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The Burning Crusade Classic (2.5.1)
Classic Patch (1.13.7)
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LFG Group Bulletin Board TBC

Version: v2.62
by: Vysci [More]

GBB provides an overview of the endless requests in the chat channels. It detects all requests to the classic dungeons, sorts them and presents them clearly way. Numerous filtering options reduce the gigantic number to exactly the dungeons that interest you. And if that's not enough, GBB will let you know about any new request via a sound or chat notification.*
Currently, English, German, French and Russian dungeons are recognized natively. But it is easily possible to adapt GBB to any language.


GBB searches the chat messages for dungeon requests in the background. To whisper a person, simply click on the entry with the left mouse button. For a "/who" a shift + left click is enough. The dungeon list can be filtered in the settings. You can also fold this by left-clicking on the dungeon name.
Old entries are filtered out after 150 seconds.

Slash Commands
<value>*can be true, 1, enable, false, 0, disable. If <value> is omitted, the current status switches.
/gbb notify chat <value>*- On new request make a chat notification
/gbb notify sound <value>*- On new request make a sound notification
/gbb debug <value>*- Show debug information
/gbb reset*- Reset main window position
/gbb config/setup/options*- Open configuration
/gbb about*- open about
/gbb help*- Print help
/gbb*- open main window

/gbb chat organize/clean - Creates a new chat tab if one doesn't already exist, named "LFG" with all channels subscribed. Removes LFG heavy spam channels from default chat tab

NOTE: If file doesn't download just go to the "File" tab and download from there

This is just an update adding TBC support to an abandoned add-on.

With the addition of support for TBC, probably introduced a ton of bugs.

Please provide feedback on having separate panels for classic and tbc dungeons. With the addition of support for TBC, probably introduced a ton of bugs so comment on that too (50/50 on falling on deaf ears)

Known Issues:

BM aka Black Morass showing up under Ramparts
Go to settings -> search patterns -> make sure that only 1 language is checked

LFG Bar is gone
In the settings you have to find something called "Display LFG Bar" you have to checkmark it then reload UI.

Dungeons showing up in the wrong place ie Black Morass
Go to settings -> search patterns -> make sure that only 1 language is checked

Custom Search Pattern issues
There is a bit of confusion on how it works which leads people to believe there is a bug. It basically works like this:

1. Languages + custom selected: this will result in using all of the languages default values AND anything that has been entered manually

2. Only custom selected: it will override with the values have been entered. If fields were left blank then the value is blank

3. Only 1 language selected: it will use the languages default values and ignore anything that has been entered


Original add-on https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/group-bulletin-board
Arrogant_Dreamer, Hubbotu and*kavarus for the russian translation

Baudzilla for the graphics/idea of the resize-code

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