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Classic Patch (1.13.6)
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Four Horsemen Assistant (4H Assist)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v1.0.2-classic
by: Asheyla [More]

4H Assist (ingame: /fh) helps coordinate raid positioning during the Four Horsemen encounter in Naxxramas Classic. Every player in the raid is assigned a role, which determines where in the boss room the player should currently be, based on the number of marks that have gone out.

Roles and positioning are based on the strategy described in the following video: https://youtu.be/kyGQzsXIB-Q?t=178. The positions follow a rotation that spans 12 marks, so e.g. your position after 13 marks is the same as your position after one mark. Eight tanks alternate between tanking a boss and waiting in the safe zone, four DPS groups alternate between DPSing a boss and waiting in the safe zone, and twelve healers rotate in a staggered fashion so that one moves from each corner on each mark.

Everyone in the raid gets assigned a role, which they can see in a map window (see screenshots). The window contains:
* A map of the boss room
* The number of marks that have gone out
* A progress bar until the next mark
* The player's current expected position in the room (as an orange skull)
* The player's upcoming positon in the room if it changes next mark (as a blue skull)
* The number of marks the player has for each boss
* The current (in green) and upcoming (in gray) tanks for each boss (and the boss's current target in orange if neither of these), along with their stack count for the mark of the corresponding boss
* A tombstone icon if the boss is dead
* A list of players who should be at the same position, colored red/green based on range (~20yd)

The raid's roles are assigned by a single person using the other main addon window (see screenshots). This window contains:
* A list of all forty raid slots, divided into eight subgroups. Each slot shows the player in that slot, the currently-assigned role, and an icon indicating sync status - whether that player has auto-confirmed the role they've been assigned.
* Buttons to unassign roles from the group or entire raid
* Buttons to smart-assign roles from the group or entire raid (see below)
* The status of each role, so you can see if your assignments are good to go
* Options (see below)

The addon is initially configured such that that groups 1-4 contain the tanks and healers, with two tanks and three healers per group, and groups 5-8 contain the DPS, but this layout can be updated and persisted to suit your raid's needs. Smart assignments help assign the specific roles in each group (mostly important for tanks/healers), since it's a pain to control the specific order of players in a group - just the proper people in the group, click "Smart Assign", and the roles will get shuffled around to properly match. Tanks are recognized from the "Main Tank" raid role in the default UI, and healers are hard-coded based on class (druid/priest/paladin/shaman). If you have any players of those classes that aren't healers, you can enter their names in the options section so they get considered as DPS instead. If you don't quite have eight tanks or twelve healers, you can assign any role to anyone by unchecking "Capped Assignments".

You use the addon via these steps:
1. One person opens the assignment window via "/fh start".
2. This person assigns everyone roles and then clicks "Sync".
3. On everyone's screen, the map window appears with their designated role.
4. The assigner repeats this process until satisfied.
5. The assigner clicks "Start" in the assignment window, which closes it and locks in the roles.
6. In practice mode, the assigner then controls the marks. In live mode, the addon looks at the combat log.

Only the assigner has to do any work - for everyone else, the map window auto-opens with the appropriate info and updates during the encounter.

The addon supports practicing everything, to help folks get a feel for the addon and the positioning. You can practice in three ways:
1. Just opening the map window yourself ("/fh show"), selecting a role, and manually advancing marks.
2. Opening the assignment window and practicing with your entire raid - you can choose to have marks advance manually or based on a timer.
3. Opening the assignment window when ungrouped - the addon supplies fake data for the other 39 people, so you can practice assignments yourself.

The addon integrates with DBM if installed:
* In practice mode, each new tick is announced.
* An alert will show when you're supposed to move on the next mark, and again when that mark goes out. There's also an alert if you get 4+ stacks of any mark.

* Updated LibSerialize version to mitigate an issue with addon comms.

* Fixed a Lua error that would occur when a boss targeted a player that had a raid target icon but was not the current expected tank.
* Fixed smart-assigning and validating tank roles based on the default-UI "tank" role.
* Fixed auto role confirmation for healers when using optional features like counter-clockwise rotation or staggered Zeliek positioning.
* Fixed a display issue with role dropdowns that could occur when changing layouts.

* The health percentage of each boss is now shown in each corner, when it's available (someone in the raid must be targeting them).
* Every time you sync, your assignments for each player are now remembered on a per-layout basis and are taken into account when performing subsequent smart assignments.
* If you open the raid config window when not in a group, you can specify fake group member names and trigger syncs to let smart assignments do the right thing when you're in a raid later.
* Tanks for each corner will now be displayed outside the map window bounds if you resize it small enough.
* Added "/fh roles", which prints out the roles assigned to everyone in the raid.
* Only marks from living bosses will now count towards the tick count, since the ones from dead bosses are on a separate cadence.
* You now get a confirmation dialog when trying to close the map when an encounter is in progress. It can be bypassed by holding <shift> or disabling it in settings.
* The independent role should now no longer be smart-assigned, unless it was the player's previous assignment.
* The override list of non-healers is now a global setting, rather than per-character.
* Fixed a Lua error that could occur when viewing the map when not grouped.
* Initiating a version check is now restricted to the raid leader/assistants.
* The raid config window can now be resized vertically, introducing a scrollbar.
* The map window is now a bit prettier with ElvUI.

* Fixed a minor issue with the new non-staggered healer Zeliek position.

* Added a new role that can be assigned - "Independent". This role doesn't have any positional rotation, helpful if you are e.g. burning one of the bosses and don't need DPS to follow one of the built-in rotations. Due to this new feature, this update is not backwards-compatible - everyone in the raid must update.
* Raid layouts can now be saved globally across all your characters and can be named so you can set up multiple for different raid groups / strategies.
* You can now opt out of the staggered Zeliek positioning for healers and instead treat it like the other corners.
* Added an option to change the out-of-date version warning popup to a chat message - thanks to @mhco on GitHub for the PR!
* Window positions are now saved per character.
* The map and raid config windows can now only be opened by raid leaders/assists when in Naxxramas.

* Fixed a regression where you could no longer advance marks in practice mode.
* In practice mode, tank mark counts are now faked just like the player's mark counts.

* You can now start the encounter after syncing, even if not everyone has the addon.
* Added some text in the raid config window displaying the number of players that have confirmed their assigned role (automatically via the addon).

* The icon showing your next position is now visible prior to the encounter starting, to make it clearer to players starting in the safe zone where they'll be transitioning to. Once combat starts, it will switch back to only showing if rotating there after the next mark.
* The true current targets of each boss will be attempted to be displayed in orange, along with their current mark stack, in case the boss's target differs from the assigned tank currently expected in the corner.
* The healer position for Thane Korth'azz is reverted back to a position slightly inset from the tank's, since not every strategy involves stacking healers on that tank. The staggered positions for Sir Zeliek are still in place, however.
* You can no longer manually open the map window when inside Naxxramas, unless you've already been synced a role (i.e., you can re-open it if you close it). The window opens automatically once the person in charge of assigning roles broadcasts assignments to the raid.
* The "Start" button for the raid assigner is now in the raid config window, replacing the "Sync" button once everyone is ready. It has been removed from the map window in this mode.
* Fixed some minor issues involving resizing both the map and raid config windows.
* Fixed a Lua error that'd occur when trying to choose a role in the map window when not grouped.

* Added an angrier alert when you get 4 or more stacks on a mark (run away, little girl!).
* Updated healer positioning for zeliek and korthazz to help with mechanics.
* The tank display now shows each tank's stacks for the corner they're listed in.
* For DPS, when the bottom two bosses are dead, the addon will now give you a "move after next mark!" alert when you have 2 stacks and a "time to move!" alert when you reach 3.

* Restored rotation/neighbors for healers when the bottom bosses are dead.

* Neighbors are no longer shown when the bottom two bosses are dead.

* In live mode, the map will now properly reset if you release spirit before the encounter officially ends.
* When the bottom bosses are dead, the position indicators will now disappear for all roles except the four top tanks.
* Removed the padding between the mark counts and edge of the map (which was inadvertently added in v0.6.0).
* Fixed some minor performance issues with the range check, and changed it to check every second instead of every 0.5 seconds.

* Added a version check button to the assignment window
* Added tooltips on the map window with the boss name in each quadrant
* Added an option to make healers rotate counterclockwise

* Added synchronization of mark counts during the encounter in case someone's combat log is inaccurate.
* Tank overlay now shows raid target icons.
* Added option to save/restore the layout of roles.
* Updated addon comms to be more resilient to moving players into different groups after syncing roles.
* Made the "Smart Assign All" button slightly smarter.
* The fake roster when practicing role assignments when ungrouped tries harder to avoid mismatched roles.
* Fixed a possible height issue with the assignment window.
* TOC bump for 1.13.6.

* Added option to override healers to DPS
* Ensured that windows open clamped to the screen
* Added raid-wide unassign/smart assign buttons
* Updated the smart assign algorithm
* Reordered role config
* Added mock data for assignments when ungrouped

* Added TOC tags for WowUp support.
* Fixed a Lua error that could occur when joining a party.

* The map is now clamped to the screen.
* Added an option (on by default) to additionally trigger a DBM alert on the tick when you're supposed to move.
* Added mark stack counts to the four corners, which get replaced by a tombstone icon when the boss in that corner dies.
* Added some basic position remapping based on boss deaths.
* Updated "live" mode's detection of spells, boss deaths, etc.

* Fixed retail comms
* Neighbors/tanks now check for being alive/logged in

* Split the "tank/dps" roles into separate roles for tanks and dps, so the addon can know who all the tanks are.
* Your "neighbors" (players who are supposed to be at the same location as you) are now shown under the map, color coded by distance! You can turn this off in the addon settings.
* The current tanks for each corner are now shown on the map in green, and their upcoming replacements are shown in gray! You can turn this off in the addon settings.
* Added smart assignments, which tries to give each person in a group a role that matches their category (tank/healer/dps), preferring to move around roles in the current group before looking elsewhere.
* The role status section lets you know if it thinks there are any "mismatched" roles (e.g. a dps role assigned to a tank).

* Added '/fh' as a /command in addition to '/fourh'
* Added an option to control transparency of the map, and made the window itself more transparent
* The aspect ratio of the map is now preserved during resize
* Added a DBM announcement when the mark count changes (only in practice mode, since DBM will have its own announcement when doing the fight for real)
* Fixed a Lua error that'd occur when you leave a group
* Updated DBM integration to avoid possible Lua errors
* Fixed version checking

* Initial release
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