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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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TotalAP - Artifact Power Tracker

Version: r27
by: CC_WOW [More]

TotalAP provides an all-in-one solution for your Artifact Power needs. It displays relevant information related to your artifact, for all specs, such as the total amount of AP available for use, progress towards the next trait, and more.

Use AP tokens easily by assigning keybinds or simply clicking the provided button - No more searching for that one last item in the unfathomable depths of your bags!

All of the main features can be disabled/toggled via keybindings and slash commands, allowing you to change the way most of the information is displayed. You can keep as little functionality as you require, without any fluff, if that is what you prefer.

Tooltip Enhancement:
Adds tooltip information for artifact power items. Currently, the following can be displayed:

  • Number of artifact power tokens in the player's inventory
  • Total artifact power in bags, and bank (optional)
  • Progress towards next trait
  • Percentage that the item will add to the equipped artifact
  • Available number of traits (if applicable)
The tooltip can be customized somewhat, allowing you to decide which parts (if any) you want to include.

Action Button:
TotalAP also displays a button whenever artifact power items are in your inventory. It can be used to quickly use any AP items without having to find, and click, them manually.
  • Indicates that new traits are available via spell overlay (glow effect similar to that of spell procs)
  • Includes keybinds (via Blizzard's KeybindUI) to use AP items, or hide the button manually
  • Button can be skinned using the Masque (formerly ButtonFacade) addon library
  • Hold ALT-Click while dragging to move the button, or SHIFT-Click while dragging to change its size
This feature alone takes away a lot of the tedium involved in leveling your artifact weapons. Searching for AP items in your bags? That's so 2016.

Progress Bars:
You may be interested in displaying the current progress of any spec's artifact weapon, while considering all AP currently available. Well, look no further!
  • Separate colours indicate the amount of artifact power used on the weapon vs. AP items that still remain unused
  • A secondary progress bar can be displayed, tracking progress while you accumulate more ranks without having to visit the artifact forge just to level up your weapon
  • Each specialization's progress will be cached when activated, and persist throughout sessions
  • The contents of your bank will similarly be cached upon opening it, and optionally be displayed as well
  • Hold ALT-Click while dragging to move the bars, along with the rest of the display
Initially, offspecs won't be cached (or they may display outdated information if the addon had been disabled). Switching to them will update the display.

Specialization Icons:
Another means of portraying the progress for all specs is in the form of these icons, which add a simple notification system and some convenience.
  • Indicate that new traits are available via similar spell overlay (glow effect) as the action button
  • Display progress and number of available traits as text next to each icon
  • Clicking the icon for a particular specialization activates it, while right-clicking ignores it and hides the corresponding displays
  • Supports skinning via the Masque (ButtonFacade) addon library
  • Hold ALT-Click while dragging to move them, along with the rest of the display
While designed to work in unison with bars as the main display, they can serve as a handy shortcut to quickly switch between specializations on their own.

Slash Commands:
The following slash commands are provided: /totalap and /ap (alias)

A more detailed list will be printed ingame upon using the main command (see screenshots for examples).
There's no GUI (yet) because I'm lazy (I prefer the term busy) and haven't added one. Sorry.

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