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Version: 1.0.68
by: myrroddin [More]

An embedded library that scans your AddOn's ToC to display that information either as a separate About button in the Interface Options panel or as part of AceConfig-3.0 options table.

Getting LAP into your own AddOn
Step one is to add LibAboutPanel-2.0 to your addon's .pkgmeta file. Assuming you have a folder named Libs into which you are adding all your libs, the .pkgmeta section would look like one of the following:

Old method
The old method still works to get the full fat version of LibAboutPanel-2.0, which includes LibStub, CallbackHandler-1.0, and AceConfig-3.0. Use this method if you are not certain what you need for your addon.

New method
If all you need is LibAboutPanel-2.0 because you either do not need AceConfig-3.0 or you have added LibStub, CallbackHandler-1.0, and AceConfig-3.0 as their own folders, use this second method to get the slim version of LibAboutPanel-2.0, which includes the main Lua file and the XML loader, with nothing else.

      curse-slug: libaboutpanel-2-0

Step two is in your ToC file, with either of the above methods, load the .xml file that loads LibAboutPanel-2.0:

Step three is embedding LibAboutPanel-2.0 into your addon to use its APIs. Embedding LAP is optional yet recommended.

Lua Code:
  1. -- using Ace3
  2. local MyAddon = LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):NewAddon("MyAddon", "LibAboutPanel-2.0")
  4. -- not using Ace3
  5. local folderName, MyAddon = ...
  6. LibStub("LibAboutPanel-2.0"):Embed(MyAddon)
  8. -- now you can use the APIs
  9. function MyAddon:DoSomething()
  10.     -- self refers to MyAddon
  11.     self:CreateAboutPanel() -- not strictly accurate, see docs
  12. end
  14. -- not embedding LAP
  15. local folderName, MyAddon = ...
  16. local LAP = LibStub("LibAboutPanel-2.0")
  18. function MyAddon:DoSomething()
  19.     LAP:CreateAboutPanel() -- not strictly accurate, see docs
  20. end

Please be aware that capitalization in the .pkgmeta and .toc files matters, and the different slashes ("/" in .pkgmeta and "\" in .toc files). These conventions are standards set by others. Like any other WoW addon or library, LibAboutPanel-2.0 must follow the standards.

Compatible game versions
LibAboutPanel-2.0 should work in all versions of the game.

Not a drop-in replacement
LibAboutPanel and LibAboutPanel-2.0 do more or less the same thing, but LAP2 will not replace Ackis' version just because you have it installed. As an author, you can make the choice which you prefer.

You can find the API here on this page, and the example here on how to embed and use LAP2.

Features that are new or different than Ackis' LibAboutPanel
  • More localization. LAP2 uses global strings to translate factions, locale names, etc. It also has more translatable strings than the original.
  • Its API is embedded, so MyAddOn:API() is the norm.
  • LAP2 has an API that supports AceConfig-3.0 options tables, thus the About panel can be displayed as a tab, part of a tree, etc.

List of supported ToC fields
  • Author
  • Notes in all languages the author has translated
  • Title in all languages the author has translated
  • Version @project-version@ is replaced with a translation of Developer Build
  • X-Date or X-ReleaseDate
  • X-Revision including wowi:revision
  • X-Author-Guild
  • X-Author-Faction (Horde or Alliance) translated
  • X-Author-Server
  • X-Website
  • X-Email
  • X-Localizations (enUS, deDE, etc) which are translated themselves. Note the z not s
  • X-Credits
  • X-Category
  • X-License All Rights Reserved is translated
  • X-Copyright Copyright and (c) are translated

There are several phrases and words that need translating. Please help and contribute.

Bugs and suggestions
There is a ticket tracker for suggesting fixes or improvements.

Lib: AboutPanel-2.0
1.0.68 (2024-06-09)
Full Changelog Previous Releases
  • Update with a link to the Wiki
  • [All] Update for new ToC format
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