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The Burning Crusade Classic (2.5.1)
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Version: 1.11-bcc
by: Suggestions [More]

https://discord.gg/eqkFURJhzB (Updated link)

Outline of features implemented:

User interface:
Shows all TBC reputations
Shows all TBC quests that reward rep (and which of your characters can/have completed them)
Tracks dailies
Shows dungeon information for rep and unlocking purposes
Simple walk through of attunements with progress of alts

Adjusts reputation output in chat window -Faction name | gain/loss | (current standing with value)
Linking an item that has a reward (such as a tier token) by itself also adds the rewards to the sane chat

Item Tooltips:
For items that are used to increase reputation, the faction name and rep increases are added to the top of the tooltip
A list of alts that meet the requirements are added with their standings (Can hold Alt to see all alts on the server)
For items that start a quest the tooltip also tells you if you have completed the quest
For items that have a quest reward, the reward tooltip will be shown next to the item's tooltip. If there are multiple rewards pressing Ctrl cycles the reward
Shows junk message on quest items that get left in bags

Minimap button / LDB:
Tooltip with daily reset time, dailies completed, sessions reputation changes and currently watched factions standing
Watched faction changes automatically with reputation gains (optional)
Can manually set watched faction by Ctrl-Clicked on a reputation Blizzards Reputations page, or on a reputation hyperlink
Left click to open or type /reputable or /rep

Classic Era:
Reputable 0.50 beta should be working for Classic Era.

To Do:
Localization (Tried to use Blizzards Global Strings where possible - may not translate well)

13 Jun 21
- Build 1.11 (BCC)
* Fixed rep missing from quest givers when there were no other rewards
* Made rep text in questlog and quest givers match text if changed by other addons
* Removed some redundant messages in the hidden addon messages channel
* Added TBC classbooks
* More quest junk

11 Jun 21
- Build 1.10 (BCC)
* Should fix Reputable-1.09-bcc.lua:423: attempt to compare number with nil
* Should fix Reputable.lua:551: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

10 Jun 21
- Build 1.09 (BCC)
* Fixed Shattered Halls attunement not marking complete
* Fixed Kara attunement not marking complete
* Fixed CoT attunement not makring complete
* Added Rep gains to questlog and quest givers (If in Reputables database - ie should be all TBC quests) (optional)
* Improved syncing of current available dailies (won't share with older versions - tell guildies and friends to update!)
* Included cooking and fishing dailies (optional)
* Added rep to dungeon dailies

08 Jun 21
- Build 1.08 (BCC)
* Fixed font for Russian client (and other clients?) (Thanks @born2slip and @MrFIXIT - Curseforge)
* Added attempt to localize quest names

07 Jun 21
- Build 1.07 (BCC)
* Resolved issue with not been able to link from spell book to macro creation window (Thanks @TeachersPlayTV and @MrFIXIT - Curseforge)
* Fixed some unintended global variables (Thanks @MrFIXIT - Curseforge)
* Replaced an unnecessary old style function replacement hook with a hooksecurefunc (Thanks @MrFIXIT - Curseforge)
* Added more Outland quest junk

05 Jun 21
- Build 1.06 (BCC)
* Bugfix - entering hyperlink (string.match on null) (Thanks @ersobar - Curseforge)

04 Jun 21
- Build 1.05 (BCC)
* Bugfix - fixed nil error that occurred sometimes as a conflict (Thanks @Shifty - Discord)

03 Jun 21
- Build 1.04 (BCC)
* Bugfix - items on righthand side of GUI were not always lined up correctly
* Bugfix - lower level TBC dungeons now show they give rep to the end of friendly

02 Jun 21
- Build 1.03 (BCC)
* Added some more junk quest items
* Bugfix - check for nil field (Thanks @Runkel - Discord)

02 Jun 21
- Build 1.02 (BCC)
* Bugfix - check for nil field (Thanks @Runkel - Discord)

01 Jun 21
- Build 1.01 (BCC)
* Update TOC for better addon manager support

01 Jun 21
- Build 1.00 (BCC)
* First full release
* Uses SendAddonMessage to share daily dungeon quests with other users
* Saved reset times and dungeons are now per server
* Quests linked from GUI now link as 'Questie' links - if you have Questie

30 May 21
- Build 0.61 (BCC) beta
* Bugfix - sometimes there was a 'nil' error on speaking to a questgiver
* Added some more junk quest items

26 May 21
- Build 0.60 (BCC) beta
* Created seperate version branch for BCC
* Bugfix - fixed an error where tracked reps tooltip sometimes showed wrong faction
* Bugfix - fixed displaying if instances are locked
* Bugfix - fixed displaying alts on faction/instance tooltips
* Now compares reward to currently equipped item (when holding Shift)
* Added daily dungeon quests
* Added Ogri'la quests
* Added Sha'tari Skyguard quests
* Set repeatable quests grey if reputation is high
* Added option to hide repeatable quests if reputation is high
* Adjusted classic era item rep amounts that changed with 2.5.1
* More junk items added

18 May 21
- Build0.50 beta
* Major update - GUI added
* Countless changes

11 Mar 21
- Build 0.42 beta
* Now shows all item rewards even if class specific
* Shows item count on rewards - if you have it
* Added battleground marks
* Added more quest junk

20 Feb 21
- Build 0.41 beta
* Fixed critical error from an incorrect default value
* Fixed display bug on a tooltip
* IsQuestFlaggedCompleted() returns a false negative alot - so added a check to see if you have the reward

17 Feb 21
- Build 0.40 beta
* Added options
* Most features can now be toggled
* Reworked rep-update event
* Added more junk items

08 Jan 21
- Build 0.31 beta
* Bug fix
* Couple of items added
* Started framework for options panel

06 Jan 21
- Build 0.30 beta
* Added junk message to quest items that get left in bags (Probably missed lots - can't find a list)
* Fixed rouge book Handbook of Deadly Poison V
* Added reward tooltip to hyperlink tooltip
* Potential bug fixes

24 Dec 20
- Build 0.22 beta
* Removed "Reputable:" from rep change text
* Added head/leg enchant librams
* Added Encrypted Twilight Texts
* Changed AD rep items such as [Bone Fragments] to show if first quest is completed

22 Dec 20
- Build 0.21 beta
* Fixed error not displaying DM books correctly
* Fixed error which could occur after changing versions but not logging on to all characters

22 Dec 20
- Build 0.20 beta
* Added classbooks ( Handbook of Deadly Poison V needs testing - may need different check )
* Added DM books ( trinkets and Quel'Serrar )

21 Dec 20
- Build 0.10 beta
* Initial build
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