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Zandalari and Kul Tiran (8.1.5)
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Quests Indo

Version: 1.3
by: The_Indolent [More]


Quests Indo is a small AddOn that shows how many Quests do you have in your Quest Log. It is visible upon the default Map & Quest Log, so probably this AddOn won't work if you replaced Blizzard's default frame.
It changed color according on how many quests you have, it works perfect when you accept/abandon/complete a quest. It counts everything that goes to your Quest Log. For example:
1) World Quest don't go into your quest log thus World Quests won't be counted.
2) Accepting a quest from a NPC goes into your quest log thus that quest will be counted


Also it has s small configuration, where you can access it thru the "+" icon upon your Map & Quest Log (the AddOn creates a "+" upon your Map & Quest Log, if it was installed successfully) The configuration is simple, it makes Quest Indo movable. See the images for more info!

New Version:

Quests Indo version 1.30 is here with a Bug Extermination! Check the Change Log or the Official Thread of the AddOn on forums for more info!

Changes at 1.10 version
  • New Interface! "Looking Cool and Funky"
  • Fixed Bug: if you were clicking many times the reset button, the add on was becoming unmovable. "Stop... Clicking me?"
  • Fixed Bug: There was a chance, when you first log in with your character the AddOn would show an incorrect number of quests. "Let me take a breath to Load..."

Changes at 1.20 version
  • Interface: A little bit smaller Config Description! "I'm not Illidan, I don't need BIG Fonts"
  • New Feature: Now you can move the Quests Indo at the top of the Quest Tracker! "Looking more Cool & Funky"

Changes at 1.30 version
  • Fixed Bug: When you move the Indo Quests to the Quest Tracker, it didn't move when you were hiding or showing the two right Actions Bars. Now it works as intented! "Go ahed, put some bars"
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