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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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Wisent AKA Bison2 - Buff & Debuff Tracking

Version: r3
by: CC_WOW [More]

Wisent provides an easily configurable replacement for the default buff (and debuff) frames.
It displays buffs, debuffs, spell procs, and class-specific resources, allowing you to align, order, scale, and reposition them in groups.

While there are more extensive buff tracking addons out there, this one is intended to be a simpler alternative, striving to stay close to Blizzard's original design while still providing more customizability and a functional configuration interface.

All of the main features can be disabled/toggled via slash commands and the graphical interface, allowing you to change the way in which groups and icons are displayed.

Aura Groups:
The following icon groups are implemented:

* Buffs
* Debuffs
* Procs: Technically, they're also buffs, but more flashy and generally important
* Combo Points: Also supports other resources/buffs that can be used in a similar way

All buff buttons can be styled on a per-group basis using the Masque addon library.

Procs Bar:
Now supports Monk and Demon Hunters. Updated for Legion with the following spells:

* Paladin: Infusion of Light, Divine Purpose, Righteous Verdict, The Fires of Justice
* Rogue: Opportunity
* Shaman: Lava Surge, Elemental Focus, Queen Ascendant, Stormbringer, Stormlash, Hot Hand
* Druid: Omen of Clarity/Moment of Clarity/Clearcasting, Gory Fur, Galactic Guardian, Gore
* Hunter: None, for now :|
* Mage: Heating Up/Hot Streak, Enhanced Pyrotechnics, Pyretic Incantation, Warmth of the Phoenix, Brain Freeze, Fingers of Frost
* Death Knight: Unholy Strength, Dark Succor, Crimson Scourge, Rime, Killing Machine
* Monk: Elusive Brawler, Hit Combo, Blackout Kick!
* Warrior: Tactician/Colossus Smash, Enrage, Wrecking Ball, Odyn's Champion, Massacre, Dragon Scales, Scales of Earth, Revenge!
* Warlock: Compounding Horror
* Priest: Surge of Light, Blessing of T'uure, Divinity, Shadowy Insight, Twist of Fate
* Demon Hunter: Demon Soul + Soul Fragments; Metamorphosis (Artifact trait), Blade Turning, Painbringer, Siphoned Power (from using Empower Wards)

Feel free to let me know if a spell that you wish to track is missing. Since I'm not an expert on all classes, it is likely I overlooked a buff or two that'd be worth tracking!

Combo Bar:
While originally intended to display "combo points" and similar resources, this system has been expanded to show various class-specific spells and stacking buffs. Supported are:

* Paladin: Holy Power
* Rogue: Combo Points
* Shaman: Lava Burst (Elemental), Tidal Waves (Restoration), Stormbringer/Stormstrike (Enhancement)
* Druid: Thrash (Bear), Combo Points (Cat)
* Hunter: Mongoose Fury (Survival)
* Mage: Arcane Charges, Icicles (Frost)
* Death Knight: Runes
* Monk: Chi
* Demon Hunter: Demon Spikes (Vengeance)
* Warrior: Furious Slash/Taste for Blood (Fury)
* Warlock: Soul Shards
* Priest: None, for now :|

These are not intended to be a replacement for advanced aura icons such as those provided by WeakAuras or TellMeWhen, but for when a simpler alternative is sufficient. They don't require any setting up and still allow for some customization.

Slash Commands:
The following slash commands are provided: /wisent and /wi (alias)
Valid parameters are:

* lock - Unlock/Lock all groups and show/hide their anchors
* enable - Toggle the addon's functionality (to replace the default icons)

Any functionality provided is also accessible via the addon's GUI.

Wisent is based on the Cataclysm-era addon Bison by Grayal, which in turn was based on an addon called Buffalo by Nimbal (Buffalo... get it? Heh).

Both addons have long been abandoned, and since I maintained a somewhat-working copy for personal use, I figured I'd simply see where it goes from there. In no way do I wish to take credit for their work.

PS: Answering the most pressing question you will have last... What the hell is a "Wisent"? This is a Wisent:

It's a freaking bison. Except, you know, European.

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