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The Burning Crusade Classic (2.5.1)
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Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) - Classic Burning Crusade  Updated less than 3 days ago!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.5.5
by: MysticalOS [More]

Deadly Boss Mods version designed exclusive for use with Classic Burning Crusade.

includes all mods you would ever need in stand alone package (including classics raids done during TBC) and all cClassic and TBC dungeons

NOT to be used with retail or regular Classic

Deadly Boss Mods Core
2.5.5 (2021-06-09)
Full Changelog Previous Releases
  • prep release
  • kara/prince: fixup spell id of enfeeble spec warning (#26)
  • Sync blade dance
  • Update koKR (BCC) (#25)
  • tweak prison object type
  • Fix potential issue with IsSpellID
  • Revert "Fix issue with IsSpellID"
  • Fix issue with IsSpellID
  • CoT_OldHillsbrad complete.
  • Fix locale text showing 15 instead of 18
  • Add gruul dropdown option for range.
  • change the default range for mag. options will come later
  • Compact down this code... Why duplicate it?
  • Fix these portal timers too.
  • Re-enable portal timers no it's been verified to be 122
  • Magtheridon timer updates and ZN locale
  • Forgot to enable these range checks.
  • Fixes to Mennu based on feedback
  • Update Magtheridon. Closes #22
  • Enable range check items for BCC
  • Fix other Hyjal wave numbers.
  • Fix mount hyjal: wave 3, 4 gouls -> 6 ghouls.
  • Update koKR (BCC) (#20)
  • Started on model work.
    - Readded a bunch of models
    - Started properly scaling and positioning models
  • Fix some more load dungeon errors. :)
  • Fix localization.
  • Bit of cleanup with some dungeons
  • Mana Tombs done;
    Last 2 drycodes didn't really have many mechanics, so added what I could see.
  • Verifyied encounterID for Yor
  • minsync
  • Disable EE
  • Update koKR (BCC) (#18)
  • too many nil
  • Fix timer object types.
  • Fix all ej warnings
  • Add warning on Focus Fire to other members.
  • This should be 1.
  • Move -> Dodge
  • Fix SpellID
  • Derpz
  • Auct_Crypts warnings.
  • Underbog basic warnings.
  • Add mana tombs trash:
    - Warns on curse of impotence, this is a strong enough mechanic that it needs to be dealt with.
  • don't filter UNIT_HEALTH, it's a lot more spammy since we'll be running processing on everything, but registering 40 nameplates would be even slower with limited unit Ids per frame.
  • Delete license.txt
  • Delete license.txt
  • Improve weird delta code.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ground slam and growth to have same spell text
  • Define message to "Classic Era", to be more exact in issue templates.
  • Fix #16 : ZulAman not being packaged.
  • Not needed here, derpz x3
  • Derpz x2
  • Derpz
  • Sync more DBT tweaks
  • Sync fix
  • Update koKR (BCC) (#15)
  • prep alpha cycle
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