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ChaChing V3.2

Version: 3.2
by: mtp1032 [More]

ChaChing V3.2

ChaChing is another AddOn that permits a player to sell items in bulk. To this end, ChaChing supports the following options
(1) Sell all poor quality (i.e., grey colored) items. This is the default, but the player can turn this option off
(2) Optionally, sell all common quality (i.e., white) armor or weapons items. ChaChing also supports the ability to exclude any item, poor, common, uncommon, rare, or epic. This is especially useful for common items such as skinning knives, fishing poles, arclight spanners, etc.,
(3) Sell all items, regardless of type or quality, by selecting a bag in which ALL items contained within that bag will be sold. NOTE: if an item is on the list on the excluded list and in a checked bag, the item WILL NOT BE SOLD.

When a player opens a merchant window, ChaChing places a button at the top left of the window,[ChaChing]. When/if this button is clicked, ChaChing will vendor all of the items in the player's inventory as configured by the player. If, for example, bag[2] was configured as a "sell all" bag, ChaChing will sell all items in bag[2] in addition to all other configured items.

You may access ChaChing's interface options menu in two ways:

(1) Press ESC to call up Blizzard's in-game menu, click on the [Interface Options] tab, click the [AddOns] tab, and then select ChaChing from the list of AddOn.
(2) Issue the "/cc config" command in the game's Chat box.
(3) Via the MiniMap button (picture of Gold coins)

The following options are available:

(a) Two checkboxes, [Sell Gray] and [Sell White] item. The latter only sells common quality Armor and Weapons.
(b) Five inventory bag checkboxes, one for each bag slot. Checking any checkbox instructs ChaChing to sell each and every item in that bag (except items on the list of excluded items)
(c) Excluding selected items: if a player wants to prevent ChaChing from ever selling an item, the player must drop and drag the item to the Entry Box. This will place the item in a table of items that will not be sold. For example, most of us have a common (white) quality fishing pole. You should place all such needed items in the table of items not to be sold.

1. All items residing on the exclusion table are retained across game sessions (i.e., UI Reload and player logout/login events). At present, individual items cannot be removed from the exclusion list. Rather, the exclusion list must be cleared of all items. To do this, click the [Remove Entries] button on the Excluded Items dialog ("cc showtable").
2. If the [Sell Grey] box is cleared (i.e., unchecked), upon UI Reload or player logout, the [Sell Grey] checkbox will again be checked when the player enters the game world.
3. If the [Sell White] box is checked, it will remain checked until the player manually unchecks it. In other words, the state of the [Sell White] checkbox is retained across UI reloads and login/logout events.
4. [Bag] selections are not retained when the player across game sessions. Upon reentering the game world, the [Sell White] button will be unchecked as will all bags.

+ Added Minimap button support with help dropdown menus
+ Major restructuring of the ChaChing source tree.
+ Fixed a small number of bugs.

+ Bug fixes


+ Fixed bug in which items on the exclusion table would not be recognized. This was an intermittent bug and difficult to track down.

+ The state of the [Sell White] checkbox is now retained across sessions

+ Refactored code for performance, readability, and reduced size.

+ Fixed show table bug (/cc showtable raised Unknown Symbol Error).

Earlier Changes
+Added the ability for players to prevent ChaChing from selling user-selected items.

+Changed name of the AddOn's folder from Chaching-Release-1.0.0 to ChaChing

+Fixed bug in which the ChaChing options dialog was replicated every time the player exited or entered an instance
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Merchant Window Problem

From the Author:

When other addons modify the size (esp. the width) of the merchant window (e.g., scrap), the placement of the ChaChing button may no longer appear at the upper left of the window. It will still be functional, however.
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