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Classic (1.13.2)
Rise of Azshara (8.2.0)
Updated:09-22-19 02:21 PM
Created:09-18-19 10:31 AM

quantify (alpha)

Version: r12-alpha
by: Aeroxis [More]

This is the alpha release for the quantify addon. You can find the stable version here. Please compare the file dates before downloading an alpha release. The stable version might be the latest.

NOTE: Starting with r11-alpha, all quantify releases will support the latest version of both Classic and Retail. I'm currently setting the interface version to match Classic, so you will get an addon out of date message while in Retail. It's completely safe to load it anyways and it should work without issues.

Alpha releases are generally focused on new features and I publish them much more often than the stable version. Because of that, it's likely to be a little buggy. If you run into issues, please let me know! Your feedback and reports are invaluable!

-added several jump related stats
-reworked the internal event handling to allow for more advanced stat tracking

-Removed guild perk stats from classic
-Added pick pocketing stats
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