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DarkmoonDeckMaster (Fan Update)

Version: 1.0
by: Tim [More]

Saw this post here and thought, I have time to kill so I decided to update it as a fan update.

The original page for this addon is: https://www.wowinterface.com/downloa...eckMaster.html

Here is the addon information taken from that page..

Grinding Darkmoon Faire reputation is painful, cumbersome, annoying, etc. I was a little bored and while scanning the auction house looking for cards I needed to complete decks I decided to create an addon to help me.

Usage / Examples:
/ddm - scan your inventory and if your bank window is open it will be scanned as well.
/ddm list - based on your latest scan results, will output all of the Darkmoon cards you are missing to create decks
/ddm list portals - based on your latest scan results, will output all of the Portals cards missing to create a Portals Deck
/ddm list portals embers - based on your latest scan results, will output all of the Portals and Embers cards missing to create a Portals Deck and a Volcanic Deck respectively

When outputting the name of missing cards or a deck which can be made, will attempt to provide a hyperlink but to prevent LUA errors and potentially client crashes, will output plain text if no hyperlink is available (i.e. your client hasn't seen that particular item yet since latest server restart). If you run the command again the hyperlink should be available.

Supports all of the epic decks as well as the non epic decks (Rogues, Mages, Swords, Demons).

There is no translation at this time. The inventory scans are based on item IDs and thus universal so won't break. The output of missing cards or decks that can be made is based on the English translations ("Ace of Nobles" for instance). Likewise, the commands to request a list of cards missing from a specific deck is based on the English translation.

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