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Shadowlands patch (9.0.2)
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HandyNotes: TravelGuide  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.3.0
by: Dathwada [More]

TravelGuide is a plugin for HandyNotes to show the portal, boat and zeppelin locations on the world map and the mini map. (Requires HandyNotes.)

Classic Version: HandyNotes: TravelGuide (Classic)


  • icon scale and alpha.
  • toggle visibility of:

    * Portals / Order hall portals / Warfront portals
    * Boats
    * Alliance Boats (If you play Horde, it displays the Alliance boats.)
    * Zeppelins
    * Horde Zeppelins (If you play Alliance, it displays the Horde zeppelins.)
    * Deeprun Tram
    * Notes
  • notes for the portals, zepplins and boats.
  • Level and quest check.
  • Support for TomTom Waypoints.

  • enUS - default
  • deDE - German (Native locale by Dathwada!)
  • ptBR - Brazilian Portuguese (thanks angel333119!)
  • zhCN - Simplified Chinese (thanks mmk5!)
  • zhTW - Traditional Chinese (thanks lostindark0!)
If you wish to help localize TravelGuide, please go to Localization.

Issues and Suggestion

Please go to Issues to submit any issue found or any suggestion.

#### v2.3.0 (November 18 , 2020)
* Added new teleport platforms in Oribos
* Added the new travel network tier 3 covenant sanctum Portal to Oribos
* More background changes
* Bump .toc to 90002

#### v2.2.1 (November 09 , 2020)
* Updated AceTimer-3.0
* Updated zhTW (95,85%) and zhCN (90,67%) (thanks [lostindark0](https://www.curseforge.com/members/lostindark0))
* Fixed the icon behavior for portals with quest and/or level requirements
* Added some level requirements for portals
* Some background changes in DB.lua and handler.lua for multilabels with and without notes and timetravel
* Removed the Covenant Travel Network (because Blizzard has added it to the map.)

*v2.2.0 (October 14, 2020)
- Finally found a way to track the timezones for Darkshore, Arathi Highlands, Tirisfal Glades and Sillithus
- Added some new Shadowlands stuff
- Portal to Oribos in Orgrimmar and Stormwind
- Portals and Teleport platforms in Oribos
- Anima Gateways to Hero's rest in Bastion
- Covenant Travel Network
- Added new icons for the new stuff
- Added new options to toggle the new stuff
- Rework config
- Added Tabs: General and Scale / Alpha
- Added faction requirement for toggle zeppelin, horde zeppelin and alliance boat
- Added individual scale and alpha options for portals, boats, zeppelins, covenant and others
- Added a requirement for the Easy Waypoints function
- Added Simplified Chinese (zhCN) localization from mmk5 (83,03%)
- Added Traditional Chinese (zhTW) localization from lostindark2 (59,63%)
- Added Spanish (esES) localization created with WoW.tools Tables (36,24%)
- Added French (frFR) localization created with WoW.tools Tables and ingame reviews (72,48%)
- Added Russian (ruRU) localization created with WoW.tools Tables (45,87%)
- Tooltip should now refresh after RETRIEVING DATA... (for quest names)
- Added new requirement notes for time travel and the covenant travel network

* v2.1.5 (August 26, 2020)
- Added Brazilian Portuguese (ptBR) localization from angel333119
- Added mage order hall portals that are activated through the order advancement "teleportation nexus"
- 3 new lines (needs review for ptBR)

* v2.1.4 (July 22, 2020)
- new feature: easy waypoints allows you to set a waypoint by right-clicking any POI (point of interest) and access to more options by CTRL + right-clicking (ON by default you can turn it off in the settings)
- new boat icon for uncompleted quests

* v2.1.3 (January 19, 2020)
- Bumped version number for WoW 8.3
- removed a copie file from Handler.lua
- edited german translation
- fixed Warfrontportals when both portals are active for one faction.
- added Portal to Orgrimmar (horde) and Portal to Stormwind (allianz) in the new vale of eternal blossoms (Pandaria)

* v2.1.2 (Dezember 05, 2019)
- Added warfront portal locations.
- Added option to toggle warfront portals.
- Added request which warfront portal is currently available.
- Added Libs folder (AceTimer-3.0, not included in Handynotes)
- Added Portal to Dalaran (Vindikaar / Argus)
- Added new lines to enUS.lua, deDE.lua, blank.lua
- Bumped version number for WoW 8.2.5
- fixed warrior orderhall portal in Thunder Totem (Highmountain, Broken Isle)
- fixed portal in helheim (Stormheim, Broken Isle)
- removed fraktions requirement from 2 Portals in Kalimdor.
- You can use Portal to Exodar and Portal to Darnassus as horde too.

* v2.1.1 (September 15, 2019)
- removed Libs folder (LibBabble-SubZone-3.0)
- Added more quest requirements to portals
- Added portals for all legion class order halls
- Added new icon for Warrior portals
- Added option to toggle order hall portals
- Added new lines to enUS.lua, deDE.lua, blank.lua

* v2.1.0 (July 31, 2019)
- Now you can toggle the notes from portals, boats and zeppelins with more than one destinations
- Added level and quest check to display unusable portals with a red portal.
- Added level and quest info for unusable portals.
- Added new lines to deDE.lua, enUS.lua and blank.lua
- Added Portal to
- Orgrimmar and Stormwind in Azsuna and Broken Isle
- Boralus in Sillithus and Kalimdor (only Alliance)
- Stormheim in Helheim
- Removed Gyrocopter to Mechagon
- Corrected portal to Undercity in Northend (Howling Fjord)
- Better icons for horde zepplins, neutral and alliance boats
- Deeprun Tram now has its own icon
- Added option to show/hide Deeprun Tram
- The area in the tooltip of notes and spells was swapped
- Updated .toc
- removed .png images

* v2.0.0 (July 20, 2019)
- removed portals that no longer exist from DB.lua.
- added new portals to DB.lua.
- added Horde Zeppelins for Alliance (new Icon)
- added Alliance Boats for Horde (new Icon)
- overhauled Handler.lua to the new BFA UiMapIDs
- overhauled the DB.lua to the new BFA UiMapIDs
- edited Constants.lua
- edited Config.lua
- edited deDE.lua (german localization) tested in EU - Germanclient
- edited enUS.lua tested in EU - englishclient
- edited blank.lua
- edited Locales.xml
- edited .toc
- TomTom Support (set Waypoints) is working now.
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