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Shadowlands patch (9.2.7)
WOTLK Beta (3.4.0)
Classic (1.14.3)
TBC Patch (2.5.4)
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Price Answer

Version: 0.0.20
by: myrroddin [More]

Price Answer requires you to have TradeSkillMaster installed, but users sending you price inquiries do not need TSM.

People send the following command to trigger price checks:

price N item
Where price is localized, N is an optional quantity (default 1), item is an itemID, itemLink, or item name. If an item name is sent, YOU must have the item in your inventory.

Open the settings:
  • /priceanswer
  • /prans
  • Esc > Interface > AddOns > Price Answer

Chat channels listened:
  • General
  • Trade
  • Local Defense
  • Say
  • Yell
  • Guild
  • Officer
  • Raid
  • Raid Warning
  • Community
  • Whispers
  • BN Whispers
  • Instance

TradeSkillMaster prices:
  • Min buyout
  • Market value
  • Region market average
  • Historical
  • Region historical
  • Craft cost
  • Destroy (DE, milling, prospecting) value

There is a Help tab with some questions and answers.

Bugs and suggestions ---> GO HERE

Translate ---> GO HERE

Price Answer
0.0.20 (2022-09-05)
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