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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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Bang! Bang!

Version: 7.36
by: Mortimerlol [More]

Bang! Bang! is your best allied if you like the PvP, especially if you like world-PvP. This add-on gives you severals improvements and new features that will make you enjoy even more your battles.


  • Everytime you perform a killing blow, it will automatically say Bang! Bang! and do an emote.
  • The assist buttons have been redesigned, instanced and customized for the following battlegrounds: Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm, Eye of the Storm rated, Battle for Gilneas, Twin Peaks, Silvershard Mines, Temple of Kotmogu and Deepwind Gorge.
  • Icons over nameplates for tanks/healers in battlegrounds and addeds in the wanted list.
  • Custom sound for both pvp queue pops and countdown to start bg or arena.
  • Custom sound (victory/defeat) for when arena/battleground/duel ends. (new)
  • Type !hks in chat officer to expand a little ranking of actual session and total honorable kills of all guild members that have the addon. Raid/Party leader can type !hks also.
  • Duelist system, now save your duel wins and defeats. (new)
  • Wanted list system for hunt your enemy player more easy.
  • Allow an easy method to whisp your current ratings with rightClick in addon icon.
  • A world-PvP system for register killing blows and own deaths.
  • Replace original font on damage text. (new)
  • Simplified spell interrupt system.
  • Improve buff timers (new format mm:ss).
  • Rogue sap reporter.
  • Guild rank player and prestige/honor levels and kill counter in tooltip.
  • Sound and msg alert if medallion or racial has been used on target.
  • Spell id in tooltip.
  • Tooltip show player name as class color and friendly/hostile as green/red color also.
  • Countdown with sound alerter in PVPReadyDialog PopUp.
  • Autohide QuestTraker in battlegrounds or arena. (new)
  • Button to sell junk (grey items) faster.
  • Auto-repair system.

* Modify config.lua file for move nameplate icons.
* Use "/bb add" to add target to wanted list (require have target).
* Use "/bb del" to delete target from wanted list (require have target).

Supported languages:
* English, franšais, italian and spanish. (new)

Bug reports:
If you find any bugs with this addon, please let me know in the comments or send me a PM.

Special thanks to the following people for their assistance with this project:
  • Alard - Sanguino*(translator itIT)
  • Amenamaste - Outland (beta tester)
  • Aurka - DunModr (supp. streamer: twitch.tv/aurkalol)
  • Drpewpew - DunModr (translator enUS)
  • Ryukek - TwistingNether (beta tester)
  • Tito - Stormscale (main assistant)
  • Woolfwood - Sanguino (alpha tester)
Thanks to all who use and support it.
Also thanks to all people also who said that is offensive, this is the main idea.


Version: 7.36

Improved the duelist system.
Removed dropDownFrame button because it cause blocks.
Added auto-repair system.
Also added victory/defeat sound for arena ends.

Version: 7.34

Error in wanted icons seems fixed.

Version: 7.33

Fixed issue on main gui.

Version: 7.32

Added duelist system.
Added victory/defeat sound when battleground/duel ends.

Version: 7.30

Included spanish (esES) language support.
Included franšais (frFR) language support.
Included italian (itIT) language support.
New chat print format for trinket/racial used.
Autohide QuestTraker in battlegrounds or arena.

Version: 7.28

Added custom font for combat text.
Fixed minor issues on streak messages.
Wanted ladder blocks gui, seems fixed now.

Version: 7.26

Improved cvar global and intern code.

Version: 7.24

Fixed minor issues on wanted PopUp.
Added icon on nameplates for addeds in wanted list.
Added icon on nameplates for tanks/healers in battlegrounds.
Save now correctly Name-Realm in wanted list from rightClick.

Version: 7.23

Change .mp3 files to .ogg files.
Fixed minor issues on tooltip.
Wanted PopUp nows save your custom position.
The world-PvP system, also works on friendly players.
Now can add to wanted list using rightClick on target player.
Improved GUI main page, also nows print your own deaths.
Battleground assist buttons can be optional now.

Version: 7.22

New format for streak messages.
New format for medallion or racial alerter.
Streak messages can be optional now.
Medallion or racial alerter can be optional now.
The world-PvP system, also nows register your own death too.

Version: 7.21

Fixed .toc file mistakes.

Version: 7.20

Fixed several errors on load PvP stats.

Version: 7.19

Added GUI to addon.
Added wanted list system.
Added killing blow world-PvP count system.
Added honor lvls and kill count to tooltip.
Added button for sell junk (grey items).
Added current rating easy wispher with rightClick in addon icon.
Fixed error when requeue arena from inside.
Fixed errors on minimap addon icon.

Version: 7.14

Assist buttons are instanced and customized for every bg.
Improved some on kill messages.
New sound added when pvp queue pops.
New sound added in the countdown to start bg or arena.

Version: 7.12

Updated to Legion.
Fixed some issues with old API.
Tooltip for player shows prestige level also.
Added funny sounds to when die and resurrect.
Added newest alert if medallion or racial on target enemy is used.
Added timer to join bg, rbg & arena.
Improved assist buttons.
Removed leave button for bg, rbg & arena.
Removed temporally url copy system.
Removed temporally item id and item counter.
Removed portrait picture by icon class.
Removed Tol Barad reminder.
Removed cobra shot funny print on shot.

Version: 2.32

Tooltip for players now prints guild level also.

Version: 2.30

Added url copy system.

Version: 2.28

Fixed some minor issues.

Version: 2.27

Officer chat can type !hks to expand a little ranking of actual session and total hks.
Raid/Party leader can type !hks to expand also.
Battleground and rated battleground wins/losses now use print message instead report on guild.
World pvp killing blows now use print message also.

Version: 2.25

Added name and friendly/hostile color in tooltip.
Added spell/item ids in tooltip.

Version: 2.23

Added rogue sap reporter.
Added guild rank players in tooltip.
Added sound and alert if pvp trinket or human racial is used on target.

Version: 2.20

Added credits.txt.
Tol Barad reminder improved.
Cobra shot now use print message instead report on guild.

Version: 2.18

Tol Barad reminder.

Version: 2.17

Added icon to minimap.
Added yell when use nitro boosts (engineering).
Disabled enemy alerter at the moment (improving).

Version: 2.14

Added spell link to spell interrupt reporter.

Version: 2.13

Fixed issues with spell interrupt reporter.

Version: 2.12

Changed chat channel BATTLEGROUND by INSTANCE_CHAT.
Improve buff timers (new format mm:ss).
Change portrait pictures by icon class.

Version: 2.00

Added also realm name at your killing blows.
Added new system alerter if you has been reported as idle in a battleground.
Custom sounds sound higher now.

Version: 1.52

Added new reporter if receive a cobra shot.
Added simplified spell interrupt reporter.
Removed arena win reports because it causes too many errors.

Version: 1.50

Fixed issues with some reports.
Improved print messages and styles.

Version: 1.42

Added commands line for more info ingame.
Added more custom sounds.

Version: 1.40

Fixed issue with custom sounds.
Updated format guild reporter at do killing blows.
Added new function to expand a little ranking of honourable kills.

Version: 1.35

Removed custom sound when do mouseover at enemy player.

Version: 1.00

Initial release.
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