in your "World of Warcraft" folder first, then extract the new version.

This addon will mute the following:

  • Male/Female Child voices in Suramar
  • Masquerade Dispel Notifications such as: "something not quite right", "an illusion, what are you hiding", "who goes there", etc.

This is the first release, I might have missed a few sounds. If you detect an annoying sound that isn't blocked, please let me know in the comments.


Extract the "Sound" folder to your World of Warcraft folder. (which would be World of Warcraft/Sound/).
To uninstall simply delete the Sound folder.

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