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Zandalari and Kul Tiran (8.1.5)
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ZMobDB Advanced7

Version: 7.0.0
by: osprior [More]

An update of an old classic for WoW BFA Patch 8.1

A number of sections we're fixed up and everything should be working. Please note I am not the original author of this mod I only updated it for compatibilty with the newest verison of WoW.

(This version does not require FileDataLib like the last updated version of ZMobDB6 did, it's heavy and unnecessary).

How to use:

Supported unit :
player,pet,pet target
target,target of target
party,party pet,party target
focus,focus target

All models will use default camera position when you find 1st time.
But you can change camera(zoom,rotation,position) settings.
Zmob will save your original camera setting and Auto-Load next time you find that model.

fullbody,halfbody,shoulder up,fullface as you like.

---- Mouse controls ----
CTRL Key + Left Mouse Button = Rotate and Zoom in on the model.
CTRL Key + Right Mouse Button = Pan the model horizontally or vertically.

ALT Key + Left Mouse Button = increase/decrease model scale.

SHIFT Key + Left Mouse Button = Drag the bounding box around.
SHIFT Key + Right Mouse Button = Resize the bounding box.

CTRL + SHIFT + Left Mouse Button = Auto Portrait ON
CTRL + SHIFT + Right Mouse Button = Auto Portrait OFF
CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + Left Mouse Button = Refresh Model View
Right Mouse Button or ALT Key + Right Mouse Button = Reflesh All Models.

---- Features ----
* Model Database (Common / UnitFrame Specific / PvP Faction Specific)
* Portrait / Auto Portrait Mode
* Clique Supported
* Event Animation
* Random Animation
* Selectable Panel Style
* Eye Catch Animation
* Raid Target Icon
* UI Compilations Author Support

---- Command ----
/ZMOB delete DataName :delete data from database ("/ZMOB delete Undead_male" etc)
/ZMOB copy DataName1,DataName2 : copy DataName1 setting to DataName2 ("/ZMC copy Undead_male,Troll_female" etc)
/ZMOB config : pop up Config Window
/ZMOB copymenu : pop up Copy Menu
/ZMOB cleardatabase : clear all model data
/ZMOB refresh :Refresh All Models (or mouse right-crick)
/ZMOB testbox op up Animation Test Window
/ZMOB resetbox : reset window position/size when next login

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