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WoW Classic Patch (1.13.3)
WoW Classic (1.13.2)
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LoseControl Classic

Version: 1.03
by: millanzarreta, Kouri

LoseControl Classic makes it easy to see the duration of crowd control spells by displaying them in a dedicated icon onscreen.
*This is the WoW Classic version of LoseControl (click here for the retail version)

* Displays duration of all CC spells and abilities on your player, pet, target and party frames.
* Support PvP interrupts
* Support WoW Classic Raids and Dungeons buffs/debuffs
* Automatically displays the most important buffs/debuffs first.
* Integrates directly with Blizzard unit frames.
* Icons can be moved, resized, and made transparent.
* Compatible with OmniCC.

Known issues:
* Unlocking frames does not show arena enemy frames if they are anchored to Blizzard frames (because they don't exist unless you're in an arena).

Found a Bug?
* You can report issues here.

To Do:
* Options profiles.
* Button skinning.
* Improve OmniCC support to work with all strata levels.
* Blizzard raid frames support.
* Pitbull support.
* SUF support.
* Italian support.

Additional information:
Here are some demonstration videos:

Here is a video that shows you how to edit the LUA file in order to add custom spells:

And here is a setup tutorial that shows you how to unlock the icon frames and move them around:

Fixed a bug on login
Added Snowball stun spell
Updated the LibClassicDurations library to the version 42, 18/12/2019 (6334d07)

Updated TOC file to WoW Classic 1.13.3 version
Fixed Aura of Frost spell from Azuregos
Added some spells and removed others
Fixed the DisablePartyInBG functionality
Improved the custom calls to UNIT_AURA event
Other minor changes

Added new class spells (and fixed those that were incorrect)
Added some new Dungeon and Raids spells
Added many new spells of NPCs (more will be added in the future)
Added many new diverse media spells (engineering stuff, item procs, ...)
Updated the LibClassicDurations library to the version 41, 11/12/2019 (07b5703)
Fixed a bug in the party frames that not update the party auras when the group roster updates (someone joined/leave)
Now the default option for 'disablePartyInBG' is true
Decreased the alpha of LoseControl frames attached to Blizzard frames to similar levels of a non-attached frame
Fixed a bug with aura update timers that triggers a Lua error when the expirationTime provided by LibClassicDurations library for old auras is older than current time (instead 0)
Now the addon will check incompatibilities with other addons and warn you about it, finally ask if you want to disable those features (it will only do it once)
Added a new option (enabled by default) that allows show Interrupt category for NPCs (until now they were only shown for players)
Fixed a bug with COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED that is executed more times than neeeded (once for every LoseControl frame instead only one time)
Fixed several bug related to Interrupt category, such as a Lua error caused by get a wrong sourceGUID and that Interrupts are not registered if the unit is not in a valid frame (such as target) at the moment the interruption occurs
Added a overlay lightning texture to Interrupt icons to distinguish them from Silence effects with the same icon
Added small icons indicating which magic schools are Interrupted (if the Interrupt category is not disabled). These small icons will always be present until the interruption ends, and will remain visible even if other CC effects with higher priority than Interrupts are displayed.
Now if a mage uses the 'Cold Snap' spell the frost magic school interrupt effect is finished immediately
Other minor changes

First release of LoseControl Classic (classic version adapted from retail LoseControl version 6.09)
All classic class spells have been added/updated
A lot of PvE spells from classic raids (Molten Core, Onyxia's Lair, Blackwing Lair) and world bosses have been added
A lot of PvE spells from all classic dungeons have been added
LoseControl Classic uses the LibClassicDurations library (version 18, 07/09/2019) to get the enemies buffs information and the buffs/debuffs duration (this feature can be deactivated from the configuration menu)
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