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Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)
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Personal Blacklist

Version: 1.4
by: Xylons [More]

Tired of getting in groups (Guilds, Raid, Mythics +) with undesirable people on it ? This is the solution!

The Personal Blacklist or PBL gives you the possibility to store the names of those undesirable players and categorize them.

How this helps you ? The PBL also gives you the possibility to see on your LFG and Player Tooltips a little warning that they are on your list and not just that also the PBL has an internal functionality that if you get in a group with a player, that's part of your list will show you a Warning mentioning that player and giving you the possibility to leave the group before your activity starts.

When this Add-on is useful? Literally on any part of the game that includes matching with people that you don't know as Mythics +, Raids, Guilds , World & PvP.

How to use it ? You can toggle the PBL UI by clicking your new minimap icon or by writing on your chat /pbl show, as soon you see your new interface,you just need to insert the name of the person in the current format: Name-Realm, pick a category and a reason for your ban and that's it that person now will be included on your Personal Blacklist.

How to copy a weird name into the PBL ? Simple toggles your chat and shift+click on the name of the person on the chat and you will get his name and realm on it , simply copy and paste that into your PBL.
Name Format: name-realm (Example: Xylons-Ragnaros)

List of commands:

/pbl Show (Toggles the PBL UI)
/pbl banlist (Will print all your banlist into your chat)

This Blacklist record will allow you to always remember the names of those undesirable players.

- Fixed a little Bug with the LFG Tooltip.
- Added localization to confirmation "Want to leave this group" windows.
- The confirmation windows now will show if there's one or more players on your list and the names.
- Now the name of the latest player added to the list will show on top of the list.
- Minimap Icon Fix.
- Minimap Icon coords are now stored on the user session.
- Add-on General Optimization
- Changed Left Panel to be Static for a better user experience.
-*Added some opacity to the author name on the PBL - List tab in order to have a cleaner UI.
- Added Translations to the Credits Tab.

- Added Localize - Translations to: (Latin American Spanish and Spain Spanish)
- Added MiniMap Tooltip.
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