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WoW Classic (1.13.2)
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nUI Classic (Beta)

Version: (First Errors)
by: Xrystal [More]

This version is based on the 8.2 Ptr version of nUI (nUI_820_30827_0a).

Hopefully a single version of the addon will work on Classic and Live but for now I will keep them as separate addons until everything has been tested out and confirmed as working.

I spent a few hours relogging in to catch all the log in errors on a single character and then played for a minutes to make sure no regular combat errors appeared. I haven't checked every character yet but I have them set up to test out tomorrow ( assuming I am allowed in )

Please can people with access test this and let me know of any errors that may occur. Thanks in advance.

================================================================ ( Initial Errors - Rough Fix )
* nUI.toc - removed Blizzard_ObjectiveTracker dependancy
- Will have to autoload it if not playing Classic - not done yet.

> Files Changed ( Look for Classic or GetNumExpansions )
* nUI_Location.lua
* nUI_Movers.lua
* nUI_CooldownBar.lua
* nUI_MicroMenu.lua
* nUI_PossessBar.lua
* nUI_ExtraActionBar.lua
* nUI_HonorBar.lua
* nUI_ArtifactBar.lua
* nUI_AzeriteBar.lua
* nUI_TrackerBars.lua
* nUI_Tooltips.lua
* nUI_UnitChange.lua
* nUI_UnitRange.lua
* nUI_UnitSpec.lua
* nUI_UnitThreat.lua
* nUI_ButtonBar.lua
* nUI_UnitCasting.lua
* nUI_UnitFeedback.lua
* nUI_ChatFrame.lua
* nUI_Minimap.lua
* nUI_SpecialBars.lua
* nUI_XPBar.lua
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