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Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)
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OmniBarParty - Party cooldown tracker  Updated less than 3 days ago!

Version: 1.0.2a
by: treebonker [More]

Addon to track party member cooldowns. Type /op or /obp to open the option panel.


  • Show spells that match current specialization and talents only
  • Update spell bar when spec. or talent changes
  • Detect all in-game cooldown reduction and auto adjust timer (e.g., Anger Management, Cold Snap) Watch it in action: https://imgur.com/QUOk9dy
  • Display shared cooldown on trinket & racial
  • Auto attaches to either the party or raid frames. Works on any sort mode
  • GUI option panel
  • Sync mode
  • Masque, ElvUI support

Are you big Darkness?

You can select either the base or talent modified spell, or both. To ignore normal Sac., check Ultimate Sacrifice only. Tooltip will show the talent name and description instead when a spell modifying talent is taken.

Supported spell types
  • All PvP trinkets and Racial abilities
  • Spells with charges
  • Spells that can activate before triggering it's cooldown (e.g., PoM)
  • Spells replaced by talents (e.g., Iceform)
  • Spells modified by talents (e.g., Blessed Hands, Cover of Darkness)
  • Limited support: Command Demon and Command Pet abilities display the most recently used spell as pet swaps can happen during combat.

Sync Mode

If a party member has OmniBarParty installed, cooldown reduction by spending resources will sync for better accuracy

Almost exclusive to Rogues, the amount of combo points used on a finishing move can vary which effect how much time is reduced on your cooldown. Without sync every finishing move is considered a 5 pointer. Other class spells with this behavior such as Rampage and Arms Execute has little to no impact.

Additionally sync allows you to retrieve spec/talents even if your party is in another zone and update changes on the fly.

  • Customization for icon appearance and layout
  • Enable addon by group type, size and zone
  • Choose from the list of spells you want to track
  • Sort by spell type

PAB by Kollektiv, OmniBar by Jordons

Minor bug fix and spell list update
Added group size option
Added ElvUI support

Added sort option

Added Masque support

Initial Release
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A Kobold Labourer
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Re: Personal CDs

Its not suppose to show your cds. It would just be clutter as you have your own action bar for that.
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Unread 11-12-18, 12:49 PM  
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Personal CDs

Greetings to whoever is reading this.

This addon is showing every CD I set it to show of everyone in my group except myself. It is not showing my own personal CDs. Please fix?
Thanks for any help

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