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Classic Patch (1.13.4)
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DurabilityStatus Classic

Version: 4.4.2
by: yarko [More]

Cosmos died. But life is not over! This is the bona-fide update to the original Cosmos version. Accept no substitutes!

A World of Warcraft add-on that allows you to easily view your current equipment durability and can be configured to remind you to repair at merchant. The features are:

- Shows durability of all equipped and bagged items as a percentage in the top right corner of the character model window (bottom left in classic). A red exclamation mark indicator is shown when an equipped item is broken. The percentage text can be moved by holding down the shift key, clicking and holding the left mouse button, and moving the mouse. The text is always bound to the character window so even if it is moved outside of that window, it will disappear when the character window is closed and reappear when it is opened.

- Displays a small draggable, hideable window that displays the current durability percentage.

- Mousing over the durablity percentages displays a tooltip with estimated equipped item, bagged item, and total repair costs.

- When visiting a merchant who can repair, you are shown a window that reminds you to repair your equipment.

- The character window percentge text, the durability percentage window, and the merchant repair window can all be moved by holding down <shift> and dragging with the mouse.

- Allows you to repair equipped items and items in bags separately if desired.

- Can be configured to perform repairs automatically when a repair merchant window is opened. Automatic repairs can be paid for with guild or personal funds. If both guild and personal funds options are selected, the addon tries repairing using guild funds first, then personal. In this case, if guild funds are not available for whatever reason, the repairs will be made with personal funds. When configured for automatic repair, the repair reminder window will not be displayed when opening the repair merchant window. NOTE: The automatic repair function repairs ALL damaged gear on the character's body and in bags. At this time there are no options for automatic repair of a subset of damaged items.

- Allows you to set a durability warning level from 0 to 99, and displays a dialog box when your durability percentage reaches the specified level or lower.

This addon was initially created by Derkyle, was adapted to patch 1.11 and imported to Cosmos by Zespri, and is currently being maintained by Yarko.

See Readme.txt for more information.

- Updated toc version number to 11304

- Updated toc version number to 11303

- Changed to not open repair window when player has no coin

- Made compatible with both modern and classic WoW
- Put automatic repair back in. Tested with both versions of WoW.
- Changed reset function in interface options to reset the frames immediately rather than resetting after hitting the Okay button (Reload of UI isn't needed)
- Limited warning level edit box to 2 characters
- Adjusted interface options UI element locations
- Moved functions from global namespace to addon frame
- Moved key bindings to addons category

-Fixed Error when resetting frame position

-updated TOC to 70300

* 4.1.3
- Updated toc to 50400

* 4.1.2
- Toc set to 50300

* 4.1.1
- Fixed configuration options positioning.

* 4.1
- Added automatic repair functionality
- Toc set to 50200

* 4.0 beta
- Updated for Pandaria
- Table-ized functions
- Adjusted for loss of character slots
- Fixed problem with moving percentage on character panel
- Removed disabling of guild repair button due to problem getting avail funds from API
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