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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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Playable Feral [sound edit]

Version: 1.1
by: Lhotse [More]

No more SCCCRRTSH SCRRRRRRSTSH, no more ear bleeding.

Be like Trump Cat!

Here's how they sound in combat!

Replaces the following to their old counterparts :

- Annoying and loud cat form growls

- Rake & Shred SCRRRTSH SCRRRTSHH -papershredding noise

- Impact hits

- Swing sounds muted

- Tiger's fury activates the old Savage Roar sound effect, because it sounds cool and actually makes it feel like you just used a very powerful cooldown.

How to install ?

1. Unzip the Sound folder in to your World of Warcraft folder.

2. Log in

3. Congratulations. Your ears no longer bleed buckets of blood.

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Originally Posted by Kaleesh
Why's this under Graphic UI Mods tho
Fixed ! Thanks for the heads up.
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Why's this under Graphic UI Mods tho
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