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Visions of N'Zoth (8.3.0)
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Version: 0.6
by: astorz [More]

World of Warcraft is turning like the rest of the internet, full of Boosting messages in chat, whispers, LFG tool, etc. As Blizzard is not doing anything about it, let's filter the clutter ourselves!

Current features:

  • Automatically block messages sent more than once from the same user within defined timeframe (default 5 min) in General Chat/Trade/Say/Yell/Whisper
  • Blacklist users to be permanently filtered out of your chat
  • Whitelist users to always be allowed (automatically done for friends and guildies)
  • Audit mode: Try out AdBlock to see what it would block without actually blocking anything
  • Autoblock mode: adds to the permanent blocklist repeating offenders
  • Show how many messages were blocked this session/overall
  • Ad-block aka Proactive mode: Aggressively blocks obvious boosting messages from the first occurence

Recommended usage
  • Type /ab and start fine-tuning the AdBlock to your taste
  • Start in Audit to make sure it would not block messages you would like to keep
  • Remove Audit and switch to Verbose to see when messages are being blocked until you feel confident about the addon, you can see blocked message history at any time through /ab history show

You can go further and activate proactive mode (/ab proactive) so that obvious advertisement messages are also blocked directly from the first message, it is tuned to remove all the BOOST offers while keeping regular WTS or WTB request for items/mounts, guild announces etc. You can configure the keywords Adblock triggers on in the settings

Finally, you can activate auto-blacklist to Blacklist players that repeatedly trigger Adblock to be sure you'll never hear from them again

Planned features:
  • Translation with localized keyword sets
  • Any suggestion?
  • Report automation/assistance tool


Can't you also block Boosting ads in the LFG tool?:
I wish I could, but blizzard does not allow addon to analyze group names and comment in the LFG tool... Please take the time to report them in-game as Blizzard do ban those guys! (source: https://www.wowhead.com/news=317125/one-day-ban-for-advertising-in-group-finder)

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