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Shadowlands patch (9.0.2)
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Adibags - Ren's Filters: Fishing

Version: 1.0.1
by: Rendarkin [More]

This add-on is a plug-in for AdiBags that makes a "Fishing" AdiBag filter that groups items that can be used in fishing.

There are some optional subcategories that this addon supports:

Quest items - If this is checked, items that are fished up and can be turned in either to complete a quest or as currency will be put in a "Fishing quest" group.

Rewards - If this is checked, items that are fished up and are consumable rewards (bonus to fishing skill, artifact points for artifact fishing pole, etc) will be put in a "Fishing rewards" group.

Achievement fish - If this is checked, any fish that are requirements for achievements will be put in an "Achievement fish" group.

Separate legacy items - If this is checked, fishing materials that were added in previous expansions will be put in a "Legacy fishing" group and current expansion (and general purpose) fishing items will be put in the "Fishing" group. If "Quest items" or "Rewards" are checked, then fishing items will be put in "Legacy quest items" or "Legacy rewards" groups.

There is also a set of selections for expansions to include; unchecking those will skip any fishing materials that are specific to that expansion.

Please let me know if there are any issues, including suggestions for additional items it should handle.

This add-on requires AdiBags.

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