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PersoLootRoll (Beta)  Updated this week!

Version: 17-beta4
by: Shrugal [More]

A World of Warcraft addon to share and roll on items when using personal loot.

This is the beta release for the live version of the addon, you can get the stable release here.

It's likely still a bit buggy, so be wary of that! Also, please make sure to report any bugs you encounter, so the stable releases will be as bug-free as possible.

Version 17-beta4
- Added an answer message (incl. custom message option) when starting a roll for someone whispering us
- EPGP tab is now always shown, added a warning for when "EPGP Next" addon is missing
- Start rolls in legacy loot mode even when eligible players have a higher ilvl
- Cancel active rolls when they are traded
- Updated help text formating and wording
- Updated enUs and deDE translations
- Removed extra changelog info from .pkgmeta because Curse apparently can't handle it
- Moved the release script to .release folder
- Added env file for release ids and keys
- Added release script in root folder that reads env and then calls the real release script
- Updated readme and changelog

Version 17-beta3
- Updated externals info in .pkgmeta
- Added BigWigsMods release script
- Added revision to addon version parsing
- Addon version in TOC is now filled when packaging
- Localizations are now downloaded when packaging
- Surrounded "Close" entries in dropdowns with dashes
- Never check Pawn when determining the usefulness of trinkets
- Fixed missing transmog not being considered on lower level items

Version 17-beta2
- Added masterloot settings option to ML dropdown in roles window
- Updated enUS and zhTW translations
- Exporting logs should now work even if LibRealmInfo doesn't give us any realm data
- Added metadata files and updated version parsing for automatic packaging

Version 17-beta1
- Replaced multiselect message options with dropdowns to free up some space
- When awarding loot in the rolls window the button text now turns to "Confirm" on the 1st click and then actually awards the item on the 2nd click
- Added option to make group announcements concise when bosses only drop one item (e.g. in 5-mans)
- Added ML option to allow players to keep their own loot
- Added ML option to start rolls when whispered with a key word
- Added ML option to start rolls for all users without addon
- Updated LibRealmInfo to current version
- Added checking min. required char level for items, incl. an option to adjust the threshold
- Updated ilvl threshold options and wording
- Optimized Item.GetBasicInfo a bit
- Added realMinLevel detection to tooltip scanning
- Updated item scaling detection to use linkLevel and upgradeLevel
- Renamed Item.effectiveLevel to Item.realLevel
- Updated item tooltip scanning to mostly only use one implementation
- Updated Util TblGet and TblSet functions to support nil path segments

Version 16.04
- Fixed rolls window now updating when scroll bar is shown or hidden
- Fixed actions window not showing when loot has been awarded
- Fixed roll duplication in ML mode
- Fixed player link brackets in info messages
- Item link parsing now correctly takes numBonusIds into account
- Updated esES and zhCN translations

Version 16.03
- Fixed Util.TblRandomKey for empty tables
- Fixed Util.TblCopyXYZ methods not producing a continually indexed list when k is false

Version 16.02
- Fixed Roll.Find for when owner is nil
- Fixed Roll awarding methods
- Fixed rolls not showing up on the rolls window
- Fixed updating status after trading when in ML mode

Version 16.01
- Updated translations
- Fixed Addon.UnitIsTracking not using the new Addon.GetCompAddonUser function
- Fixed Rolls.ROLL_START function parameters
- Changed module event handlers to always implicitly accept the self parameter

Version 16
- Major internal refactoring:
- Moved non-core functionality (Session, Inspect, Trade and GUI) into separate Ace3 modules with their own lifecyles and event-handling
- Moved PLH integration into separate Ace3 plugin module
- Moved config to separate Options file
- Changed PLH user checks and version storage to a generic system for compatible addons
- Files in subfolders are now loaded using xml files
- Internal events now use the AceEvent messaging API instead of a separate event bus for every class
- Added documentation for internal events
- Updated addon lifecycle to use use proper Ace3 enable/disable events and go through different states (disabled, enabled, active, tracking) one after the other
- Events and Hooks now use the Addon namespace and are unregistered when disabling the addon
- Extensibility:
- Added ability for plugins to register custom player columns in the rolls window
- Added ability for plugins to register custom options
- Added ability for plugins to register custom roll award methods
- Added EPGP plugin:
- Added EP, GP and PR columns to rolls window, as well as sorting eligible players by PR value
- Added awarding by PR value
- Added crediting GP when awarding loot in ML mode
- Added tab to masterloot options to enable/disable EPGP integration and set GP weights for different bids
- Added work-in-progress version of RCLootCouncil integration plugin (disabled for now)
- Added ability to start test rolls (/plr test or button at the top right corner of the rolls window)
- Added row backgrounds to rolls in the rolls window
- Increased actions window min. size
- A ML is now always considered being on his/her own council
- Updated trinket and instance lists for 8.1, /plr trinketsand /plr instances now work regardless of whether debug is enabled
- Replaced the removed ChatFrame_SendSmartTell with ChatFrame_SendTell
- Updated TOC version for 8.1

Version 15.04
- Fixed isTradable override in Item:GetBasicInfo
- Item owners can now always roll on their own items (without ML)

Version 15.03
- Fixed bug in Util.TblList ([CurseForge#8](https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/persolootroll/issues/8))
- Prefer running rolls when matching links posted in grp chat to rolls ([CurseForge#8](https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/persolootroll/issues/8))
- Added some debug messages to roll methods

Version 15.02
- Fixed disabled state not being send on version check
- Fixed roll status validation for chill-mode rolls
- Updated debug log formatting
- Added some logging around random rolls in chat
- Changed some logging calls to put the biggest data entries last for improved readability
- Removed whisper message content in debug calls

Version 15.01
- Fixed chill-mode not working for loot from non-users
- Fixed rolls popping up while addon is disabled

Version 15
- Added enabling/disabling based on group type
- Added Spanish and Simplified Chinese translations
- Added partial Russian translation (~80%)
- Added option to disable ask variants
- Added an optional "chill mode": Removes the countdown while deciding to share loot, items show up for others only after that decision, and own rolls have double the normal timeout once they started
- Increased timeouts:
- Increased base roll timeout from 15 to 20
- Increased roll timeout per item from 5 to 10
- Increased roll clear timeout from 600 to 1200
- Increased max base timeout in ML mode from 120 to 300
- Increased max timeout per item in ML mode from 30 to 60
- Added Disenchant support:
- Added support for rolling disenchant on items
- Added option to allow disenchant bids on own items or when masterlooting
- Added disenchanter list in masterloot options
- Added option to automatically roll disenchant on unusable items if allowed
- Added new message lines for disenchanting
- Added proper reason messages for the roll window
- The order of arguments for the "roll" command doesn't matter anymore
- Added error messages to the "roll" command for wrong timeout or owner
- Updated "roll" command logic to prevent creating rolls that will be rejected by others
- The "Bid" command now creates rolls if it can't find them, works for bids specified by their names (e.g. "Need") as well as custom masterloot bids, and it defaults to "Need" when no bid is given
- Updated readme file
- Fixed masterloot rules widgets widths problems caused by the scroll bar
- Added connected realm indentifier generation, to be used for profile+realm configs
- Version messages now contain the full version string, incl. channel and revision
- Replaced deprecated VERSION_ASK event with the new CHECK event
- Added eligible count to roll status and added check before declaring interest on pending rolls
- Updated deDE and zhTW translations
- Fixed Util.IsCommunityGroup when GetRaidRosterInfo is nil
- Fixed pending rolls showing for non-owners
- Fixed chat button right click to open message options
- Fixed toggle-all button not working
- Fixed bug in custom answers dropdown ([CurseForge#7](https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/persolootroll/issues/7))
- Minor fixes

Version 14.07
- Fixed misspelling in Item causing error ([CurseForge#6](https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/persolootroll/issues/6))

Version 14.06
- Fixed heading disappearing in general options
- Fixed rolls from players on realms with spaces in the name being rejected ([CurseForge#4](https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/persolootroll/issues/4))
- Fixed tradability detection for rolls shared by others ([CurseForge#4](https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/persolootroll/issues/4))
- Fixed only-masterloot option to cause rolls from non masterlooters being rejected while having a masterlooter

Version 14.05
- Fixed error when passing nil values to Debug

Version 14.04
- Fixed PLH item mismatch for rolls that just started
- Fixed duplicate roll frames in groups with other PLR users ([CurseForge#2](https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/persolootroll/issues/2))
- Fixed Unit.GuildName for nil unit parameter
- Added additional info when exporting logs
- Moved common export window code into a method in GUI

Version 14.03
- Fixed Chat link hook for links without type
- Fixed rolls not being send to the winner on sync
- Fixed whisper chat coloring in tooltip
- Added logging system and some debug outputs
- Added # of players in masterlooting group to the tooltip ([CurseForge#3](https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/persolootroll/issues/3))

Version 14.02
- Hopefully fixed duplicate roll frames ([CurseForge#2](https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/persolootroll/issues/2))

Version 14.01
- Fixed Util.Each for nil values
- Fixed constant session updates due to Session.IsOnCouncil return value
- Fixed rolls jumping around in the rolls window ([CurseForge#1](https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/persolootroll/issues/1))

Version 14
- Added visible random roll results to every non-pass bid
- Session.RefreshRules is now debounced by 1 sec
- Readded refreshing the session when changing relevant options
- Units can now only bid when they haven't already, or when they did and want ot pass
- Added option to double ilvl threshold for rings
- Fixed council selection by community rank
- Fixed custom roll answers being rejected as invalid
- Fixed votes tooltip not showing
- Minor refactoring

Version 13.01
- Fixed error when opening rolls window

Version 13
- Announce and whisper settings can now be based on whether or not the player is in a WoW-Community group or the target is in one of the player's WoW-Communities
- The need button is now changed into a keep button when rolling on our own loot without masterlooter
- The pass button is now changed into a give-away button when rolling on our own loot without masterlooter
- Added option to only roll on items that Pawn considers an upgrade
- Added not whispering DND players
- Trading PUG players is now only possible after asking them first
- Changed the default ilvl threshold to 15, because main stats are much more important since 8.0
- Removed unused AceTab and AceBucket libs
- Added 4 more variants for the bid whisper message, one of which will be picked at random when asking others for loot
- Recent chat is now colored according to the users chat color settings
- Made azerite gear tradeable after build 27404
- Groups now only need >50% of one guild/community to be considered guild/community groups
- Renamed Masterloot module to Session
- Made addon options its own module and options are now registered as callbacks that return the real options tables on demand
- Added ability to import and export masterloot settings to/from community and guild descriptions
- Added option to enable auto-awarding when in masterloot mode
- Auto-awarding now also takes council votes into account
- Changed char whitelists to profile+realm option
- Updated options migrations
- As always: Updated translations, bugfixes and minor tweaks

Version 12.04
- Fixed missing function param in SetLootRollItem hook ([GitHub#5](https://github.com/shrugal/PersoLootRoll/issues/5))

Version 12.03
- Fixed taint when clicking chat links while in combat ([GitHub#4](https://github.com/shrugal/PersoLootRoll/issues/4))

Version 12.02
- Fixed roll message matching for some locales

Version 12.01
- Fixed debug state not being preserved through reload/logout
- Fixed bug caused by string version number

Version 12
- Added separate options to en/disable asking for loot and announcing rolls
- Asking for loot is enabled by default for now, but will be disabled in the next version, except when updating from a prior version
- Added texture checking to inspection and fixed some bugs with it
- Added option to make bids public outside of masterloot mode
- Added integration with "Personal Loot Helper", so PLR users can roll on items from and offer items to PLH users
- Added Instance scanning from the DJ and a resulting instance list
- Added legacy loot mode detection and common (green) items are now handled by the addon when it's active
- Added exporting trinket data from the dungeon journal, resulting in a massive trinket list update
- Improved string escaping of tooltip links
- Updated migration and version logic
- Weapon ilvls for the player are now calculated and cached per spec and slot
- Azerite armor will be ignored because it is not tradable
- Made debug mode a saved var that can be toggled with /plr debug
- Players can now pass on loot after the roll ended
- If the winner passes on loot then a new winner is determined
- Added error messages for voting and bidding
- Optimized loot event to prevent unnecessary roll creations
- Bugfixes and translation updates

Version 11
- Updated Ace3 libs to latest stable version
- Added "Apocalypse Drive" to trinket list
- Added support for more complex version strings (e.g. "11-beta3"), but won't use them on the wire until everybody had time to update
- Vote is now a required roll action that shows up in the actions window
- Added dropdown menu for award and vote actions to make it easier to choose a winner
- Some minor GUI refactoring
- Added workaround for Blizz's epic item color bug
- Fixed not being able to whisper people without the addon
- Minor bugfixes

Version 10
- Updated interface version to 80000
- Updated Ace3 libs to r1175-alpha
- Added workaroud for SendAddonMessage's diconnect bug
- Heirlooms now use the ilvl they can scale to for comparisons with other items
- Servers in Asian regions now have appropriate default languages instead of enUS
- Added enUS as UI fallback language, in addition to the region default language
- Clients with enGB locale now use the enUS chat lines
- Added option to only react to items/rolls from the current masterlooter
- Added option to not share any loot
- Added unit menu option again, hopefully without causing taint
- Added awarding as required roll action that shows up in the actions window
- Rearranged options home page a bit
- Improved Enable/Disable addon logic
- Enabled/Disabled state is now communicated between clients and used to determine if a player is currently using the addon
- The loot won alert should always show now, except when rolling need on own item
- Fixed eligible player ordering in rolls window
- Fixed global variable leak
- Fixed timewalking detection and removed it from the item scaling check

Version 9
- Updated interface version to 70300
- Added an actions window to show pending actions such as trade or whisper
- Added recording of whisper chats with winner/owner of items
- Added a whisper button to Actions and Rolls windows that also shows recorded whispers on mouseover
- Added support for item level scaling in low-level content and while timewalking
- Added ilvl threshold scaling for low-level chars
- Added support for argument reordering in translation lines
- Added zhTW translation (big thanks to [BNSSNB](https://wow.curseforge.com/members/BNSSNB)!)
- Update other translations and made importing from CurseForge easier in the future
- Updated whisper reaction, answer and suppression logic
- Whispers from other addon users are now ignored
- Only handle outgoing whispers when tracking and only to other party members
- Roll visibility is now stored inside the roll, to make it consistent across GUIs
- Renamed masterlooter saved var to make it consistent with the other vars
- Fixed bug caused by previous renaming of lang-lines
- Removed upper() call on Rolls window headers
- Minor Trade refactoring
- Replaced custom realm list with LibRealmInfo
- Moved options table registration to OnEnable so realm data is available
- PLR rolls ids are now negative numbers instead of strings prefixed with "PLR" to prevent errors when other addons try to pass them to GameTooltip:SetLootRollItem on their own (unhooked) GameTootlip instances. Now those calls will just silently fail.
- Fixed bug causing no items to be added to the trade window when trading with players from other realms
- Fixed bug where rolls appeared for legendary and heirloom items
- Fixed bug where the game menu won't show up anymore after clicking the "Move" button in the options
- Fixed internal events for more than one listener
- Hopefully fixed item label formatting once and for all
- Minor bugfixes

Version 8
- Added whisper message suppression while giving away loot
- Added a group-wide whisper limit of 2 per item to prevent spamming players not using the addon
- Added an empty message to the rolls window
- Added roll frame highlighting for own items
- Updated last-chatted logic
- Rearranged and simplified options interface
- Removed UnitMenu hooks and UnitMenu on right-click in rolls window to prevent taint
- Moved remaining dropdown menus to AceGUI implementations
- Trinket list update
- Fixed LibDBIcon import (thanks to wagg1)
- Fixed bid links for non-ascii unit names
- Minor bugfixes and translation updates

Version 7
- Add a hide/show button to hide specific rolls in the list
- Changed "Canceled" to "Hidden" filter, filtering in/out canceled, pending and hidden rolls.
- Embedded CallbackHandler into Roll and Masterloot
- GUI Updates are now triggered by events, rather than direct method calls
- Moved masterloot council options into it's own tab
- Changed table layout slightly to be more in-line with the upcoming AceGUI version

Version 6
- Fixed bug where players could be added, but not removed from the masterlooter whitelist.
- Updated the version tooltip to better distinguish between players with/without the addon
- Fixed workaround for ElvUI bug causing group loot frames to appear on top of each other
- Hopefully fixed taint caused by early dropdown initialization
- Fixed leaking "unit" variable into global namespace
- Added a table pool to reduce memory usage when using temp tables
- Fixed preview of equipped items for relics and when there is no min slot level (because of missing links or non-unique relics)
- Fixed item position detection and trading
- Inspection now includes the player, to streamline the access to equipped item links
- Refactored GUI update code to make it more readable and straightforward
- Some translation updates

Version 5
- Moved some options around, made more use of tabbed UI (for masterloot+masterlooter and messages options)
- Added options to customize the messages the addon sends to other players
- Added toggle to enable/disable the double ilvl threshold for trinkets
- Bugfixes and translation updates

Version 4
- Fixed options migration bug causing the options page to throw an error once after updating
- Added time remaining to rolls list and chat roll result to bids list in the overview window

Version 3
- Custom answers for 'need' and 'greed' can now be specified in the 'Masterlooter' options and accessed with a right-click on the corresponding roll button
- Bids are now color-coded in the rolls overview window
- Fixed rolls overview window frama strata, so it's no longer above everything else
- Added version label and tooltip in the upper right corner of the rolls overview window
- Added item icons to the bids list of the rolls overview window
- Updated trinkets list
- Bugfixes

Version 2
- Masterlooting is now tracked for all players with the addon
- Added ilvl threshold option
- Added custom timeout option when masterlooting
- Added an option to pick the specs the player cares about
- Fixed bug where item attribute amounts where wrong
- Added transmog options to also check if the player has an item's appearance unlocked when deciding to roll on it or not
- Added option to add members of a certain guild rank to the council, in addition to guild master and officers
- Made masterloot and council whitelists realmfaction options
- Translation updates and bugfixes
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