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Classic (1.13.2)
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Experience Junkie Classic

Version: 1.0
by: dragonflyy [More]

Ever wanted to know what experience your friend is at? With is addon you can, as long as you both have it installed you can see their exp through a little bar on their party frame and the amount on a tooltip. Both persons must have the addon installed and you must be in group. Check Interface Options for settings as well.

1.) Shows a party members EXP (as long as they have the addon too)
2.) Give a "Level Up" callout to party and/or guild (configurable)

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Red face Essential

I generally run with at least one partner, if not an entire group since my whole family plays WoW.

So, for me, Experience Junkie is indispensable for trying to keep of everyone's experience to keep us within range of each other / being able to know who can accept what quests. Also for helping level each other.

So much so that I nagged my significant other until he went and resurrected it for classic because I didn't want to play without it. XD
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