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Chains of Domination (9.1.0)
Shadowlands patch (9.0.5)
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Version: r01
by: Nathanyel [More]

Hides Bonus Objectives

If you have levelled an alt via Threads of Fate in Shadowlands, you will probably have noticed that Bonus Objectives don't disappear when you hit level 60.
While this has been confirmed to be an unintended behavior, it was not addressed yet.

This addon aims to alleviate the annoyance of Bonus Objectives popping up as you travel the Shadowlands for maxlevel activities, by preventing them from appearing in the Quest Tracker (right side of screen) including suppressing the sound effect.
(It does not hide them from your map, and Bonus Objective boundaries will still be shown on your minimap)

This only applies to Bonus Objectives in the four Covenant zones when at level 60, of course.

If you want to override this to show Bonus Objectives for the current session, use this command:

which toggles the effect of this addon.

Note: The Bastion Bonus Objective Maldraxxi Eviction Notice prevents progress for the World Quest We Send Only You until it is finished, this is not something this addon can fix.

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