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TBC Patch (2.5.4)
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OrkoUI - BCC

Version: 3.0
by: Orko [More]

Made on 1920X1080 Resolution - Can be modified for other sizes via Plugin Menu

I have been working on this addon since 2009. Now it is set up in ElvUI (not included) and as of V3 all graphics can be re-sized and also re-colored.
There are two layouts included with this. Version 1 is a more graphical layout with all the art on the bottom of the screen.
Version 2 is a more minimalistic layout which is what I personally use. More suited for healers or if you want to immerse yourself in the world!

  • You must also install ElvUI BCC version as it is required for this addon to work.
  • ElvUI BCC Version - LINK

  • Masque - Now included with custom buttons for OrkoUI
  • SimpleRareElite - Now included and working as of Shadowlands
  • Details Damage Meter - Now included

  • Just copy the INTERFACE folder into your World of Warcraft BCC installation folder.
  • I recommend skipping the ELVUI Installation Process by pressing Continue until it is finished.
  • The OrkoUI Layout Install will run after the ElvUI Installer is complete.
  • Select Version 1 or Version 2 layouts.

Note: As of now, you can NOT freely swap between the two layouts and keep changes you make to them. I will fix this some day when I have time.
I do not get donations or get paid for this so any requests or fixes will happen when I feel like it.


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