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Classic Patch (1.13.4)
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ChatBar Classic

by: yarko [More]

ChatBar - Button Bar for opening chat messages of each type.

A little acsii art for demonstration: [oooooooo]
o - Buttons, colored the color of a chat type, left click to open editbox of that type, right click for type specific options. Initial letter of the type on or above the button
[ ] - Ends of the bar, left click to drag, right click for options

Feedback & Support
If you have bugs or feature requests please use the buttons on the right.
For other feedback, use the comments.
If you'd like to donate to show your support, that can be done through paypal with a paypal account or by credit card. Remember donations are much appreciated but non-contractual. Thank you!
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Button / ChatType Options:
Block (channel) - Toggles filtering of chat channels related to selected button without leaving channel.
Leave (Channel)
Print Channel User List - List prints to the default chat frame. Same as "/list #". (At this time, Blizzard does not support the listing of players from other realms in chat channels. When Blizzard allows this, this addon will support it.)
Hide This Button - Hide the button for that chat type or channel by name.
Reply (Whisper) - Open whisper to the last person that whispered you.
Retell (Whisper) - Open whisper to the last person you whispered.
Set Binding By Name (Channel) - Select one of the 10 channel bindings to use for this channel (saved by name instead of by index).
Sticky - http://www.wowwiki.com/Chat#Advanced_Chat_Terminology.2FDetails Note: Channels are all or none, other types can be stickied individually.

ChatBar Options:
Large Buttons - Toggles larger size buttons.
Vertical Orienation - Toggles vertical/horrizontal bar via sliding.
Reverse Button Orienation - Toggles button order reversal via sliding
Text On Buttons - Toggles chattype abrev on/next to the buttons
Show Button Text - Toggles chattype abrev visibility
Use Channel ID On Buttons - Toggles using the channel index or the first letter of the channel name
Button Message Flashing - Toggles button flashing when you receive a message of that type
Show Bar Border - Toggles show/hide the bar border/background. Note: You can still click on the ends of the bar when it's hidden
Hide Addon Channels - Hide Sky, CTRA and CTA channel buttons
Hidden Buttons - Submenu for showing manually hidden buttons
Lock Position - Toggles allowing the chatbar to be moved with the mouse.
Reset Position - Attaches the ChatBarFrame to above the ChatFrame1 tab
Reorder Channels - General, Trade, LocalDefense, LookingForGroup, WorldDefense, GuildRecruitment, others...

There are now bindings available for the chat types and channels by index. Individual channels can also be set to bind by name, overriding a indexed binding of your choice.

English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese
(I only speak English. All other translations have been user submitted. So if you have updates or new translations let me know.)

User Submitted Skins
The skinning system is a bit unique because it has more layers than a normal button with full up/down specularity and shadow as well as flash/hover alpha and normal shaping graphic that are all translucent to allow for the buttons to correspond to the chat type's selected color for each button.

To add a new custom Skin drop its folder into the ChatBar folder, modify the ChatBar_AltArtDirs table in ChatBar.lua and append the new folder name, then add a CHATBAR_SKIN# variable to the end of the localization file for it's readable name. Then select it from the dropdown in game.

Comes with the following skins: Solid, Glass and Squares

If you lose the bar you can reset it with this script: /run ChatBar_Reset()

Change Log:
v 3.9.2 (yarko) (classic only)
- toc to 11304 for classic

v 3.9.1 (yarko) (classic only)
- toc to 11303 for classic

v 3.9 (yarko)
- Set alternate art to 1 on first time load

v 3.8 (yarko)
- Fixed bug that was causing unblockable channels to appear blocked

v 3.7 (yarko)
- Added delayed channel check since sometimes addon would not see all channels on reload
- Localized some variables

v 3.6 (yarko)
- Added blocked channel icons to make it clear that a channel is blocked
- Fixed bug that made it impossible to block the guild officer channel

v 3.5 (yarko)
- Fixed key bindings so that they appear under the Addons category instead of Other

v 3.4 (yarko)
- Added main frame lock capability (idea from FoxyLittleThing on curse)

v 3.3 (yarko)
- Fixed problem moving main frame with mouse
- Fixed button flashing

v 3.2 (yarko)
- toc to 80205 and 11302 for classic

v 3.13 (FlyNeko)
- toc to 70000

v 3.12 (FlyNeko)
- Removed BNet Conversation functions as they're no longer exist

v 3.11 (FlyNeko)
- Party/raid buttons shows immediately after joining group

v 3.10 (yarko)
- Replaced usage of Blizzard flash function with alpha animations on flash texture to solve taint problem

v3.9 (yarko)
- toc to 50400

v3.8 (yarko)
- Updated Traditional Chinese localization file
- toc to 50300

v3.7 (yarko)
- Updated Russian localization file
- toc to 50200

v3.6 (yarko)
- Chatbar now clears text the user might have typed before clicking on whisper buttons and puts it back when clicking elsewhere

v3.5 (yarko)
- Whisper now defaults to the name last whispered if no whisper has been received
- Adjusted for new raid and group API functions
- Adjusted for new instance chat features
- toc to 50100

-Fixed 'show text' and 'large buttons' settings to correctly save between sessions

-Fixed nil error
-Sped up the bar animation a bit

-Removed 'this' usage
-Buttons are now created on demand for less memory usage
-Fixed to work with latest chat changes
-Added BNet Whisper Button
-Added BNet Conversation Button
-toc to 40000

v3.1 (yarko)
-Added larger buttons option to options menu
-Added channel blocking capability to channel buttons right-click menu
-"/w" is now removed if the user first clicks the whisper button then another button without entering a whisper
-toc to 30300

-Added a fix for parsing the first character of a chinese channel (3 chars)
-Fixed battleground chat button not showing up (thanks 狂飙)
-Fixed Show Channel ID on Buttons not working

-Fixed a channel bug

-Added Chat Type Bindings
-Added Channel Bindings by Number
-Channel Bindings can be overridden to save by name
-Updated a lot of old code
-toc to 30200

-Added Simplified Chinese Localization (thanks IceChen)
-Added new Squares skin (thanks Chianti/Кьянти)
-Added new skin dropdown (Solid, Glass, Squares)

-Added Traditional Chinese Localization
-Fixed a bug with Russian Localization

- toc to 20400
- Fixed Sea dep

-Removed SeaPrint usage
-Made Chronos optional: Reorder Channels is disabled w/o Chronos installed.
-Added english TBC/WotLK capitol cities to the reorder management
(Best results if in a capitol city and in the LFG queue)

-Added Russian Localization (thanks Старостин Алексей)

-Added Alternate Artwork (thanks Zseton)

-Added Spanish Localization (thanks NeKRoMaNT)

-Added an option to Hide All Buttons
-Fixed menu not showing a list of hidden buttons

-Fixed chat type openning for new editbox:SetAttribute syntax

-Prepared for Lua 5.1
-Added embedded SeaPrint for printing (was already used, just not included)

-Added Raid Warning (A) and Battleground (B) chat

-Channel Reorder no longer requires Sky
-toc to 11200

-Fixed saved variables issue with 1.11 not saving nils
-Fixed a nill bug with the right-click menu

-Fixed a nil loading error

-Fixed nil SetText errors
-Fixed channel 10 nil errors
-Added Channel Reorder (from ChannelManager) if you have Sky installed (uses many library functions)

-VisibilityOptions AutoHide is now smarter and shows whenever ChatBar is sliding or being dragged or the cursor is over its menu
-Fixed Eclipse onload error
-Fixed Whisper abreviation

-Addon Channels Hidden added GuildMap
-Text has been made Localizable
-Officer chat shows up if you CanEditOfficerNote()
-Buttons now correctly update when raid, party, and guild changes
-Hide Text now correctly says Show Text
-Fixed button for channel 8 to diplay and tooltip correctly
-Added Reset Position Option
-Added Options to hide the each button by chat type or channel name (hide from button menu, show from main sub menu)
-Added option to use Channel Numbers as text overlay
-Added VisibilityOptions, however autohide is a bit finicky atm.

-Initial Release
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