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AddonLocalizer for Windows

Version: 0.51b
by: Zax [More]

AddonLocalizer is a WoW addon localization utility.

It mainly allows to extract the strings to localize lua files of an addon, following a pattern defined by the user, as well as the translated data, if a localization file is present in the addon folder.
Its interface allows you to define localized texts and export them by creating a new localization file.

The created lua localization file only contains the basic structure of translated strings. It may be necessary to open it with a code editor in order to add the declarations of the variables needed for the addon.

At this time, AddonLocalizer has some limitations and only standard localization methods can be processed. Best results are obtained with these localization methods:
- using a function: MyAddon.localizationFcn("String to localize") -- > use .localizationFcn("") search pattern
- using a global table: L["String to localize"] --> use L[""] search pattern

For examples, method used in Bartender 4 v4.x will be handled by this version of AddonLocalizer:
L["ActionBar Paging"] = "Page d'actions"
L["Advanced"] = "Avancé"
L["Alpha"] = "Transparence"

On the contrary, the following method, used in BigWigs v222.x for example, will not be handled:
L.berserk = "Berserk"
L.berserk_desc = "Prévient quand le boss devient fou furieux."
L.altpower = "Affichage de la ressource alternative"

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