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WoW Classic (1.13.2)
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Xylo UI Classic (2560x1440)  New this week!

Version: 0.1
by: xylotism [More]

Hey guys, xylotism here. This is my first UI, I hope you like it! It's designed with 2560x1440 resolution in mind but seems to work fine at 1920x1080 too. It should work for any class and spec, for any content - although you may want additional addons for things like raid healing - I recommend something like Aptechka or Grid2. My goal with this UI is to have plenty of utility tied to a very small visual footprint. You should only be able to see what you need to see at any given time, with everything else tucked away so you can experience the game itself rather than a bunch of bars and windows.


This is a brand new UI, my first time making one so I'm definitely going to need your feedback to improve it. You can find me on Twitter or on Twitch or stop by my Discord - all are great ways to get in touch with me quick. It also has a retail version if you're interested in that.


* Make sure you backup your WTF/Interface folders before installing.
* Bartender's Bar 1 has a custom conditional that makes it invisible unless targeting something, in combat or on mouseover - disable that if you'd like to see it at all times.
* Definitely take a look at your TitanPanel configuration to have it show just the info you want - or disable it entirely if you don't want the top text at all.
* Make sure to untrack your quests so they don't cover up MonkeyQuest.
* I also recommend setting a keybind for Monkeyquest, to hide it when not needed/questing.
* You can set up macros to toggle other UI elements - "/bfw toggle" for Buffwatch, for example.

Install Instructions:

1. Back up your both existing Interface and WTF folders from your WoW directory (something like Blizzard Games/World of Warcraft/_retail_/Interface).
2. Drop the new Interface and WTF folders in that folder instead.
3. Open WTF/Account and rename "YOUR ACCOUNT" to your account name - your previous Interface folder should have the name to use.
4. In "YOUR ACCOUNT", rename the "YOUR SERVER" folder to your server name - mine for example is Jaedenar.
5. In "YOUR SERVER", rename the "YOUR CHARACTER" folder to your desired character's name
6. Log in and your UI should be almost ready - though there may be some additional tweaks needed to select the right profiles - see "additional configuration" below.

Additional Configuration (if needed):
1. In Details, make sure you're using the "Default" profile - there's a window that pops up on first login but you may have to select it from the options.
2. In XToLevel, find the "Window" options and set "Active Window" to none - we're using Titanpanel for displaying XTL so we don't need the extra window
3. Move the Buffwatch window to a location of your preference - I put it in the top left, opening downwards.
4. In Bartender, set the profile to Default (or copy it to your character's profile)
5. In SexyMap, select "Use Global Profile" - it will ask you to confirm and then reload UI.
6. In TitanPanel, select "Global Profile" or load it into your character's profile.
7. In Prat, select "Default" profile (or copy it to your character's profile)
8. Set your chat window's background to be transparent, and untrack all quests from the default quest tracker.

All credit goes to the individual addon authors.

I recommend updating addons whenever updates are available, but keep in mind that updates may break or change the functionality of this pack.

Addon List:
* Addon Control Panel
* Adibags
* AuctionFaster
* Bartender4
* Better Vendor Price
* Buffwatch Classic
* Classic Threat Meter
* Cleanup
* Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)
* Decursive
* Details
* FasterLooting
* ItemTooltipProfessionIcons
* Leatrix Plus
* Mapster
* Masque (w/Caith skin)
* MerInspect
* MonkeyQuest
* MonkeyBuddy
* Nameplate Scrolling Combat Text
* NeatPlates
* OmniCC
* Prat
* Questie
* SexyMap
* Shadowed Unit Frames
* SortBags
* TinyTooltip
* TitanPanel
* What's Training
* XToLevel

As mentioned before, this is a brand new UI, my first time making one so I'm definitely going to need your feedback to improve it. You can find me on Twitter or on Twitch or stop by my Discord - all are great ways to get in touch with me quick.

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