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BfA content patch (8.2.5)
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Version: 1.3.1
by: yarko [More]

YarkoMods by Yarko
Cool mods that Yarko likes.

A bunch of little UI changes that I am accustomed to using.

Basic functionality
- The combat and resting icons that cover the player's level on the player's unit frame have been relocated so that the level is never blocked.

- The player unit frame now shows red when in combat even if in a resting area.

- Sounds are played when entering and leaving combat.

- Shows extended information on experience and reputation bars, including percent of experience or reputation earned this level and the remaining amount needed to next level. Also makes the fonts a bit larger.

- Extended information is displayed on the crafting reagents toolip to show how many of the reagent are needed to create one item and how many are needed to create the number of items that can be created given your greatest amount of any reagent for the recipe.

- Add small, movable window below minimap that displays current player coordinates, and show coordinates on world map.

- Mouse wheel can now be used to zoom in and out on minimap.

- Current date information is displayed in minimap day/night icon tooltip.

- All bank bags will be opened when opening bank window.

- A button has been added to the backpack that allows gray items to be sold automatically at the vendor. This takes a bit of time depending on connection speed.

- A button has been added to the backpack that allows gray items to be automatically deleted from the player's bags. Gray items are deleted in order by ascending value, so the least valuable are deleted before most valuable.

- Item search functionality has been added to the backpack and bank frames. The search behaves exactly as in the retail version.

- Key bindings added to adjust display gamma (brightness). These can be set in Key Bindings, Addons.

- /deletegrays command will delete gray items from bags. Use "/deletegrays n" where n is a number that indicates how many slots to delete gray items from. Use "/deletegrays all" to delete all gray items.

- /clearactionbars command will remove all action buttons from all the player's action bars.

- /who without parameters now defaults to current zone without a level range.

- /version command added to display game client version information.

- /rl command allows reload of the user interface.

- Fixed problem with player location frame tooltip

- Delete grays function now deletes lower value gray items before higher value items when deleting few than all.

1.2 (reupload)
- Added item search line to readme

- Added bag and bank search boxes

- Fixed bug displaying deletegrays button properly

1.1 (reupload)
- Fixed incorrect version number in toc

- Added button to backpack frame that destroys gray items in bags.
- Fixed readme typos.

- Newly added!
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