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Version: 1.0.15b
by: echomapped [More]

A hunter addon to show ammo, happiness and ranged durability on screen.
Includes a stable viewer for remote viewing of what is currently in your stable.
(need to visit the stable master to see it)


  • A Main Frame with:
    • ammo count
    • weapon durability
    • pet happiness
  • Shows a remote view of the hunter's stable
  • Button to run a macro to feed pet, or cast "Feed Pet"
  • Bars for traps/aspects/trackers
  • options to disable/enable most things

How to use the 'Feed Macro':
Create a macro named "FeedPetMacro" like:
/cast feed pet
/use Moon Harvest Pumpkin

and use the circle button next to the "Pet is...XX"
- Or leave the 'Macro Option' unchecked and with a button press, it will cast "feed pet", then you must select a food to use.

  • /artemis petskills (viewer of skills by location/beast learned from)

  • new bars/show when clicked/cooldown
  • Keybindings (update names?)
  • Need to handle Pet death and changes better.

Source and unreleased updates:
(used to be called StableSnapshot)

## [1.0.15]
- Update TOC
- Update localization file, to enable easier translation insertion, so if you have them, send them
## [1.0.14]
- keybindings available. even if numbered not named yet.
## [1.0.13]
- update happiness check on pet# change
- bugfixes
## [1.0.12]
- bugfixes
- binding for ArtemisShowPetSkils
## [1.0.11]
- updates to bars, foodlist, alpha, search and scanskills
- traps/aspects/trackers CD
- foodlist update
## [1.0.10]
-Bugfixes to mouseovers
## [1.0.9]
- tooltips anchored to seperate frame
- fix up tooltips
-color change
-macro hover over shows macro
-better handling of pet death/unsummoned
## [1.0.8]
--BETA Check the macro option in the options to
--Create a general tab macro named "FeedPetMacro" like: and use the circle button next to the "Pet is...XX"
/cast feed pet
/use Moon Harvest Pumpkin
- Or leave it unchecked and it just casts "feed pet" for you to select a food
-misc fixes
## [1.0.7
- Trackers enabled
- vertical/horizontal options
-update to /artemis petskills
## [1.0.6]
- added pet exp, some fixes, still doesnt fully track food
- More options
- Traps (BETA)
## [1.0.5] - updated search data and foodlist
## [1.0.4] -
## [1.0.3] - trying to add pet skill search
## [1.0.2] - 2019-10-02
### Changed
- Updates data
- Fix some gui issues
## [1.0.1] - 2019-10-02
### Added
- New hunter addon, testing via wowinterface forum
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Nothing happens when i click the gear cog for options.

Make weapon durability and option
Enable pet feeding macro in place of weapon durability
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