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Tides of Vengeance (8.1)
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Guild Roster Manager  Updated Today!

Version: r1.34
by: Arkaan [More]


Discord Link Here

Join up on discord for udpates, and feel free to chat about the addon, make suggestions, or report bugs. I will need the help in reporting the bugs. There are just too many edge cases that might occur.. Any help will be greatly appreciated in bug reporting.

WARNING: This is an addon early in development with High-Speed releases. I release updates frequently, as in weekly, sometimes within days of each other if I get a lot of work done. Check often to stay up to date!


I wrote this addon mostly for myself. As someone who has been a guild leader for many years, there are just some features I have wanted for quite a while, and I don't feel like the current options truly fit my needs and desires. I want to do more than just bring something to the table that currently doesn't exist, but instead, I wanted to bring it to the table in a clean, easy-to-use UI, that was logical, that was customizable, and something that could be expanded upon on request. I also built it 100% from the ground up. Zero dependencies. Zero libraries added. Zero UI taint. I built everything and every frame from scratch.


What it Does

  • Mouseover the guild roster names for all player info, some unique to addon.


Checks for changes On...
  • Joining and Leaving players
  • Promotion and Demotion Dates (and history of all rank changes)
  • Leveling
  • Note and Officer note changes
  • Inactive players returning
  • If a player name-changes
  • Guild ranks change their names
  • Anniversary date auto-tracking w/announcement
  • Reminder Notifications (Ex: Remind me to kick player if been offline X months)
  • Banned Player tracking, as well as their alts
  • Notification when players request to join guild
  • Set Custom Notifications like if a player is AFK becomes Active again.
  • Custom Note Changes
  • Example Log Entries


  • Tag alts to player
  • Tag which of the toons is the main.

  • Sync all alts to the same join date so you don't need to manually configure each one.

  • Main tagging in guild/officer/raid/party/instance/whisper chat




Know if the player who quit the guild server transferred


  • Notification if player requesting to join is Online

  • Online Status of all players requesting to join guild


Add Events to Calendar that Automatically popup, like anniversary notifications

Backup Data


  • Quick glance on data still needing to be updated.



  • Custom Notes! An extra 150 characters!
  • Use CTRL to scroll log super fast, or SHIFT to go immediately top or bottom.
  • Character count on the public/officer note frames
  • Character counts on Message of the Day and guild info when editing
  • Mouseover histories
  • Current status (AFK, BUSY, Active)
  • Number of guildies you are grouped with in the raid window.
  • MANY DETAILS on player!!!

Blizz made some significant guild changes in BFA expansion. One is that now only officers can edit public notes. You can't even edit just your own. This feature bypasses that...
  • Type !note in guild chat, and anything you type after it will be set as your public note
  • All guildies can do this as long as an officer is online with GRM installed

*More will be added, this is relatively new as 21.7.2018
  • Check the Officers OPTIONS tab for details in-game


Discord Link Here

Join up on discord for udpates, and feel free to chat about the addon, make suggestions, or report bugs. I will need the help in reporting the bugs. There are just too many edge cases that might occur.. Any help will be greatly appreciated in bug reporting.

**VERSION 8.1.0R1.34 DATE: December 16th 2018**

*Moderate update. Some bug fixes. Some bugs would be game-breaking for some players, and would not affect others. Thus, this needed to be pushed out asap!. A few other tweaks as well*


* QOL1: Alt names listed as the main should not be shrunk tiny anymore.

* QOL2: Added tooltip message that you can "Right click to edit" the dates...


* BUG1: Fixed an issue that can prevent alt list from showing.

* BUG2: If more than 10 names were on the event calendar a Lua error could occur selecting wrong player info.

* BUG3: Accidentally included a spam message in the guild sync spam on birthday updates being shared.

* BUG4: Not all upcoming events were being announced if they were the next month (particularly from December to January). This is fixed. You may get a bunch of new announcements to report to the calendar.

* BUG5: Blizzard made some backend changes to the calendar, so I had to adjust the way it checked if events were already added. If it is already posted on the calendar it will not appear on your events list with a suggestion to add it to the calendar needlessly. Thus, if one player or officer in the guild adds it to the calendar, then all other players will have the option removed as it will no longer be necessary to add it. You will still have a log announcement of it and it should appear in the guild chat community stream the first time you look at it after it has been added.

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.33 DATE: December 15th 2018**

*NOTE! The !note feature has been removed. One, it was mostly redundant, since Blizzard introduced the ability for people to edit their own notes only. But two, in 8.1 Blizz broke it anyway and it can no longer be used. Blizz "protected" all chat streams now, from guilds and communities, since they are now stored. Apparently this was in an effort to prevent addon developers from attempting to use custom channels as exotic database storage (which I was funny enough, considering lol). The downside is it KILLS the feature.*



* *That's right! You can now input players birthdays. They are linked to the alt grouping. I have made this as simple as possible and automatic to use. Here are some details:*

* 1) Completely optional. You can disable this in the settings. Both the ability to store birthdays as well as even see it in the options are configurable.

* 2) The date is linked to the alt grouping as it is assumed that the birthday will be the same for all players in the grouping as it is based on RL birthdays

* 3) This linking will be automatic. If an alt does not have a birthday set, but is added to a grouping of alts that does, then I will auto-set the birthday. All the nuances of this are extremely tedious to iron out to automate this all. Example, what if two toons not grouped have different dates set, but you try to add one to the other, which date takes priorty? Well, I look at if one is listed as main. Well, what if neither are. What if both are? What if one player is part of a group of alts, with no one listed as main, and no birthday, but then you add one player who is a main and already has a date? Does it override all the others? What if not a main, but it has a date? What if the large grouping has a date set, but the main does not? You can begin to see how there can be a large divere group of things to consider. I ironed out every last one to automate this for the smartest efficiency.

* 4) It only stores the day and the month. I avoid allowing the addon users to ask for the year. I do this on purpose. Some people don't feel comfortable giving their age. Not that it is likely a big deal for 95% of the community, but this spares you leaders the awkwardness of bothering with asking. It is not necessary anyway, just the day and the month is important.

* 5) These birthday events will auto-trigger to be added to the calendar as they approach as well. I HIGHLY recommend having the box checked to only announce the "mains"

* 6) Data is completely syncable and sharable. This also takes advantage of a new algorithm I am implementeing a little here and there for sync efficiency. It takes a while so one thing at a time. It is speedy, but is still extra, new data.


* *Yup! For some reason it is hard to determine player's guild rep now without opening the /groster old window. It will now be visible and properly colored based on rank in the top right for each player. It is fully localized*

* 1) This also is completely optional, and you can disable it in the new UI panel of the options.


* QoL1: While not necessarily obvious to the user, I place this as number 1 because of the extensive backend cleanup on the process of scanning the database for events to announce to be added to calendar. I also converted the database from the use of strings in many areas to ints, thus removing the need of any string parsing when checking events. This is enormously more efficient now.

* QoL2: Cleaned up a bit of the Alt alignment, some auto controlling the font size to fit, even if a player bumps font size to 125% (in some fonts this may make the "main" alt seem a bit small.

* QoL3: A bit cleaner backend method on detecting player rank permissions in chat. The older method was a bit tedious, but it was necessary after the odd changes in patch 7.3. Well, 8.1 reverted a few of those and they are actually easier to use now and better than ever before! Sometimes they get things right!

* QoL4: Custom note sync rank filter tooltip is more obvious now what it is and how it is unique for that toon only.

* QoL5: ESC key used a bit more logically and cleanly when jumping through frames you had open.


* BUG1: Fixed an issue that could cause disconnects in some circumstances during a sync. I am not certain this fixes ALL issues for all players, but this definitely will resolve it for many that possibly had issues.

* BUG2: Tightened the sync process a bit further as well to prevent a bulk sync that overlaps or I should say, comes to close to the server throttle cutoff. This will likely help some people who had disconnects.

* BUG3: Sync disconnect fix 3! Additional protections added to people with low FPS when first logging in to prevent a bulk sync, or throttle down to match FPS a bit (interestingly FPS does affect throttle rate).

* BUG4: Fixed an issue that can cause a protection error when trying to mass invite people from the guild recruitment window with GuildInvite lua script. Blizzard seems to have protected it so it cannot be looped, it can only run once per click without tainting. As such I have implemented the macro strategy, where I create a premade macro with all the /ginvite (name) on each line, and with a simple hot-key press it mass invites, if you wish.

* BUG5: Fixed a rejoin bug issue where if a player quits the guild, deletes a toon, makes a new toon with the same name, it counts it as a rejoin. It should now properly only rely on GUID data, not name comparisons. Oops!

* BUG6: Found some issues that could cause problems for people whose database had been upgraded/converted after a long time of not updating the addon, and then they used the backup recoverty tool.

* Bug7: Fixed some bugs around updating from VERY old versions of the addon.

* Bug8: Fixed an issue where the "Anniversary!" was not translating properly in some circumstances on non-English versions of the addon.

* Bug9: Fixed an issue that good mingle alt groups incorrectly when adding one from two groups listed with a main, from a toon that was not a main in the grouping.

* Bug10: Addon should no longer randomly announce "XXX player is already listed as an alt" erroneously.

* Bug11: Fixed an issue with ban list syncing. - It only addresses one issue, however, this is still bugged and doesn't always sync the ban lists properly.

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.32 DATE: November 22nd 2018**

*Note! There are some big changes in the works in a couple of areas, this is taking me a bit of time, but it is in regards to the core log. I've decided to implement a hybridscrollframe and also make the log more dynamic, less static. This has a lot of tentacles in the code to deal with so it is taking me a while. In the meantime I pushed out a rather critical update for a major disconnect bug and some minor features*


* QoL1: Functionality has been expanded in the ability to FORCE and unify settings. The player can now force set the sync rank for ban lists and custom notes as well.

* QoL2: Freeing up character space in the officer note, the Guild Info will now house the leader control tags to force settings. Example, g2^9 is not going to be placed into the guild info tab to work.

* QoL2: The addon will auto copy over your existing tags when you first login and configure this automatically for you.

* QoL3: The +GRM1 has been normalized to g1^+. If you used GRM1, then the addon will auto-convert the format, as well as copy it to the proper Guild Info tab.

* QoL4: Some formatting fixed that could occur in some cases with the alt list making them appear unalligned.


* Bug1: Major disconnect bug has been fixed that could occur if a player reloads and tries to auto-sync, with certain addons installed. This compatibility was hard to detect. It is now resolved in a new way so as to preserve compatibility with all addons. It might not kick them on logging in, but on a reload it would. Not anymore!

* Bug2: Manually moving the minimap icon could cause an error for new users. This is now resolved.

* Bug3: "Show main tag on all" in the settings was not showing it checked, even if enabled. This is now resolved.

* Bug4: Players that tried to manually trigger a sync with a /grm sync would often find it doesn't trigger without a 2nd attempt. Fixed!

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.31 DATE: November 2nd 2018**


* QoL1: Added the additional Main Tagging option to show the main tag on ALL toons, including the main, not just the alts


* Bug1: Accidentally included debug version of the addon's syunc, so you might have gotten a bit of spam in chat...

* Bug2: Players that were new to the addon that decided to manually move the minimap icon would get a lua error. I only updated this to build old databses, not add to new. Ooops!

* Bug3: Minimap position is something NOT sync'd between alts. This is intentional as on some alts people use different addons, so the one setting unique between toons is alts. The new Custom "drag anywhere" minimap button option should now properly reflect this.

* Bug4: Fixed an issue that could cause a Lua error in regards to minimap position when swapping between alts as well.

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.30 DATE: November 1st 2018**


*No major new features. Lots of bug fixing and quality of life adjustments for players, with some request implementations. Thank you for your patience!*

* QoL1: Syncing is less stuttery when syncing massive alt lists. There was some spaghetti code I had written a long time ago I had not revisited. OMG, it was rebuilding the entire database in a deep array copy every second lol. This could d/c at least some people, or make the game unbearable during the sync. Stutter removed!

* QoL2: The side box to input the name, when adding an alt, is now a scrollable list with up to 30 matches, to make those hard to match names easier to see. I can up the max limit, just let me know if 30 is good enough.

* QoL3: Sync is now disabled from triggering when a player /reloads -- there is no real need to trigger a sync on reload, on when logging in the first time.

* QoL4: Main/Alt tagging is now more obvious in chat, and it is also now in the System messages for when a player comes online or goes offline.

* QoL5: MOTD is now visible just by mousing over the GRM minimap button.

* QoL6: MINIMAP button can now be moved ANYWHERE (for you people that use those addons that make the map a non-sphere lol)

* QoL7: The optional message when sending a guild invite that can be included at the guild recruit window now makes it obvious you need to hit ENTER to save the message first.

* QoL8: I had built an optional DEBUG sync file for those with disconnect issues. Please ask me on discord and I will link you so we can diagnose the problem.

* QoL9: Slight optimization on just the Join Date sync information. This is just me doing a broad mass test right now on some minimal changes to my algorithm that will improve efficiency and make it a bit more lean and faster. If all seems good I will expand it to the rest of the sync data.


* Bug1: Syncing settings of NEW players that first get configured was not working at all. In fact, it was screwing things up! If you logged on a new alt for the first time this addon installed, not only would it not sync right, it would then overwrite all of your alts you had previously configured with default settings again. HOW ANNOYING!!! Fixed...

* Bug2: Audit Log should now properly sort the Promo dates when sorting ascending or descending.

* Bug3: Fixed miscellaneous bug that caused error in some rare cases when loading CommunityFrame for the 1st time.

* Bug4: Portuguese Client should no longer spam adding friends in the system messages as they are properly filtered now.

* Bug5: Korean client was completely broken due to inability to parse creation date. This addon will now work for them perfectly.

* Bug6: A similar but different parsing error in the early configuration of the addon was affecting Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese clients. This is now resolved and they should work properly...

*Yes, I am really debugging and testing on all 11 supported client languages.*

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.29 DATE: October 13th 2018**


***Improvements to the Guild Recruitment Window***

* Player can now INVITE ALL with one button and it will invite all the players currently online

* Player can now include a guild custom message that is sent to the player when they are invited to the guild. The message can be customized up to 255 characters, or not used at all

***"KICK ALL ALTS" has returned in pseudo form!***

* When kicking a player from the guild, you now have the option to remove all of their alts nearly automatically as well

* The way this works is the addon will build a macro for you that auto-populates all of the alt names into with a /gremove altName1

* Then, it keybinds the macro to "CTRL-SHIFT-K" - This allows you to access this guild kick macro without needing it on a toolbar (A message will remind you of keybind)


* QoL1: Guild Leader can now force rank restrictions logic with "g2^x" note in either the PUBLIC or OFFICER note. If it is in public, it mandates sync restriction settings guild-wide. If in officer, it only forces officer settings.

* QoL2: Cleaned up some of the UI interactions a bit. Might not be too noticeable, but they are overall better in some areas.


* Bug1: Fixed an issue related to guild sync where in some cases data would not be shared.

* Bug2: Fixed an issue where there are two copies of a player in the database from an old error if a player has not updated in a long time, fixed that, and ultimately fixed the audit log from being inaccurate on "number of incompletes"

* Bug3: The addon will no longer freeze WOW if you search the log with mature filter enabled.

* Bug4: Mature Language filter shouldn't cause repeat spam on note changes over and over again anymore if player has it enabled

* Bug5: Fixed a bug that could cause a lua error on Log tools line selection for mass deletion.

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.28 DATE: September 22nd, 2018**

***NOTE:** Long delay since last major patch was in relation to a recent job promotion at work resulting in a bit more workflow, as well as the BFA launch. I finally have a bit of a work breather, so I hammered this out. I know I didn't get everything, but I got a lot!"


* QoL1: Player can now set the Custom Note as a destination for auto-joinDate adding.

* QoL2: Player now has the option to set the kick recommendation to only recommend if ALL alts in a grouping have been offline past the deadline (enabled by default)

* QoL3: Log will now display the player's public and officer notes when they leave the guild. You can toggle this on and off in the settings (under scan options)

* QoL4: The Guild recruit window now has a mass purge button that allows you to mass remove ALL guild applicants with one button (with confirmation protection)

* QoL5: Guild Leader can now set Officer note to force all officers to mandated sync restriction rank (This clearly only works for officers, as they are the only that can read the officer note)

* QoL5: -- Use "g2^X" with X being the rank index. 0 = Guild Leader, 9 = Lowest initiate rank.

* QoL5: -- So, if the GL has 2 officer ranks and wants to restrict to that, it is 0 = GL, 1 = officerRank1, 2 = OfficerRank2, thus g2^2 = officer rank and above.

* QoL6: Added a couple of tooltips that are Guild Leader only, for their own use, with instruction on how to use officer note settings (they only appear if not utilized)

* QoL7: Add alt auto-complete names as you type are now shifted more to the left so longer names don't bleed over the edge.

* QoL8: Hard reset button added in the help options... same thing as /grm hardreset. DO NOT USE unless desperate to do full reset account wide of all addon datra.


* Bug1: Calendar invite list should scroll properly now.

* Bug2: Calendar Date player modified should now properly be displayed in the tooltip of the calendar as well.

* Bug3: Fixed 2 different issues that could lead to disconnect when syncing. BUT, I likely will need testers since many are disconnecting immediately.

* Bug4: Whispers were not working for some people who set their whispers to their own separate window. This has been resolved.

* Bug5: Fixed issue where Empty Officer notes were reported to the log as being added Thus "" was added was showing. (This may need some more testing)

* Bug6: Mouseover window should no longer spazz out while looking at guild professions window!

* Bug7: Fixed an issue that was causing syncing of settings among alts wrong.

* Bug8: Fixed a bug that could cause people who haven't updated in a long time to be unable to load the addon properly

* Bug9: Fixed an error that could prevent a player from updating their settings properly in 1.27

* Bug10: Fixed a bug that could cause a lua error if clicking the minimap icon too soon after logon. TY @TimeDrawsNigh

* Bug11: Player should no longer lose focus in ANY situation when typing in the calendar note windows.

* Bug12: Fixed issue on the Promotion date not showing properly in the tooltip and audit log, whilst the mouseover window did. @RedEvil11

* Bug13: System messages must be enabled for this addon to work. A source of problem for several players were those who had them disabled

* Bug13: -- The addon now properly informs them of this status and disables from moving forward until they are re-enabled, without causing error.

* Bug14: Main tag should properly show in all cases now when adding alts

* Bug15: Players with more than 12 alts could end up with misaligned alt lists. The width/wordwrap settings are now correct.

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.27 DATE: August 13th, 2018**


* Blizz made it so players can now edit their own note, even without being an officer. The addon now supports this.

* You can now toggle the public, officer, and custom note borders to be on or off in the general options.

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.26 DATE: August 8th, 2018**


* QoL1: Export log will now include the numbered lines if you wish.

* QoL2: Officer/Public/Custom note cleaned up a bit more to my liking... no need for the antiquated Blizz box

* QoL3: Officer/public notes should now update instantly if looking at Blizz's player details frame that pops out on clicking on the player. Before you had to click on it again to refresh. I force it now.

* QoL4: Cleaned up some custom note sync UX stuff. A little cleaner.

* QoL5: Blizz's StreamViewMarker is a little flawed and inconsistent on when we really want to scrollback in unread messages. I thus created my own tag.

* QoL6: Added right-click suggestion in tooltip on the mouseover alt names and player name, as many do not seem to know you can right click them for additional options, like setting as main.


* Bug1: Fixed an issue with retroactive !note tagging where it would scan past MORE than just the unread. Warning, you will need to logout at least once for this to trigger accurately.

* Bug2: Blizz finally fixed the CHAT_MSG_WHISPER and CHAT_MSG_GUILD properly, whcih broke my 1.25 workaround. But that's ok. It's proper now!

* Bug3: Fixed an issue with new players joining the guild where sometimes info wasn't saving accurate on first pass.

* Bug4: Add Alt should be working properly again in all cases

* Bug5: Fixed an issue that would allow new mouseover windows to popup, even though the member detail Blizz side frame was up.

* Bug6: Audit window should now properly auto-update as changes are made in ALL cases without needing to open/close the window.

* Bug7: Fixed an issue with auto-complete on the Add Alt when clicking the name instead of hitting enter.

* Bug8: Fixed an issue when syncing custom notes, shouldn't error out now, which might have crashed your sync.

* Bug9: Fixed an issue where in some cases a lua erorr could occur in showing the player promotion history on mouseover.

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.25DATE: July 29th, 2018**


*The **!note** tagging can now be done by any player in the guild, whether an officer with GRM installed is online or not. What now happens is when an officer logs on with GRM installed, they will scan the previous history of unread messages (up to 250 missed messages), and if it sees any !note messages, it will verify that they were added or not. Then, it will update those public notes that have been missed, retroactively.*


* QoL1: Community frame scrolling for mouseover popup window - Keep the mouse cursor stationary, but use the mousewheel to scrool and you may have noticed that the player window did not update (not mine or Blizz's tooltip), only when you manually moved the mouse over each button.

* QoL1: Now, the names will updated on a static scroll.

* QoL2: In relation to this, I noticed that Blizz's player tooltip seemed to work fine on mouseover with the Community window "CHAT" tab, but not the "ROSTER" tab, so on the guild community, I have fixed it, and the tooltip should now be working properly (I will remove my code if Blizz ever fixes it)

* QoL2: I have also made it so Blizz's tooltip behaves like mine behaves, where it will auto-update if the mouse is stationary and you just use scrollwheel. I have also Class colorized the name in the tooltip

* QoL3: I have figured out a reasonable way to make it so when a player joins the guild, I can build their metadata profile nearly immediately (2 seconds or less), so their mouseover works well right away. You have no idea how decidedly complicated this was considering the server call only provided me updated player data on the backend once per 10 seconds minimum, so often massive delay. No More! This is actually partially due thanks to new CommunityFrame data stream.

* QoL4: Calendar main/alt tagging should no longer reset and disappear and so on on the Calendar invite windows - it was a little buggy before, and now it should be without issue

* QoL5: Added a <NG> tag in the calendar invites... it will show over players who are invited to your event but are "Not Guildies" -- if you can think of a better tag, please let me know.

* QoL6: Added the [M] brackets format to choose from now in the main tag formatting options. Also, I made it so the tag is standardized for both main/alt formatting, and the proper format will now also show in the calendars, not just the guildied chat


* Bug1: Major behind the scenes bug fix for some players who were unable to load up addon (where they logon and window pops up but all tabs are blank)

* Bug2: Main Tags are working again on all realms, including MERGED realms. "CHAT_MSG_GUILD" is still broken on Blizz's end so I had to add a new guid check to pull full details)

* Bug3: Fixed an issuere where the "Time since Promotion" mouseover info would report the player as having joined 17 years ago (there might be some edge cases here I haven't thought of, so please report if you see the "17 years ago" bug.

* Bug4: Fixed an issue that could cause Lua erros in conflict with other addons through addon to addon chat.

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.24 DATE: July 23rd, 2018**


* QoL1: Fixed some Audit Log column and fontstring allignment issues I didn't even notice until using non-English.

* QoL2: ElvUI AddOnSkins has been fully updated, and their author accepted and merged my file for their official next release (not sure when that will be)

* QoL2: I will post the file in Discord, so PM if you want it, or you can wait til their next release.


* Bug1: The Audit log should now properly be working again when you select the "Only show incomplete guildies" option!

* Bug2: Calendar Invite lists should work properly now, show proper alt/main tags, allow the right click context menu, and you should be able to click players with alts to see their side alt grouping window.

* Bug3: Calendar tooltips have been brought back and are working again... This was far more annoying and tedious a problem that would seem obvious :D

* Bug4: Fixed a Lua bug that could occur if you have version 1.23 and interacting with older versions of the addon (it didn't break anything, but Lua bug is annoying)

* Bug5: Fixed a translation spam error for those using non-English option when setting promo/join dates manually.

* Bug6: Possible fix for some people whose database is crashing completely on load...

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.23 DATE: July 21st, 2018**


* Guild Leader can now add "-GRM1" or "+GRM1" to enable or disable, guild-wide, the !note adding ability.

* If an officer in the game logs in, they scan the officer note, and they will adhere to the restrictions of the GL's officer note, allowing the GL to control Officer settings. This will be expanded in the future

* RUSSIAN now included, about 50%+ translated so far. TY @OldCold on discord for this massive undertaking and help

* ITALIAN AND GERMAN 99% translated as well, special shout out to @Nehry for the German and @Nihal6 for the Italian

* Note: French Translation is underway... if you have any time to volunteer help, or wish to have a language added, please let me know!


* QoL1: Guild Recruitment Frame can now be shown without having to open the entire communities and roster frame with /grm recruit (also improved UX over default)

* QoL1: Or just click on the hyperlink when someone is ONLINE and requesting to join the guild

* Qol2: !note tagging is now compatible with Identity2 and Name2Chat addons.

* QoL4: Option to enable or disable the !note adding can be set, and even controlled guild-wide.


* Fixed a HUGE bug that would make x-realm guilds mouseover not work right for all players... This was due to Blizz finally fixing the whispering and name-server tagging properly

* Calendar bug that would cause a LOT of problems... like endlessly looping sync requests, Lua errors... unable to add anniversaries to calendar, etc. FIXED

* Player should now properly see the buttons and config of the guild recruitment window

* Lua errors resolved in many instances where configuration load order was out of sync.

* Fixed an issue that could cause player to disconnect when in the middle of a Data sync and opening the Communities window for the first time, at the same time.

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.22 DATE: July 20th, 2018**



*In patch 8.0 Blizz changed the permission and officer system of guilds. They also made it so only officers can edit public notes. You are not even able to edit just your own. This resolves that*

* Type "!note" in guild chat, and anything you type after it will be auto-set to your public note by any officer that is online with the addon installed.

* Example: **!note ilvl 300 MM Hunter - Eng/Alch**

* If I type this into guild chat, if an officer is online with GRM installed, they will then set my public note appropriately.


* Character count on MOTD and Guild info are now viewable again


* Alt grouping window on the Calendar events invite list should now close properly when closing calendar event

* Recruit window should now properly open its window.

* Request to join recruit window the top right buttons are now properly alligned.

* Guild window should now pop up appropriately when selecting player's names through things like the audit/events windows.

* Mouseover frame window flash should no longer occur when a non-guild community window is currently the focus.

**VERSION 8.0.1R1.21 DATE: July 17th, 2018**

*Massive changes had to occur to get this addon compatible with 8.0 changes. I am not sure many will appreciate the amount of effort that went in to make this happen. But, considering the extent of the updates, changes, and the addition of new features, I am certain there may be bumps along the way. Please report them ASAP so I can get them fixed quickly! Thank you!*



* - That's right, the sync algorithm has been updated to take advantage of the ability to do a bulk dump of data at 1.28MB/s within the 5-20 sec window after logging on. After that, it is rethrottled down to just over 4KB/s, which is an internal limit by Blizz.

* - This allows on first login to do a bulk sync and even complete an entire 1000 member sync within within 2-3 seconds of starting.

* - Of note, /reload does not reset the bulk data, on a full relog reopens it to the player. Throttle controls are smarter now as well, and even take into consideration Blizz's limitation of data comms on low FPS systems.


* - On the player mouseover popup window, if you mouseover the player alts, hold SHIFT to popup a side panel with a grouping of alts with more exact data one them. Release shift for it to disappear

* - Shift-Click to keep the window open.


* When looking at the invite list in a calendar, it will now show who the main/alt is for a player. The alt grouping window is also integrated for more info if you click on their name.


* - While I have been a little hesitant to implement a hybrid scrollframe, I decided to keep the log from clogging the window too much, I implemented "infinite scrolling" algorithm on the main guild log, and the audit window. This should provide a smoother experience now for mega guilds.


* - If a player joins, while you are online, it checks the unique accounts counter, then tags the player automatically as "main" if the counter goes up, knowing it is an alt.

* - Of note, this is not always reliable, as the unique accounts is not always accurate and won't show it was a new person, even if it was, but in many instances it will work. This ONLY works live, not for players that joined when you were not online.

* - Also, there is a delay where it can take up to 10 seconds for the server to provide updated "unique account" info, so wait a few seconds on their join.


* - If a player request to join the guild and is currently ONLINE, the reporting is now cleanear.

* - The recruitment window now has the ability to navigate easier from one Online player to the next for invite. It will auto scroll to the first invite, and then you have next or previous buttons to continue

* - New option to Auto-popup the Recruitment window if a player comes online (or to popup once out of combat), and autoscroll to player name position


QoL1: Audit Log now shows the dates of the players join/promotions, rather than just "Ok"

QoL2: Audit Log each column can now be sorted, ascending/descending, by dates, etc...

QoL3: NameChange detection is now 100% flawless in BFA - due to the inclusion of GUID tags of players, namechange detection is easy to check

QoL4: In extension to this, rejoins are now flawless. This addon will absolutely now detect if a player quits the guild, namechanges outside of the guild, and rejoins the guild, it will now properly report they are rejoining the guild AND they namechanged. Great for people that get banned and think they can get back in with a name change (of note, GUID is reset on server transfer, so if they transfer back it won't detect)

QoL5: DateTime format has been added in the format "2018-07-17"

QoL6: Tooltips should now properly updated when hitting the ESC key, like on the events window panel.

QoL7: Ban List, Users, and Events windows should now have their columns properly alligned.

QoL8: Default scan time has been changed, for new players, from 10 to 30 seconds, to prevent spamminess.

QoL9: Default BFA position of the memberdetailframe was poorly placed over the side tabs. This fixes that.

QoL10: Lots and lots of code optimization on the backend thanks to some major code changes by Blizz. This addon fully takes advantage of them.


*In no specific order of important, as they ALL are improtant to me!*

* Bug1: Fixed Lua error that could occur on some people's event calendar when trying to ignore the anniversary event.

* Bug2: Count should now properly display when syncing... before it was counting "mains" as a sync count, even if there were no updates.

* Bug3: Fixed an issue where player names were not saving properly if added manually through the Ban list, and the first character was a special character.

* Bug4: Fixed issue where Ban list was saying there was a localization bug when trying to edit a ban.

* Bug5: Player settings should now properly sync between alts as in some cases this was not working for some people.

* Bug6: Guild Log button frame strata on the roster window should now be appropriately matched.

* Bug7: Fixed a major bug that made it not possible to add certain players to the ban list if you were in a guild that had a large number of people who had left the guild. This would ONLY be an issue for mega guilds.

* Bug8: Fixed an error related to a conflict with the chat-chat plugin for ElvUI

* Bug9: Fixed a bug that was causing the calendar "Mass Invite" window to close

* Bug 10: Fixed a bug for players using 24hr time notation instead of 12hr clock that could cause their join/promo dates to be Jan 1st, 2001

* Bug 11: Friends lists should now be properly cleaned up if you disconnect or logoff in the middle of an Online check of the Request to join players... where you log within that 1 second window before removing them.

* Bug 12: When banning a person and all their alts... the ban "reason" was not carrying over to the alts properly. It now is.

**VERSION 7.3.5R1.1530 DATE: June 4th, 2018**

*Prepping for some big updates in BFA... so please, be patient and I will make sure we are rolling good for some big improvements. Looks like guilds being integrated into communities too so that will require a significant rework of things as well!*


* QoL1: For new players that join the guild, adding join date to officer/public note is turned off for people that install this addon going forward. It is an optional feature that needs to be manually engaged.

* QoL2: Previously, when a player left the guild it wiped some data I deemed unnecessary and only stored things like dates and so on. It did not store the alt lists. I have no idea how I logically deduced that was a good idea lol. So, while the alt list is reset if they rejoin, as necessity, you now have access to their previous alts when they left the guild, thus if you choose to ban the player after they left, you will now be given the option to ban all their alts as well. This unfortunately cannot be retroactive.

* QoL3: Ban List management even more streamlined. When a player types in a name it autoformats the name, then if on tabbing or moving to another box, if it finds the player in the guild or in the LeftPlayers list, it auto populates their class and auto-formats the name for adding.

* QoL4: Count now included on the number of items added sync'd.

* QoL5: Status on being able or not to add events to guild calendar has been added to the window.


* BUG1: Tooltip was once again, erroneously scaling ALL game tooltips when it should have just been scaling this addon's only. This would make smaller fonts like in ElvUI really difficult for some people. This is now once again FIXED. Oops!

* BUG2: Major bug fix for broken databases that never fully converted right for people that maybe haven't updated in a very long time. Thanks @chay on Discord for letting me use your database to debug this one.

* BUG3: Due to some formatting issues and non-precise user input error protections, the addon will now re-analyze the entire database and properly format any player's names that were manually added to the ban list, so they can properly be detected if they rejoin the guild.

* BUG4: Addon Settings were not properly syncing between alts, if you had that setting selected, at least not always. It is now wrapped properly and should work now. The first toon you logon to, verify their settings, and then from there the settings should sync properly.

* BUG5: Rejoin data "time passed" since they left the guild should now be accurate.

**VERSION 7.3.5R1.1520 DATE: May 27th, 2018**

*Got a little busy with RL and a promotion at work, so understand if the updates haven't been quite as speedily. I still am doing a little here and there, of course!*


* QoL1: Italian translation is now included! Thank you so much @Nihal6

* QoL2: When exporting the log, it should now obey the filters too, it won't export the entire log, just what you see based on your filters.

* QoL3: On manually adding players to the ban list, it scans if the player has "alts" and automatically asks you if you would like to ban all of their alts as well. This was previously possible when banning players in the guild, but now, on manually adding a guild ban it will check

* QoL4: Players now have the ability to EDIT bans.

* QoL5: Ban player interface a bit more user friendly and higher quality. Better tab or shift-tab for navigation, even up/down arrow use on the dropdown menu if you prefer.

* QoL6: Added some tooltips for some buttons, if they are localized in a language with a very long phrase, the scaling might get too small, thus tooltips on button mouseover should help clarify some more.


* Bug1: Fixed a bug that could occure when a player is not in the guild then joins the guild, triggering scan for update.

* Bug2: Fixed a bug that could cause the player to lose keyboard focus when trying to edit calendar event.

* Bug3: On some occasions the guild ranks were not properly setting their indexes due to ranks being added or removed. This could cause serious sync issues downstream, as well as log spam. Fixed!

* Bug4: Fixed an issue with the German translation where ti would spam you saying you didn't have a string translated.
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