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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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Version: 0.001
by: Cedric [More]

Many people have lost friends, family, and loved ones they played World of Warcraft with over the years. I have not found a suitable place to remember them in the game world, so I decided to create my own. If you've lost a WoW buddy, guildmate, spouse, etc. then this addon will allow you to change the tooltip text of the garrison tombstone for Ray D. Tear to say whatever you want it to. It will also let you right-click the tombstone to kneel down.

I plan to add more features later. Currently, it just puts up the default text of a R.I.P. for Varian Wrynn. Until I add the full features, the only real way to change the message is to manually edit the text in the Memorialize.LUA file.

This is very much a work-in-progress, and I consider this more proof of concept code than a true alpha release.

I'm mainly trying to get this out for some feedback. I'm not the world's greatest LUA coder, so some of the more advanced things may not be immediately doable.

My main plans are to try to give a simple text box pop-up to edit the tombstone text rather than having to use slash commands. I'm also going to see if it's not too difficult to allow multi-colored text.

I'm working on a proximity test to make the kneel function only activate if you are close enough to the tombstone. As it stands, anywhere you can mouse over the tombstone to make the tooltip appear, you will kneel if you right-click while the tombstone tooltip is showing. I don't want that to be the case all the time because it could be annoying if you're trying to do something else like start a pet battle.

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